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Mountain Goat 10/18/17

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Mountain Goat   10/18/17 Empty Mountain Goat 10/18/17

Post by Mountain Goatee on Wed Oct 18, 2017 11:38 am

October 18, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

So once again I have to clarify some very misleading lies that are being perpetrated on the dinar community by this guy named Bruce and his BigCall.

FIRST LIE: On Saturday Allaq became the “official” governor of the Central Bank of Iraq.

It seems Bruce is getting feedback by some idiot who is watching the news broadcast from the speech of the acting Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), Ali Al-Allaq. Allaq was in the USA at a World Banking Conference in Washington DC last week and was asked by the Washington Institute of Near East Policy to give an update on the financial affairs of the country.

He did so. If you truly listen to the speech (as I did, instead of just repeating rumors), you would see that he was introduced as the governor of the CBI, as has been done many times already in many other past meetings with the IMF, UN, World Bank, etc,,etc,,that he has attended. So why was he not then the “official “ governor since his introduction was exactly the same?

This is because the recent rumor got propagated by another rumor last week that this was going to happen. Just a rumor nothing else. This came from TNT and Frank26. The Washington Institute of Near East Policy does not appoint governors or any positions to any members of any middle eastern nations Central Banks.

So this is what happened - one rumor fosters another rumor and before you know it they take the rumor and make it into intel. Folks this is darn right lying and I will call for what it is. This is so typical with these idiots and no wonder why you all get so confused as to what is going on. I am desperately trying to keep it all straight, REAL and HONEST. You see these so called intel “gurus” feed each other. Each other is their “sources” as they claim. So there really are no “sources” just a bunch of idiot gurus feeding off each other’s made up rumors based on half truths. These half truths have some tiny part of truth and exploited into full blown rumors. The funny part is these are the same people who claim they hate the shadow government and want to reform the system, yet they are just as bad as the system to are protesting over.

My advice to all these so called intel “gurus” – IF YOU REALLY WANT CHANGE, THEN BEGIN IT WITHIN YOURSELF.

Saturday’s introduction does not mean he is now “officially” appointed the governor the CBI. Get it?

We have absolutely no other confirmation that this has officially been done, and when he is appointed, if he gets appointed, you will not have to guess at it, since it will be international news and widely known. I rechecked with my CBI contact in Iraq and Allaq is still a proxy governor. Why must we go down these foolish rabbit holes once again. Again they are making this rumor so as to have another event to justify their foolishness of an any day / every day RV foolish. They need to keep you hyped up to sell you their products and get you to keep coming back to their sites and conference calls. Get it?

Yes - the Washington Institute of Near East Policy took some liberties in using the title of Governor of the CBI in introducing Allaq and maybe they shouldn’t have done this. But what are they going to call him? Are the going to call him a proxy governor? No- this would be disrespectful and they used a generic title in the introduction. That is all if was.

All they know is Allaq is from the Central Bank if Iraq and he uses the title of governor. This is what they were told prior to the introduction. How the hell do they know of any difference. They are not following all the past politics as we are. We should know better and not assume. Shame, shame, shame on you Bruce and the idiot who passed on this news to you.

The CBI is really governed by a board of directors and collectively they make the monetary policy decisions. Allaq was only in the USA representing this CBI. So please, please, please stop all this hype something that did not occur by taking an ounce of sand (rumor by an idiot) and making it into a mountain of intel.

ANOTHER LIE: Okay so I have to clarify yet another lie told to you on Bruce’s recent call. He told you and I quote – “he (meaning Allaq) did talk about the Iraqi dinar being an international currency once again” and “that there are no longer any restrictions to the Iraqi dinar for exchange”.

Folks Allaq did not say this. Go listen to his speech for yourself. Here is the link:


So another lie!

Who is telling him this stuff or is he just making it all up himself and blaming his “source” so he is off the hook for lying?

What Allaq did say is this – “eliminate the restrictions on the multiple exchange rates (MCP) and the use of multi currencies resulting in Dinar use only”. This is referring to getting off the restrictions of the mandatory use the US dollar to trade with the outside world. This means getting off Chapter VII. This is said to be happening in the coming days. Note he did not say it already happened, as Bruce said.

