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Mountain Goat 12/1/17

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Mountain Goat  12/1/17 Empty Mountain Goat 12/1/17

Post by Mountain Goatee on Sat Dec 02, 2017 9:33 am

December 1, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Today’s newsletter is an exceptionally long one but I congratulate everyone who has taken the time to read them all the way through. I don’t include nonsense in my newsletters and everything I present is somehow related to our RV saga and worth reading in its entirety.

So, I first have to say that I waited this long to publish today’s news due the time of investigation on this silly rumor of the Iraqi RV already taken place and at a rate of $3.65.

My final findings show me that this is just more nonsense being put out by those idiotic “gurus” who constantly interpret the news and do not do any research themselves to back up their claims of any RV this weekend or before the end of the year.

So, the latest rumor is based off the budget figures and some say they show that, if you do the math, will show a rate of $3.65 for 2018. Really? Oh – this sounds good to me since I also am in favor of the EARLY 2018 RV. But unless I have more EVIDENCE and HARD FACTS to base any conclusion off of, I have to insist this is all just rumors once again. Just another rabbit hole to chase over the weekend so relax as nothing is going to happen.

Today I even took the time to call Iraq and talk to my CBI contact. They assured me they do not plan to revalue this year 2017 anytime. They also said they DO HAVE A TARGET DATE in mind and are working towards it. So this in itself was VERY GOOD NEWS to my ears. In fact, I am very excited now!

Of course your next question is – What is the target date? Right?

Do you actually think for one second they are going to tell me? All I can get from them was they said “wait for the re-education of the general public to take place and you may get an idea of when”. They do not want any speculation on their currency and are being very, very cautious at this time.

More news….

So, some asked questions on the repayment end date of the $4.6 billion in war reparations to Kuwait. Many asked if we have to wait then to 2021 to see the RV.

Folks $4.6 billion is a drop in a bucket for Iraq to repay. They already paid nearly 2/3 of the amount owed. Can they come up with the rest of the $$ if they waned to? Yes – they could easily do it but why? I sincerely believe we will not have to wait that long for them to complete these payments. They have a plan and so let’s all relax and let it play out. Only we always get apprehensive because we don’t know their long term strategy. Does the CBI want go until 2021 without an international currency and get those damned 3 zero notes off the streets? Absolutely not! This is not part of their plan.

WOW! We are now in December already and the year is flying past us. So, like I suggested, let’s wait and see if the CBI does, in fact, begin the campaign to re-educate the citizens on their next move in the “project to delete the zeros”.

If we don’t see this begin very soon we can discount any RV in January 2018 even. The RV just won’t happen without this next step. I don’t care what these idiotic, stupid, meaningless, jerky, egocentric so called intel “gurus” tell you, the RV is not going to happen without this re-education. Sorry!

But this is only one sign of which we look for. There are others too and the CBI and the prime minister have BOTH told us that Iraq needs BOTH SECURITY and STABILITY to get these currency reform done. The hard part is we don’t have their definitive checklist on what THEY are calling secure and stable. So we move forward and we do the second best - we USE OUR COMMON SENSE.

But his last statement is not entirely true either because the CBI has told us the SECURITY means fighting ISIS, getting rid of the unlawful militias and securing the Iraqi borders. So we can sense what they mean by this one.

For STABILITY we were also told they need to fully implement their new constitution, get a functional government in place and most importantly CLEAN UP THE CORRUPTION.

The question al of us should be asking ourselves now is this – Does the war on corruption matter?

Well to answer this question THINK, THINK, THINK!

Of course it does but how far will they take if before they get the STABILITY they need?

Don’t we now see all of these issues being taken care of even now with the start of the campaign against corruption? Yes – the news now is all about the new war in Iraq – the war on corruption. We have waited so long to see this. We know they must prosecute these high-ranking officials namely Nor al- Maliki and Barzani and other crocked ministers. Will they finally do it?

Did Mnt Goat tell everyone that unless they take care of this corruption, you should not expect to see an RV? These are all items the UN, USA and the UK hold over their heads in order to progress to the next step of a “developed country”. Yes – it is very high standards imposed by countries that they themselves can’t meet.

