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 'What If We Are All Correct?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.  5/19/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

'What If We Are All Correct?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/19/17

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 'What If We Are All Correct?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.  5/19/17 Empty 'What If We Are All Correct?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/19/17

Post by Ssmith Fri May 19, 2017 9:32 am

What If We Are ALL Correct?

I had a VERY interesting conversation with one of my Top contacts tonight that shed some light on our current events in a BIG WAY. But before I drop that truth bomb on you, I want to set the stage, so to speak, of where we sit right now. I am giggling inside as I write this because the punch line is so amazing, but don't cheat and skip ahead. It is better if you read along in sequence first to truly understand the Punch Line!

Where Are We As A Community? (Two Sides Divided)

There are some of us who believe in the GCR/RV, The Republic, NESARA/GESARA and the benevolence of the Elders and the NPTB. We constantly speak of this and speculate on how wonderful it will be when we get to the new Golden Age. This of course is a very high vibration as is what is wanted by the Authors of this plan to ascend. We have belief in the Angelic realm and take head of the messages from AAM, Sananda, St Germaine, and the others. Of course there is also Grandfather, Ashtar Command, Zorra, and other more physically focused higher vibration beings as well. Anyway, to make this short, this is one side of Dinarland, you might call them the "Dreamers/Believers." Is this side Correct? Is this how it really is?

Then of course, you have the other side of the coin who say none of this is true. They refuse to believe what they cannot see, and demand proof or else no belief. They doubt the GCR, the ZIM, the Republic, NESARA/GESARA and are always pointing out that there are still bad things going on in our World. You might call these die-hards the "Realists/Disbelievers." They jump at the chance to get into an argument over what is true always pointing at the Facts as they are now. Is this side the Truth? Is this side Correct? Is this how it really is?

But how can both of these perspectives be true at the same time? They are so different? So divided? But haven't you heard that what you think is true becomes true? Don't you remember all those Manifesting posts that explained what something means, means it to be? It becomes "Meant To Be? It becomes Fate? I know you have heard of the Law of attraction that which you think about and believe, you can achieve, or in our case get? Well I don't want to spoil the surprise yet... Keep reading.

Time Lines Split

I have written about this a few times. Some have read it, others have not. Oh well.

Here is one post I wrote on it and an excerpt from it as well:

"The Role of Money In Ascension" - One Who Knows - 5.9.17

******** Begin Excerpt *************

Choosing Your Time-Line

Remember a while back that I wrote a post on choosing your timeline. There would come a time that the two timelines would be splitting and you would either be a "Match" for the lower vibrations of 3d, or you would be a "Match" of the higher vibrations of 5D or higher. Whichever one you were a match to at that time, you would automatically be in that timeline, no matter good 5d, or bad 3d. Here are several posts on the matter and Audio as well. It is worth a re-read and/or a Re-listen, for this topic:

Time Lines Explained In Detail - YouTube Starting @ 37 Minutes
"Zorra* Zaraya * Jane" March, 2017 Updates, Peter Sterling and his Near-death experience!

Written Post On The Matter:
"Pick Your Time-Line Reality" - One Who Knows - 3.27.17

Original Time Line Message From AAM:
Sananda, AAM, OWS: Timelines are Going to Begin to Split

Partial Transcript of Zorra Call:
"Zorra Call Re-Play & Transcript (3-25-2017)" - One Who Knows - 3.26.17

******** End Excerpt *************

By the way, I highly recommend that you go and read those posts above. Your Future could depend on it.

So, to make a long story short, the ONLY way you can chose a time line and get in it, is to be "Like It" vibrationally. Did you just hear what I said? YOU MUST BE CONGRUENT WITH THAT VIBRATION, JUST LIKE IT TO BE IN IT. Of course that means you are a Vibrational match to a 5d World, when you think about the great and wonderful things to come, you believe in a sky high ZIM, the GCR, the Republic, the defeat of the Cabal, and the Golden age of peace prosperity, and wonderful evolutional experiences. If you THINK LIKE THAT, you vibrate like that. THERE IS NO WAY TO CHEAT VIBRATIONAL SELECTION, YOU ARE EITHER A MATCH OR YOU ARE NOT. See Post How To Raise your Vibration:

"How To Raise Your Vibration" - One Who Knows - 5.11.17

Of course there is the "Other" possible time line and Vibrational range. This one doubts everything. Believes only in evidence of what is and disputes every single notion of what is coming. They are "GROUNDED" in the here and now 3d World. They can't see the "Vision" of what is to come they are too busy seeing "WHAT IS." This is what they think, what they vibrate, who they REAL ARE. If you THINK LIKE THAT, you vibrate like that. THERE IS NO WAY TO CHEAT VIBRATIONAL SELECTION, YOU ARE EITHER A MATCH OR YOU ARE NOT.