The good real news in Allaq’s speech was totally overlooked and that is news of a plan for resolving all differences with Kuwait and we know he meant the final resolution of the $4 billion owed in war reparations. This will get them totally out of Chapter VII and this is needed prior to any RV. So this is such good news. Why did Bruce not mention this news? He did not mention it because it is not associated with an immediate RV and he must keep his listeners hyped up for an every day / any day rumor. Since Allaq talked about “in the coming months” this does not suit his purpose of immediacy and getting you hyped up so you come back to his Thursday’s call. Folks you must see what he is doing. He is playing mind game with everyone as so many of the others are doing the same. You know who they are.

I also listened to another call last weekend and it appears Wang Dang still believed Talibani was dead for many years before his funeral last week. Seems they must have frozen the body all this time? He also commented that he still believes that Dr. Sinan Al-Shabibi is in Iraq and is heading the CBI as the governor. Will someone please straighten out this guy, please. And he is someone that many people rely on for getting accurate intel from for this investment? Again another idiot.

Okay so let’s get back to Bruce and clarify yet more of his nonsense from his so called intel call from last night on the BigCall. Yes – a call, big and full of lies. We should rename the call the “Big Lying” call.

I have quotes close to what he said - So he also said that “the debit cards were “pre-loaded” with a solid rate”. “A real good “solid rate” then they when blank rates for a time and then came back “popped out” with a rate well over $4.00”.

Folks do you know just how stupid all this is. First of all, the debit cards he is talking about are not preloaded. Pre-loaded cards are gift cards that you purchase in the store. Debit cards tie to a bank account. If you use the card in an ATM machine the bank software program goes out to the foreign currency exchange gets the current rate and translate the money using the currency exchange rate to the country to which you are using the ATM.

For example if you are in Germany using an American debit card and are taking out $20 in cash you will only get Euros since Germany uses only Euros. The bank’s software ties into an international banking system that finds your bank in the USA, sends the transaction to it. Finds the bank account and translates the appropriate amount of USD in your account to Euros. In this case it may debit your account $22 USD in the bank in America to get the equivalent of $20 in Euros. Get it? This is just an example. It is using the international rate on the currency exchange to figure out how much the Euro is worth in its equivalent US dollars.

So if someone uses a debit card issued from Iraq while in the USA the system goes to the Iraqi bank via the international banking system, verifies there are sufficient dinars. Then translates the appropriate amount of dinars to US dollars to meet the request. Since he/she is in the USA they will get USD only in an ATM in the USA. The rate used is the translation is a program rate of 1182 or whatever it currently is. I think it when to 1200+ over the last couple days. Get it? This means the bank will debit 1200+ dinars for every dollar it issues out in the ATM. The rate is not on the card, it is taken from the foreign currency exchange.

Let’s take one more example. If a citizen within Iraq wants to use an ATM to get cash (the ATMs are currently shut off but this is just an example) they will get dinars. There is no translation to be made. Iraq is staying with dinars. Just as in the USA as a US citizen having a US bank account, you will get US dollars. The US used and is staying on US dollars.

So all this crap about new rates or people exchanging in Iraq is nothing but lies. There is absolutely no reason for anyone in Iraq to worry about the rate of exchange to US dollars, as the average citizen. Plus the ATMs are not functional, plus they are getting paid electronically now. So we can debunk all these lies right off. Sorry Bruce your lies just can’t hold up. We see thru your lies.

This only comes into play if you are a merchant and need to exchange dinars to US dollars in order to do business with the importers. This is mandatory since this is the law, due to sanctions still in place. This is Chapter VII sanctions. When these sanctions are lifted they can then do business directly with the dinar.

The next piece of garbage intel is that he said the rate changes, as he stated it changed to blanks and then popped out with a very high rate over $4.00. Really? Folks how does a rate, if it were hard coded on a card change anyhow? You have the card in your hand. Is there some magic going on that we are not aware of? So this shows yet another lie.

So the rate is not on the card and we know that as a fact. So what the hell was this guy Bruce talking about anyhow? I seriously don’t think he knows and he is just repeating some garbage intel from his idiot source. When will he learn this “source” is nothing but an idiot.