Iraq will have to earn their new wealth and nothing is automatic. Remember we know the CBI is now under the trusteeship of the IMF. Iraq had 10 years to turn the country around (2005-2015). Did they do it? Certainly losing Dr. Shabibi did not help the situation. That is what is now different. News rules are applied. No more games. It is like coming to table so now eat or get out. We are witnessing the changes. So what is taking the RV so long you may ask? Need you ask? Just read the damned news!

Oh – but be careful who you are listening too because many of these gurus lack the God given common sense and they have proved themselves idiots over and over again. So this could be difficult when it comes to their mentality.

Something can be staring them right in the face in an article or even a live news media and they will tell you just the opposite or they will exaggerate and take a grain of intel and make it into a mountain of intel to serve their purpose. What is their purpose? To make lots of $$$$$$$$$$ pre-RV.

Of course, many of them don’t really have FACTUAL or and REAL intel anyhow since they all piggy-back off each other’s rumors. Who starts this crap anyhow? Did you ever wonder who is feeding them this idiotic nonsense in the background? Let me now tell you. It’s about time I reveal this to you.

That is really all this dinar community of intel is anyhow - just a bunch of idiots running around spreading rumors and they lack the common sense (or fortitude) to know any better.

Over the years I have also realized something else too. It is more than that these characters pretending to be “gurus” and are just plain stupid idiots. One has to believe that there is also some element of intentional propaganda and misinformation being passed around by someone. It is organized and intentional misinformation.

Where does this misinformation come from? We can see that much of this is propagated from this guy namely Jared Rand. Recently on the “Real Truth” call he is presented as their main source of information. He is one such source that spreads these ridiculous notions of the forming of a “new Republic thru the GCR”. He is also the source I have been warning all these gurus not to listen to. But they persist on using him as their “secret source”. We can all see just how misinformed they become when they keep listening to him.

So, if you take some time to listen to even an hour of his 5 jour bullshit presentation, (see the link below), you too will see just how ridiculous his intel really is and how he contradicts himself over and over again.


Sorry Jared Rand but we simply don’t buy into your intel. We expect full disclosure and substantiated FACTS. Can you provide this to us? No – I thought so!

Can you see how these other so-called intel gurus pick up his information and rely on him for their information? Would you want to rely on him for information? He rambles on and on with utopia ideals that are all well and good sounding. Of course, we all want this stuff so this is the once of truth he brings and nothing else. Again a grain of intel that he creates a mountain of intel over.

He tries to convince you that some organization has been working in the background for decades to bring about a “New Republic”. Really? If you listen further in his presentation he describes what this new republic would be like.

You would simply have to be an idiot if you don’t make the connection with the UN Agenda 21/30 effort. Folks this is socialistic communism ideology. Go ahead listen to it yourself and see if I am off key. This is the same old stuff from the Clinton and Obama administrations that is packaged differently. Yes -the same old stuff as they keep trying to somehow get to you go along with the ideology. This Nazi ideology goes way back for centuries. It is not something that Hitler created but embraced. If you believe someone is working on your behalf than you sit and do nothing. This is exactly their strategy. Are you going to sit on your ass and do nothing?

So let’s reveal some facts of really what Jared in talking about. Of course he won’t go so far as to tell you these things. Will he?

Have you ever heard of “operation paperclip”? This was an intentional effort to bring the valuable Nazi scientists into the USA covertly to continue working on secret defense projects. They didn’t want the bad guys (communist Russia) to get them first. Is communist Russia really the bad guy? A topic for another discussion….

Link 5 minute presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNsZQsXxqOM

Link 1 hour presentation:


At about the 11 minute mark of the second video, note the photo and the skull and bones in the center. Then look at the cap insignia of the Nazi SS cap from WWII. It is the exact same symbol. Go figure?

Yes, hundreds of these Nazis were infiltrated into the government, society banking and industry. Many of them are hard core NAZI Fascists. Many of them are now in high level political positions including Congressmen, Senators and now even the office of the president of the United States. No, I am not specifically referring to president Trump but we need to watch him too.

Do you not think that their ideology is spreading since it has over 50 years now time to impact the government and policies of the UN and the USA?

So if you want to clean up corruption and bring about the old republic back to the new republic this is the way. You have to weed out these people. But first you have to understand their ideology and how they package it and try to sell it to you and me in the form of this “New World Order”. Is it really a NEW world order or the repackaging of the same old ideology from the past?