Two Options, Or Should I Say Two Worlds (Destinations)

These two different ways of thinking could not be more different. You might say that they are Polar opposites. One is so 3d, grounded in the reality of now. The facts, which are 3d facts. The REALISTIC view of life. No Republic, no GCR, no great life just ahead. This is a fear based low vibration reality. The one we have lived in all our lives. And, the other hand, the other view point is based on Belief of what will be. No Facts to be seen, all in the mind, all in a vibration state. A high Vibrational state I might add.

These two different View Points are like two Different Worlds. One high vibration and one low vibration, and which one you will live in/on will be DECIDED FOR YOU BY YOUR VIBRATION..... Wait, it gets better.

My Conversation

So, I was talking about all the low vibration beings that have been taken off the Planet. This was because I was talking about Kent Dunn's ridiculous reports that Draco were still on the planet. I asked if they were going to be moved to Earth 2 (Terra 2) the 3d World on the other side of the Sun? He said yes. Then I thought a moment, and asked if anyone was there now? And, the answer was yes again! WOW! I thought, it is already populating. Before I tell you what else I found out, I will remind you how this time line split works.

While I don’t understand the super high technology, people will wake up on the other Planet and NEVER know that it is any different than this one. People who stay on this one in 5d, are represented over there by "Solid Holograms." Basically, the people who wake up over there one day, will never know who is a real person and who is a solid hologram. After all, our bodies are projections and holograms anyway to start with. I expect that they don't have a soul, and are more or less functional robots. Over here, I suppose that the ones who were moved to the 3d World, may be represented by Solid Holograms as well, or they may just be gone. I am thinking just gone. So that is the process. Now, back to my story.

The Big Difference

Of course the big difference is that One is Fear based, the 3d World and one is Love based the 5d World. I got that. But then I began to ask questions that blew my mind, but they made so much sense. I asked if the Other 3d World would have a Republic, and the answer was NO! The Corporation is still in charge! What? But of course that makes sense, it is still a World of Fear and control. My guess is that over there, Trump gets run out of office and Hillary gets back in. They keep spraying everybody and the FEMA camps fill up with political prisoners. Clearly, that World continues on the path it was on. That makes so much sense. For those who believe in the 3d World of Fear, and lack, and REALISM, being grounded in the now Reality, will wake up there and they WILL BE RIGHT! WOW!!!!!!!!

But, this World will move on to 5D, and the GCR happens, the ZIM rates are sky high, and the REPUBLIC does get announced, and then NESARA/GESARA, and disclosure, etc. It all happens just like it is on schedule to do. The Dreamers and Believers manifest it into existence just as they MEANT it to be. Wonderful, exciting and FREE. The Golden Age.

The Punch Line

Here is the Punch Line. It is kind of funny in a way, that people were freaking out over the Chalk Marks, when that is diddly squat compared to what I am talking about now. Low exchange rate? Please! Think again, WAYYYYYYYY Worse, or WAYYYYYYYYY Better.

I can see it now, we wake up, and the GCR has happened. Of course this is the 5d Vibrational experience FOR THE BELIEVERS ONLY, mind you. We go exchange and life could not be better. Everything manifests just as we EXPECTED IT TO. We move on to the Golden Age. But what about the other Time Line?

The other time line wakes up on that same day, the day the times lines actually split. But they get the news that there was some bombing or something and the GCR has been cancelled. Hillary somehow gets back in office, and things go to hell in every way. All the good guys get taken down and Martial law gets declared. Well you get the idea. Everyone gets chipped and injected and put in FEMA camps etc. Basically that World continues on the Time line it was on, while this World, the 5d one, continues on the direction it was going to ascension.

AAM Told You

Arch Angel Michael spoke about the Time Lines splitting. Do you think they can stay together? Do you think he was kidding? Don't you know there is a plan and another World ready to continue the 3d time line? My guess is Rockefeller is already over there waiting for the rest of the 3ders to get there. Of course, he thinks everything is the same except things seem to be working out for him now. In that World, he stays in control, I guess kills everyone or most every one... Well I don’t know and I don’t care that is not my World anymore. We were warned.... DON’T SAY YOU WEREN'T.

