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Lots Of Folks Have Been Convicted/Arrested OPPT/TDA DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Lots Of Folks Have Been Convicted/Arrested OPPT/TDA

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Lots Of Folks Have Been Convicted/Arrested OPPT/TDA Empty Lots Of Folks Have Been Convicted/Arrested OPPT/TDA

Post by RamblerNash on Tue Jul 25, 2017 9:52 pm

Winston Shrout


Sean David Morton aka Awake-n-3d


And now Heather Ann Tucci?



There are three individuals who were influential to the trustees of the OPPT.

Karl Langenstein: In 1994, Karl persuaded three individuals to invest in a "High Yield Investment Program" located in Switzerland. The three individuals gave Karl $5,000,000 total to invest. The money was wired to Switzerland and subsequently disappeared. The Swiss government then charged Karl with fraud and a warrant for his arrest was issued on April 4, 2011. In December of 2001, an Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida filed a Complaint for Provisional Arrest with a View Towards Extradition (Case No. 1:01-cv.05190). The warrant was placed under seal until executed because of the flight risk that Karl presented. The seal has been subsequently lifted and made public and Karl remains at large.

Charles Miller: In 1998, Charles Miller was sentenced to over 12 years of prison due to his fraudulent actions involving $30 million of bad checks. He served all 12 years.

Miles Julison: In 2013, Miles Julison was sentenced to 4 years of prison due to a jury finding that he filed two false income tax refund claims. Miles is currently appealing his conviction, although he is serving time in federal prison. He is appealing his conviction on the basis that he wasn't allowed self-representation. He admitted to filing the false refund claims; it is unclear why he believes that this was OK.



Be careful Bodi, TANK, Yosef, Fisher, Dr. WC, et all...

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