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Dr. Clarke  9/19/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Dr. Clarke 9/19/17

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Dr. Clarke  9/19/17 Empty Dr. Clarke 9/19/17

Post by Mountain Goatee on Wed Sep 20, 2017 8:46 am

DR. CLARKE (Tuesday 9-19-17): We’re going to make this quick today, as we’ve been outta pocket the past 2 weeks or so, buried in relief operations for Hurricane's Harvey & Irma. 

MASSIVE destruction, and some areas STILL underwater in S. Florida, without Power & Food for Weeks. Our Hearts & Hands go out to all the victims, and there are over 60,000 families in S. Texas that are homeless, many still in shelters, with nowhere to go, because of losing everything, as well as, having NO flood insurance, and no money to repair the damage…..not to mention the MASSIVE disaster in Florida. 

​The ramifications of what just happened the past 3 weeks, will linger for YEARS. 

SIDE POINT: The media is hiding the massive Economic Disaster this has been over the past 3 weeks, in the hundreds of Billions of dollars & rising. (As well as over 130 Major Wildfires burning simultaneously over 1 Million acres in 8 Western U.S. States). Don’t be Fooled!….even as the Stock Market continues to rise to record levels. ​

WHAT?…..to add to the already lopsided and massive government debt & deficit condition, of almost 20 Trillion. Don’t be fooled over the next few weeks. We Firmly believe, there’s a Major Financial meltdown, within ALL MARKETS, coming in the not too distant future….it’s already occurring……quietly…..but will eventually turn into MORE PROSPERITY. Eventually.

Let’s ALL do what we can. We Wrote you about these Hurricanes, and in Irma’s case, we wrote specifically about the RECORD BREAKING effects, 10 DAYS AHEAD of it’s Landfall.…AND we gave you Exact Specifics. We wrote about it in our 9-1-17 Post, and Irma made landfall on 9-10-17 in S. Florida - 7 different times! Unfortunately, we tried to warn everyone way ahead of time, even BEFORE any of the major media was saying anything…..

Unfortunately, as we’re writing this, Hurricane MARIA just turned Category 5, with winds over 160 mph, and is headed toward the East Coast of the U.S. Many models have it moving up north and missing the coast. AGAIN, WE SAY START PREPARING NOW, if you live in FLORIDA, GEORGIA, South & North CAROLINA. This storm is also a Monster, and could easily be AT LEAST another Irma in scope.

The CAROLINA’S COULD GET A DIRECT HIT on this one, but it’s still early. Unfortunately though, Puerto Rico will again take a direct hit in a couple days, and this storm will again devastate many caribbean islands, AGAIN. It’s predicted to get close to the U.S. within the next 6-7 days, somewhere around the 25-27th. Make Preparations NOW, if you can. Many areas are already devastated, but don’t mess with this storm, as we wrote in advance about Irma……Let’s hope it eventually steers clear of the U.S. mainland, and ends up in the middle of the Atlantic……oh, by the way, Vietnam, which hasn’t gotten hit in a decade, just got hit heavily yesterday by a Very Intense Typhoon, killing at least a dozen.

Unfortunately, there’s MUCH MORE of this type of thing coming, in the weeks & months ahead.

We’ve been emphasizing over the past 2 months, the “Weather”, the “Ground” and the “Sky”……for a Very Good Reason.

“NO amount of Money or ANY RV of Any Currency, is more Important than the SAFETY of HUMAN & ANIMAL LIVES”……getting Priorities in Order, should be EVERYONE’S MAIN FOCUS…….and the rest will take care of itself.

Extend your Physical Hand…..not just your Thoughts, Prayer & Your Words.


Put yourself in their place…….We ourselves have been there in the middle of these things, more than once. Life will “Chew you up, and Spit you out”, in a heartbeat, and that’s why “We need each other”……and to eventually learn, even by way of “Chaos & Disaster”, to: 
“Love one Another, rather than Hate one another.”


NOW, this is the “3rd WEEK OF SEPTEMBER”, 16 thru 24th……you know what we wrote about this, way back in our Post on 7-27-17.

You SEE the UN Meeting taking place this week. You SEE who’s there now.

Here’s what we have to write about this: “GET YOUR AFFAIRS IN ORDER!”


