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Federal Reserve Bank Accounts

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Federal Reserve Bank Accounts Empty Federal Reserve Bank Accounts

Post by RamblerNash Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:13 pm

Federal Reserve Bank Accounts Post_old 26th March 2009, 06:14 AM
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Federal Reserve Bank Accounts

While at work the other day a co-worker was spewing some rather idiotic ideas, really the same old Federal Reserve BS, and I had to chime in and tell him that what he was saying was not what the Fed actually does (which is control the world.) I asked him where he has done his research, he wouldn't tell me. All the usual stuff.

He did make a claim I have never heard before. The claim is that at birth a bond is taken out on you and you are "traded" basically on the open market. The other number on the back of back of you Social Security card is your Federal Reserve Bank account Number. I explained that I have never noticed the number but it makes more sense to me that the number probably has something to do with printing the card and making it harder to forge one, since I assume that they are not printed with your name and number on it it would be bad to have blank and untraceable SSN card lying around.

He even claimed that there is a website where you can enter that number and see what your worth has bought. Of course he didn't tell me that website. I a google search but my nonsense filter must have been on. The only thing that I found was comments in a blog post.

So does anyone know anything about this particular form of stupidity? The bank account myth is a new one on me. Thanks

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