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 "Newsflash: The Con-em Call" by BB136 5/24/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Newsflash: The Con-em Call" by BB136 5/24/17

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 "Newsflash: The Con-em Call" by BB136 5/24/17 Empty "Newsflash: The Con-em Call" by BB136 5/24/17

Post by Ssmith on Wed May 24, 2017 8:06 am

Disclaimer: the following in quotes is strictly satire. Any likeness to any people in Dinarland is strictly coincidental. Any legal or financial advice is NOT disclaimed.


"Conman: Take a knee folks; lord, bless us everyone, except for Yosef, and Dizzy and Nancy and Dinar Chronicles and my mother, and anyone else who has figured us out. And lord, show us the money you owe us now god!

god bless your hearts folks. As you know because I've told you, I've been so successful in all aspects of life, have suffered more than anyone, and so I am able to talk about con men, you know the Dinar site owners and call hosts that say they do the calls for the people, and don't want to be put on a pedestal and yet they disclaim everything, so they can answer questions like they have any legal or financial knowledge? I mean, really folks, why would you call a person with no law, no financial or no accounting degree or experience to answer your questions about legal, financial and accounting aspects of an investment? Are you stupid? Of course not. And if they still have a "donate" button on their site, folks, that's the tell. You know, the ones that endorse a product, like, oh, say a trust, but act like they endorse it only because they have one. But then they do calls over and over for the darn trust. Com'on guys, they are conning people because why else do you push a product to a captive audience of thousands? Could they be getting a kick back for every overpriced trust that's sold? I mean, if they sell judt 100 trusts for $500 that $50k to spread around. And thousands of idiots listen to these con men as if they are gods and on a pedestal? And what's funny is you can download the product usually for free in a fill-in template. (Or get it free from a lawyer who is holding currencies) My sheeple, my Dinarians, you'd be a toothless crackhead to fall for that con. I've tried to edjimacate ya and just because the con men are acting on the edge of legality and all, don't be fooled. Con men fail to disclose the truth, so if not illegally, they are morally conning you. They act stupid and try to identify with you, and many of the naive, ignorant, poor, aged and desperate are easy pickin's for their schtick. So you have to discern their true agenda. Which by the way, is always money. Oh, and when they're called out on it, they more often than not, run for the hills and disappear!

What say you Side-man? Side-man? Unmute! Side-man? Geez I got you on my call for credibility and you desert me. Side-man? Oh, dagnumbit you're not on the weekly call no more, I forgot, no more, cause you don't agree with me and good ole boy Ed? Side-man. Oh hell. 404, c'mon down"

(Fifteen minutes of talking about whether to sign the NDA, if we have to pay taxes, if Okie is okay) Side-man you there yet?

Side-man: Yeah Con, I'm here. Just looking at shipping logs. Nothing new. Stay grounded. ubiety and I tweet each other, what a eloquent guy he is. He's just as negative and cynical a person as me. Oh, I have to give a shout out like my tweet to Yosef and TANK and the newest psy-op guru OWK: GFYS. Folks, com'on I'm on a call, you know I know everything, even if I don't believe in god. Listen to me. Don't expect any disclosure, or aliens, or NESARA, or the restored Republic to appear, don't believe in the Elders, even though who else could fund this blessing, but guys, don't worry it's going to happen. It has to. After all, unlike most of you, I have suffered, I lost a lot of money trying to compete in the cabal world and I have incredible and amazing plans for veterans just like Brett on the BigHead Call. Of course I'm entitled to first take care of my family, so after I buy my two humongously gaudy yachts like the elites and maybe five fancy cars and two beach houses and an island I have plans to do some shit. I'm entitled. I've paid my dues. A lot of you just don't know how much I've suffered."

And after more incredibly informative banter, the Conman and his Side-man say "good-bye."

Though I still wish them no harm, I have to say it, "good riddance. Con-man and Side-man"

From a very experienced business man, entrepreneur, 37 years in the cabal world as a working stiff, a lawyer, a loving father, a loving husband, who grew up poor, who has struggled in this cabal dominated world just like most of you; who has researched and believes, however, just like you; who could put together a Dinar site/call; who could easily sell a really good trust and give legal and financial advice for a fee;

But WHO DOES NOT, because it would be morally wrong to take advantage of good people in dinarland, and the many hurting, homeless, poor, downtrodden, ignorant, naive, aged, disabled, tired, beat on, beaten, and nearly lifeless, but yet incredibly hopeful and faithful and moral and benevolent folks, just like You and Me,

Off to listen to RTC replay.

Go RV/GCR! It's coming! Soon!



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 "Newsflash: The Con-em Call" by BB136 5/24/17 Empty Re: "Newsflash: The Con-em Call" by BB136 5/24/17

Post by Ponee on Wed May 24, 2017 10:40 am

This is FUNNY !


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