Guess what Day is coming up soon?………of course, you guessed it……Our Most Favorite Day of the Week, “FUN DAY - FRIDAY!” (the 22nd)…….this Friday is SO SPECIAL. Why? Because on this day, not only is this the Beginning of the Weekend ( a BIG Weekend. BIG.) - Butt. Butt…….NEW, VERY SIGNIFICANT, IMPORTANT PARTNERSHIPS WILL COME TOGETHER, LIKE NEVER BEFORE. PARTNERSHIPS. PARTNERSHIPS. PARTNERSHIPS. 

This Friday is a Super-Charged PARTNERSHIP Day, on Steroids. Keep your “Eyes Wide Open”.……and Justice will be Served!…….and make sure you “Partner with Someone NEW” or in a NEW Way.


Kinda like when we wrote, 10 DAYS OUT before Irma made landfall, as the Atlantic Ocean’s Most Powerful Hurricane EVER RECORDED. Remember, we wrote & predicted, when this storm was yet a Category 3 storm - 10 days out, that it would be a RECORD SETTER, become a Category 5, and a significant “Wind Event”, and that it WOULD hit S. & Central Florida?……..and to NOT WAIT. To Prepare NOW!…….well,
We were 100% CORRECT.


We don’t have time Today, to list all the things that have come true, that we wrote about days & weeks in advance……but you can go back and see for yourself.

We DO want to leave you with one very important bit of information, that we’ve been highlighting for the past several posts…….because this has been, and will even more so, play a VERY IMPORTANT PART, in EVERYONE’S Lives in the Coming Days, and that is:

Remember the “SKY” in the “Coming Days”…..beyond Hurricanes…..“REMEMBER THE SKY”

THIS COMING SATURDAY, the 23rd: FYI - NO, the Rapture is NOT coming…..and NO, Jesus is NOT coming back…….because……he never left.

THE NEXT 5 DAYS are………BIG……but it’s NOT the End. YET.

ALL in our Exhausted, Totally fulfilled, Prayerful, Excited, Busy, Hurricane-Aided, Wind-Blown, Assisting, Delicate, Over-Flooded, Focused & IL-Logical OPINIONS……..”FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY”……to the Highest Degree.

In Major Gratitude & Appreciation,

P.S. Go back and Re-read the DETAILS of our 7-27-17 Post (LINK) & 9-1-17 Post (LINK) ……..for what COULD be next………the Foggy Path really clears up this week, finally after over 12 years.

We’re NOT calling an RV DATE or an RV RATE (against our un-earthly Religions).

But we ARE CALLING…….. “ET Phone Home”.

We only write about our Metaphorically contrived, ill-advised, vivaciously insignificant, and totally inaccurate Viewpoints, Beliefs & Opinions, which mean……Nothing whatsoever.

SPOCK: “Captain Kirk, That’s Totally IL-Logical!”…….KIRK: Yes dammit…..that’s why it WORKED!…….you thick headed Vulcan!

“Nanu Nanu" ……..per Robin Williams (RIP), with this all-important, Secret Coded Message.

NANU NANU . (Watch:

…….There’s a Proverbial Record Setting HURRICANE COMING!……and the Winds are picking up Speed Rapidly……..Find the “EYE”……..wait for it. 

MOVE on the 4th DAY.



InJoy Your Weekend. You should “SEE”….. something.
Mountain Goatee
Mountain Goatee
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Dr. Clarke  9/19/17 Empty Re: Dr. Clarke 9/19/17

Post by ReapAndSow73 on Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:02 am

Seriously unhinged individual - gotta love when the weather channel says a hurricane will hit landfall, and Clarke says, "See?  We told you a hurricane would hit land, we were 100% correct..."

When people speak in riddles, they can claim to be correct regardless of the outcome.  This is a game to Clarke, to see who he can fool.  This is comic relief, not an investment.

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Dr. Clarke  9/19/17 Empty Re: Dr. Clarke 9/19/17

Post by kenmor on Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:47 am

Really sad that people actually believe his stories!!!
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Dr. Clarke  9/19/17 Empty Re: Dr. Clarke 9/19/17

Post by Allenj on Wed Sep 20, 2017 1:21 pm

ya ya right we have heard this before and nothing happen i am really not looking for anything till mid 2018 if then but i would love to see it before then"reason!!" to see the cbi make a ass out of some of these gurus AssHole

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