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 "Reflections on a Dialogue with Jared Rand" - Message from Steffen Rowe/Tank 11/29/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Reflections on a Dialogue with Jared Rand" - Message from Steffen Rowe/Tank 11/29/17

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 "Reflections on a Dialogue with Jared Rand" - Message from Steffen Rowe/Tank 11/29/17 Empty "Reflections on a Dialogue with Jared Rand" - Message from Steffen Rowe/Tank 11/29/17

Post by Ssmith Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:23 am

 "Reflections on a Dialogue with Jared Rand" - Message from Steffen Rowe/Tank 11/29/17 PastedGraphic

What it IS About — Reflections on a Dialogue with Jared Rand

November 29, 2017

Oftentimes this community has been chastised because of their focus on "the money." The New Powers That Be have expressed great concern with our preoccupation with becoming suddenly wealthy and making bad decisions with "the money,” ultimately destroying ourselves and humanity's chance at freedom.

The irony is that it's no longer the evil hand of the Cabal that is holding us in captivity. According to Jared Rand, a newly public and strategically placed representative of "the transition," it's our own thoughts that hold us hostage.

Now, I'm an advocate for and a believer that our collective consciousness is creating our reality. However, this collective comprises eight billion people who have been poisoned, brainwashed, abused, enslaved, and controlled for their entire lives. Inevitably, a population that has been through this kind of stress will demonstrate some resistance to a new authority telling them that their entire life has been a lie, that they're here to free them from that lie, and that they intend to continue the process of freeing us — by lying.

Our previous authority/slave masters at least had the decency not to pretend that freedom was an option, and they certainly didn't expect our vibration to increase while telling us the horrors and atrocities committed against us and while, at the same time, telling us of all the wondrous things that had been denied us. This is much worse than any torture that has been imposed on us by the Cabal, because we're conscious of what it is supposed to be, what's coming, where we are at — and where we are not at.

So after years of silence from the Alliance, Jared Rand appears from the shadows as a self-described representative sent seemingly to prepare our community to step forward into the new age.

This age is the realization of our freedom, filled with optimal health via suppressed technologies, space travel, Galactic mentors, the truth about human history, the ability to create anything we want with our minds, and the all important disclosures about extra terrestrials and the new racial pecking orders.

Mr. Rand discussed the value and power of meditating to visualize a new world in the exact way that we want it created. He said that they've tried before to get mass meditations going and that it was very difficult to get the consistent effort and commitment from enough people.

He also said it only required 8,000 people meditating to change the whole world.

Let that sink in.

What concerns me about that statement is that the New Powers That Be, who are responsible for our freedom, have access to virtually unlimited advanced technologies but can't call on 8,000 human beings to meditate on a better world for 30 minutes three times a week.

It speaks volumes about how little they understand about the human experience. It's a striking indictment of their inability and lack of efficacy in governing us because they don't even understand the fundamental nature of being human.

The values, intelligence, and abilities of humans cannot be measured by the quantitative data gathered from remote observations of our behavior. The Alliance apparently have access to and communication with the Ascended Masters, of whom Emanuel was one. Ask him what he did. He walked with the people, slept with the people, and spoke with the people. He experienced life as a human. When he arrived in a town to relay his messages, he healed the people of their illnesses and fed the people before he ever preached.

I have nothing. Yet, with nothing I could gather 8,000 people for a bi-weekly conference call for 30-minute meditations on creating a better world right now.

How is it that you have the responsibility to change the world and don't have the ability to accomplish something so achievable?

When I am given access to our humanitarian funds, I will be able to create a new world that is considerate of who people are, what they need, and the best way to connect them to one another. I can do this because I am one of the people, no better and no worse. I know how disgusted they are when someone who has more than they do speaks down to them as if they chose to be in this situation. I hear them when they feel broken and cry out wanting this to end. I feel their hearts when they get excited about the amazing world they want to create.

I see us for who we are with all our unexpressed beauty just bursting to express itself. And I stand up for us when bullies try to tell us it's our fault that we’re still being enslaved.

It is a demonstration of ignorant and negligent research that your perception of the people at this point is that they focus overly on "the money." Furthermore, you clearly don't understand that the money is just one of many tools that have been used to enslave humanity.

But, it has also been used to empower our oppressors while we scrape to survive and you negotiate terms with rapists, murderers, and pedophiles. Then, while not even putting us on equal footing with our oppressors, you have the nerve to ask us to be forgiving and stop focusing the "800#s.”

Last night we were accused of being so singularly focused on getting notice that we couldn't see all the wonderful changes taking place around us. Clueless. We are singularly focused on survival as the world is changing and falling apart around us. We are focused on our kids, family, and those all around us in desperate need.

In the midst of this sea of sadness, we are encouraged by one other, committed to making plans for the future after this event, and we somehow manage to conform to our slave jobs knowing freedom from this system is just within — or just out of? — reach. The only reason we even think about the 800#s is because you yourselves have teased us with them as the keys to our freedom, our redemption, and our ability to move forward. Every day for 1039 days.

As sleeping slaves we wouldn't even care or think about "getting notice" to free ourselves from this bondage. But we are awake and listening to horror stories about the world, antagonized by our old masters who haven't gone away, and demoralized with constant lies from the new so-called benevolent forces bringing in the new age.

Our focus is freedom and that focus is a panoramic view of anything we can imagine. It holds infinite possibilities and creates realities we can only dream of.

Your focus is the problem. You are so focused on what we are not that you don't see how powerful we are. And you continue to hold us hostage by blocking our vision and keeping us from realizing how powerful we are for ourselves.

You miss the magnificent perfection of the abused human race that has woken up only to be lied to daily for three years and yet still forgives you and welcomes you into their world with excitement to get to know more about you and your world.

So please, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Get the whole story and put yourselves in the same situation. Ask St. Germain, Kwan Yin, and Emanuel if I'm telling the truth. Ask them if my intentions are for the greatest good of humanity. Tell them to examine my heart and mind and see if I am the truth. Find out if it's my vision or your version that changes the world.

Whatever you do, the time to act is now. If it's not about the money, then stop holding on to it and give us our freedom now.


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