I sincerely hope everyone gets the connection between what is now happening in the world and who is behind it. Many of you ask me - Who is the cabal? Now that you know the truth you can pay attention to the news and what they tell you and what they are doing to you. You can see the overall movement of the USA towards their goals. You can see their brainwashing.

More news….



Deputy: Abadi set the date for the launch of the “fight against corruption” and the names of those wanted will be revealed at the same time

Home News


Baghdad News –

The deputy of Prime Minister Haider Abadi Jassem al-Bayati said on Wednesday that the start of the campaign against corruption at the beginning of the new year.

Al-Bayati said in a press statement that ‘the prime minister worked on the list of spoilers two years ago,’ noting that ‘the names mentioned in the media is not a fact and the list included the heads of corruption only’.

Al-Bayati added that “the campaign will start in January 2018, and the names of those wanted will be announced at the same time.”

More news….

Jabouri review with us POLITICAL and SECURITY profile Advisor in Iraq

Iraq's PM unveils questions of questioning captured suspects

Iraq's PM: strong union postponed meeting quorum break questioning captured suspects.

Hussaini: State issued us the big amount of drugs to be interrupted

Kurdistan assure infallible willingness to dialogue and serious discussion with Baghdad.

Jabouri: selective law authority leads to the collapse of the state system.

Update -> (Parliament: Saturday meeting on 2018 Budget - was delivered to Parliament late on Wednesday.

More news….


Baghdad Today News

11/29/2017 21:12

The central committee supervising the popular protests on Wednesday called for demonstrations across the country to demand accountability and trial of the corrupt "who sold Mosul and caused the massacre of Spyker and Saqlawiya."

You reject the hell of humiliation and humiliation and overthrow the oppressors, "so that we do not give the corrupters the opportunity to regain control over our fate, our wealth and the future of our sons, so that we will not allow them to return to the policy of ignorance and sectarianism and to build their palaces with our money and blood," he said. Before God and the people and the history, and before other peoples and nations, to raise our voice high on the need to hold accountable and prosecute the corrupt, who sold Mosul, and they have committed the corruption of the massacre of Spyker and Saqlawiyah, and many more.

It urged the committee to "stand up and prevent the return of the previous faces to power and the decision is awaiting a popular movement of millions for change and reform," adding that "we will come out in our next gathering the first of December, as every Friday, and all in his province, 3 pm."

More news….



Jan Kubis, the head of the UN’s mission in Iraq, said Wednesday that the possession of arms in the war-torn country should be limited to the federal government.

After a meeting in the southern city of Najaf with Ali al-Sistani, Iraq’s leading Shia religious authority, Kubis said that outstanding differences between Baghdad and the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) should be resolved based on the rule of law.

Ties between Baghdad and the KRG have been strained since late September, when the latter held an illegitimate referendum on regional independence.


“All laws must be respected in Iraq,” Kubis told reporters. “We also believe weapons should be confined to the hands of the [federal] government.”


“We expect the Iraqi government to take serious steps against corruption and illegal money transfers abroad,” the UN official added.


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also I separated the articles with asterisks.


Articles Begin

Dawa Party is preparing to strike a strong blow to “Maliki” and reason is?

29-11-2017 12:23 PM


Baghdad News –

The Arabs of London

The DAWA PARTY IS PREPARING TO STRIKE HARD AT ITS LEADER, NURI AL-MALIKI, by embracing the support of his rival, current Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in the upcoming elections.

Until a few weeks ago, the ruling party was trying to achieve an internal balance in support of both Maliki and Abadi, who decided to go down two separate lists in the election when his supporters circulated information on guidelines that would ensure members’ freedom to stand with either side.

Informed political sources said in a press statement that “the Dawa Party is currently witnessing a great tendency to support Abadi at the expense of al-Maliki, because of the growing fortunes of the first.”

THIS DEVELOPMENT WOULD TIGHTEN THE SCREWS ON MALIKI, which is put by many of the Iraqi political parties in the “corner of Shiite militancy.”

Muhannad al-Saadi, a close associate of Abadi, said the “leaders of the call” are now working to form a list led by the prime minister “with extreme precision, will convince the voters to support them strongly.”

He explained that the list of the party and allies will be headed by Haider Abadi, explaining that this list includes “some surprise,” and that it “focuses on the integrity and cleanliness of candidates in an unprecedented manner,” and “on the coalition after the elections.”