The Time Lines Are Going To Spit (They Have To)

When they split, WITHOUT WARNING, your Vibrational frequency will take you to the World where you thinking is the closest MATCH. There will be NO CHOICE. How could there be? There are only two Worlds, YOU HAVE TO GO TO ONE OR THE OTHER, and you are a closer match to one or the other right now. Will it happen tonight? Or tomorrow? It is coming and I am sure it will be before the GCR or just after, but I don't know exactly, I just know it will happen and it is soon.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I actually feel sorry for those whose vibrations will take them to the World that stays in the Cabal hands, and continues the Cabal plan in 3d. Wow! How sad. I can't say it is wrong, in fact it is the genius of the Universe and the plan. We have been told of this for a long time and advised to keep up our vibrations and belief. Now we know the consequences. But why is this coming to light now? Is it time now?
 'What If We Are All Correct?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.  5/19/17 Cleardot

Why did Chalk just show up that we will be judged by our actions and Heart? Our Vibrations? Was this a warning to get your vibrations up so that you get to say here on the Good 5d World? Is it some tricky way to get people to suddenly care about others instead of bickering all the time like a 3d troll? But is it too late? Sadly, I think it is for some. I did hear that there are already people there. I wouldn't be surprised if some of our posters wake up in the 3d World that they believe in. It will be everything they said it was. They will be right after all... But what a price to pay to be right. Hillary, Chemtrails, FEMA camps, mass extermination, and Cabal evil running amuck for the next 26,000 years, or until the Planet is blown up. I hope that doesn't happen. The rest will, I am sure that is the path of the 3d World.

Let this be a heads up that the time when we will be separated by our vibrations is near, very near. Those who believe in a wonderful benevolent future will undoubtedly be remaining on this World and experience the Golden Age, and it will be well deserved and well earned. Those whose vibrations are closer to the 3d World, will be gone one morning and you will be AUTOMATICALLY segregated by your vibration and wake up in the 3d World that you believe in. While I cannot argue with the Right-ness of it, or the Justification for it, I sure do feel sorry for those Grounded ones who stayed 3d.....

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

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 'What If We Are All Correct?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.  5/19/17 Empty Re: 'What If We Are All Correct?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/19/17

Post by Ethel Biscuit Fri May 19, 2017 10:50 am

One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. wrote:I am giggling inside as I write this...

I'll bet you are. And I bet it's not just inside either. I expect other people can hear you.

Do you drool a lot as well?

:spring1:   'What If We Are All Correct?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.  5/19/17 2322496710 :spring1:

picking  "Scum" - Sue Winters
Ethel Biscuit
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 'What If We Are All Correct?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.  5/19/17 Empty Re: 'What If We Are All Correct?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/19/17

Post by mr. redneck Fri May 19, 2017 12:02 pm

I am   correct  it did not do anything  5  yrs ago  today or the next 5 yrs. the only thing that has happened is the gurus took you for a ride down a one way street wih no ending. they have conned you out of your money by iying to you so the gullible kept buying more dinars or pay to join different groups or pay for conference calls or even buy trusts that most do no have enough money to take advantage of the benefits of trusts. what I really  find amusing is how many would spend there day either reading talking or praying this would happen instead of enjoying life.

mr. redneck

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 'What If We Are All Correct?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.  5/19/17 Empty Re: 'What If We Are All Correct?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/19/17

Post by ReapAndSow73 Fri May 19, 2017 2:37 pm

So you have to be of higher vibration to understand all the secret stuff.  OK, got it.  So why was some dude with a God complex and porn mustache granted access to the higher realm?  What were his qualifications?  Did he trip on LSD enough to experience the ascension?  Where is GOD in all of this?  Golden Age?  Cite me the Scripture.  We can review millennialism and peace and mankind in service to Our Lord.  Were there Asians mentioned?  Gaia worshippers?  Aliens and hollow earthers?  Not in my translation.  Does Jesus return at the last trump (pun intended) to lead the meek into exchange centers?  Where do the poorest of the poor get filthy rich in the Bible?  The poor shall always be with us, remember?  Until He returns, we will not have peace.  Global wealth redistribution is evil - the UN wants to do it, the friggin Paris Treaty carbon tax scheme wants to do it.  It's confiscatory, has zero to do with some friendly neighborhood Asian shelling out quintillions to the poor of the world.  You're a dipshit.

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 'What If We Are All Correct?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.  5/19/17 Empty FEMA Camps?

Post by Scotchie Fri May 19, 2017 3:32 pm

FEMA camps?  Anyone know where they are located?

Good Vibrations.  Wasn't that The Beach Boys?

"zim rates are sky high" - I must be missing something.

I hardly understood the post; I think I am too old.

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 'What If We Are All Correct?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.  5/19/17 Empty Re: 'What If We Are All Correct?" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/19/17

Post by mr redneck Sat May 20, 2017 4:23 pm

scotchie the fema camps and railroad box cars are all over but they are  seculded in areas guarded by the military  from maine to the far west sadly this is no joke. you do not have to believe this but there are many things that the gov guards us from knowing

mr redneck

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