I highly recommend that everyone stay away from Bruce’s intel calls (BigCall). I would not even be addressing this today if it were not for hundreds of questions I received today on his nonsense. Again take your questions to the person making the statements and challenge THEM not me. I am not making these ridiculous statements.

More news….

The Iraqi army says it has taken full control of Kirkuk following a major advance on Kurdish-held territories.

The federal government in Baghdad and sources inside the city told Al Jazeera on Monday that Iraqi security forces had captured the governorate building in the center of Kirkuk city.

According to security forces, troops moved into the building with no opposition from Kurdish Peshmerga fighters.

A dozen Humvees from Iraq's US-trained Counterterrorism Service arrived at the building and took position in the vicinity, alongside the local city police.

There was no immediate comment from Kurdish authorities.

Just in Oct 17th - Baghdad (IraqiNews.com) Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Tuesday that Kurdistan Region’s September referendum, which backed separation from Iraq, has now become “history”.

Regarding the situation in Kirkuk, Abadi stressed that “Iraqi forces will not engage into infighting”, adding that “any assault on Kurds is an assault on us”. He said his government would “soon declare the liberation of all Iraqi territories and clearing the borderline with Syria”.

Concerning press reports telling of a deal with Kurdistan Region to split Kirkuk into several administrations to be run jointly by Baghdad and Erbil, and Abadi denied the notion outright.

(So in reality we know there is now peace in Kirkuk and the GOI is trying to work it out instead of fighting. ISIS is gone from the region. There are still some boarder issues and so a liability ISIS could return if not carefully patrolled. What the final result for governing the region will be, we don’t yet know. There is nothing right now but a bunch of speculation and rumors flying around.

My advice – just let it all play itself out and we will see what comes out of the shaker cup…..lol…..lol….yes it is all just mixed up right now…)

More news….

The Iraqi government’s expectation is that by the end of this year the Islamic State will be defeated and all Iraqi territory will be back under government control.

(So once again we are beginning to see a target arise that is showing us maybe EARLY 2018 for a reinstatement of the IQD. I have showed you other evidence too in previous newsletters so I am not just giving you my arbitrary “opinion” but showing you proof along the way as to why I am saying this.

1. In the other 4 targeted attempts to RV they targeted EARLY in the year to do it. In fact afterwards they told us it was for January of that year.

2. Once we are seeing the prime minister telling us that ISIS fighting will be done and out of Iraq by the end of the year. I believe they are syncing up a timeframe once again for the end of the year;

3. We wait for the re-education articles from the CBI and the Financial Ministry to come to us. I believe these may begin very soon, if in fact I am correct in my new timeframe. This will be our confirmation of this theory. Again nobody knows for sure and nobody will know.

I can tell you emphatically and honestly that the RV has not yet happened, the ATMs are not giving out the lower denominations and no matter what all these idiot gurus are telling you the demonic group called NESARA is NOT going to restore some so called Republic for you and institute a new constitution in the US. Just be careful who you follow and support. You might not like the results of these idiots. They can pray and talk big of God and healing and all that other stuff but in reality they are charlatans (wolves) masked in sheep’s clothing. The bible warns us about these kinds of characters who will hide behind faith and fool you. All they want is to convince you of their sincerity to get you to follow them. This guy Yosef is the worst of all and I am beginning the believe he is the ring leader of this demonic group. If I were you I would just stay away from him and any conference call he is on.

Remember talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. So far nothing he has ever said is correct, can be proven as FACT and it is all rumors and conjecture. How many times has he told you already the RV has taken place and the “New Republic” and “GCR” is here? Yet nothing ever happens. Why? Read my lips (or key strokes….lol…lol…) – THERE IS NO NEW REPUBLIC AND THERE IS NO GCR! Get it?

Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I also separated the articles with asterisks.

Articles Begin


Baghdad Mawazine News

The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali al-Alaq, met with members of the UN Security Council to discuss the important files at an official invitation addressed to him. ( in other words they invited him for a talk while he was in the USA. Seems he is tying up a lot of loose ends while in the USA. Why all these meetings? Why is he so active all of a sudden?)