The political sources said that “the tendency of the Dawa Party, towards the list of Abadi, linked to internal indicators, issued recently,” revealing that “Iran stopped efforts to gather Abadi and Maliki in one list, after it was confirmed that the latter Egypt to participate in the elections through a list led by himself “He said.

Tehran tried to convince Maliki to abandon the leadership of the list of the coalition of state law for the slaves but refused, while trying to convince Abadi No. 2 in the list of al-Maliki or number 1 on the same list in Basra, but he refused.

Observers believe that competition will be fierce between Abadi and Maliki in the upcoming elections, as they target the public itself, with the expected preference for the current prime minister.

Al-Maliki has already achieved significant electoral results in two previous sessions, when he was prime minister.

Observers said that “a wide spectrum of the Shiite community is influenced by the leaders of the Authority, and is moving towards support in the elections,” which enhances the fortunes of Abadi.

Abadi returned to the authority of the Iraqi state all the lands lost by Iraq to the organization of the preacher since 2013, when Maliki was prime minister, while Iraqi forces are currently carrying out clearing operations in areas within the western Anbar desert, never reached by military forces, US or Iraqi, since 2003.

Abadi depends on the balance of my people has increased significantly after the Kurdistan referendum crisis, as it succeeded in pushing the federal forces to impose its control over the sites were under the control of Kurdish forces since 2014, and some of them since 2003, including the oil – rich city of Kirkuk.

Observers said Abadi’s fight against corruption was strengthening him, and that he might be getting some of his political opponents, including Maliki.

The 2018 election comes in an unprecedented situation at the level of fragmentation of political forces in Iraq.

The Shiite coalition, which monopolizes the process of nominating the prime minister since 2005, is trying to reach its sides in vain because of sharp internal differences, most notably between Maliki and Sadr’s leader Moqtada al-Sadr.

Maliki is keen to reach the position of “President of the National Alliance,” to ensure the impact in the process of selecting the next prime minister, but Ammar al-Hakim, leader of the wisdom movement, strongly objected.

Iran fails to gather Abadi and Maliki in one list.

According to observers’ expectations, the parties to this alliance will not be able to unite before the elections, while the chances of healing after the elections seem weak due to the sharp crossroads between their leaders.

The Iraqi political observer believes that there is certainly a US-Iranian agreement not to enable Maliki to return to power, which is known to Maliki, who seeks through the next election to enter the parliament by a comfortable majority to control any attempt to open files of corruption in the era of his rule, which stretched Eight years and Iraq continues to suffer from its consequences.

The observer added in a press statement that Abadi, who agrees with many parties, local and regional to renew him, it will also enter the election candidate by the Dawa Party, which officially means that the Dawa Party under his current leadership remains in power, which guarantees some kind of protection for the owners And other symbols of corruption from his party.

He stressed that unless there is a coup within the leadership structure of the Dawa party is to exclude Maliki from his leadership, Abadi will not achieve any progress in the second term expected, pointing out that the current prime minister knows that the margin of his movement will be limited in the case of continuing followers of al-Maliki directly Economic and security management are the two most complex issues in a fragile, economically fragile country.

The war on Dahesh, which Abadi fought as an excuse for him not to approach the two files mentioned in the previous stage, but his position would be embarrassing if not in the next phase, which may accelerate the clash between the two men before the election.

The observer said that the result of this clash is to determine the fate of each one of them, if Abadi could remove al-Maliki from his way before the election date, his going to a second term will be guaranteed on the one hand control of the House of Representatives.

At the Sunni level, divisions between political forces in western Iraq are deepening, with no regional sponsor, observers said.

Sunni political parties, which are witnessing ongoing schisms, are no longer attracted to the countries of the region, such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, because of their volatile internal positions, while Abadi’s presence at the front of the Iraqi scene provides an opportunity for these countries to “deal with a moderate Shiite leader,” according to political circles. Baghdad.

As for the Kurdish, the referendum crisis led to sharp differences between the political forces in Kurdistan, while the Democratic Party is trying to convince the PUK and the Movement for Change the need to work together to meet Baghdad’s growing ambitions in the gains of the region.

The Iraqi observer warns that in the marginalization of the Sunni and Kurdish political forces, the entire political process remains in the hands of the ruling party, which is dedicated to the leadership of al-Maliki, who will always be able to control the distance in the course of the political process.


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

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