The Director of the Information Office of the Central Bank of Iraq, Acer Jabbar in a statement received / Mawazin News / copy, that "the governor of the Iraqi Central Bank Ali Alalak met in New York with members of the UN Security Council in the United Nations building, WHERE THIS MEETING IS THE FIRST OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD "ADDING THAT" WHERE THE GOVERNOR OF THE CENTRAL BANK OF IRAQ IS THE FIRST GOVERNOR OF A CENTRAL BANK TO ATTEND SUCH MEETINGS. "

He added that "during the meeting was to hear a detailed explanation on the experience of this bank in the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing and members of the Security Council and the work of the Iraqi Central Bank and its administration during the current period and the accompanying exceptional circumstances experienced by Iraq."

(Is he trying to get the UN convinced that “SECURITY” is not longer an issue for Iraq? Can he be hoping they go along with a plan to reinstate the currency soon now that the security issue is resolved? Just asking…..lots of questions)



Speaker of Parliament Salim al-Jubouri said that what happened in Kirkuk province can not be considered a "declaration of war."

"The current procedures [in Kirkuk] are to impose the control of the federal state, they are carefully and carefully taking care of the presence of civilians, and recorded the operations of law enforcement from the beginning and clean professional and professional effort."

"The anniversary of the vote on the constitution coincided with law enforcement operations and the extension of state authority in various areas of the homeland, especially in Kirkuk, the Iraqi city," he said.

"The Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen and all components in Iraq in general and Kirkuk in particular brothers and they are equal rights and duties before the law can not allow the attack on any Iraqi under any circumstances."

He pointed out that "the sources of wealth in Iraq is central and the constitution is the right of all Iraqis."

Jubouri pointed out that "the participation of the Peshmerga in the liberation is large and distinctive and important and undeniable, and the actions do not target this combat force, which must be followed by the command of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces."

He stressed that "it is important that all components participate in maintaining security and that the national consensus is not influenced in the administration of the province of Kirkuk, and the relevant parliamentary committees will follow the situation in the province and take its supervisory and supervisory role to cross this stage and achieve the best results for the processes of extension of state authority."


Baghdad today – The Kurdish new generation called on Monday for Barzani to apologize to the people of Kurdistan and immediately resign from his post, ending his political life, while threatening to resort to the street.

THE LIST SAID IN A STATEMENT THAT “BARZANI AND THE LEADERSHIP OF THE FIVE RULING PARTIES IN THE REGION MUST SUBMIT THEIR RESIGNATIONS IMMEDIATELY, because they are the cause of the current situation,” indicating that “if the regional leaders did not recognize responsibility for these events, they will seek to move the street to end this government Failed “.

(Maybe the US citizens should demand the same of some of their govt officials and take an example from Iraq?)

The list added that “the events of Kirkuk have shed the curtain on the situation in Kurdistan, AND SHOWED THAT THE TRADITIONAL PARTIES HAVE FAILED TO DELIVER our people to safety, but on the contrary they put the Kurds in a dark spiral, and the failure in Kirkuk back to that political elite controlling the political life In Kurdistan since the early eighties of the last century. ”

According to the statement, “what is happening now is only the preliminary results of the referendum, which Massoud Barzani insisted on the September 25, 2017 with the help of political parties and their traditional leadership, and the exclusion of advice and suggestions of friends of our people at home and abroad and to make personal interests above the higher interests of the people of Kurdistan” .

The list demanded “the removal of the government of Najran Barzani, the acceleration of the formation of an interim government does not organize traditional political figures, and the new government in cooperation with the United Nations to prepare for the elections of the parliament of Kurdistan in accordance with international standards,” noting that “the Kurdish people face a serious dilemma, In which everyone will critically examine the new reality and hold accountable those responsible for these events. ”

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

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Mountain Goat   10/18/17 Empty Re: Mountain Goat 10/18/17

Post by RamblerNash on Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:07 pm

Speaking of Gurus who lie...

@Mnt. Goat wrote:Over to a call to the IMF contact today-

I asked the contact - So why don't we see it international and at the banks as of yet, if in fact it did RV?  he said, oh ! ....it did RV for sure. The CBI let it go already.


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