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Government .. (foreigners with Iraqi assets).! DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Government .. (foreigners with Iraqi assets).!

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Government .. (foreigners with Iraqi assets).! Empty Government .. (foreigners with Iraqi assets).!

Post by RamblerNash Tue Feb 07, 2017 3:07 pm

Government .. (foreigners with Iraqi assets).!

Government .. (foreigners with Iraqi assets).! Image

07-02-2017 09:30 PM

East News -

Khaled Qaraghouli

The manifestations of the Iraqi people today calling for a coming parliamentary elections urgent and quick removal of all former Iraqi politicians .. and isolate them from the field of government frantic race and the legitimacy of the issue indicate that public awareness of the Iraqi people in the forthcoming Iraqi parliamentary elections, as well as absorb the experience of (14) in the past where he entered parliaments , a large number of politicians by the closed and opaque and open lists, and they do not know how to swim in a river of Iraqi politics without experience and past qualifies them so only their association with parties that needed to fill the electoral quota, which came also without a true representation of the will of the Iraqi citizen to use a weapon references for parties of Islam political or national intolerance for nationalist parties, Iraqis have lived in the center and south and the north decades waiting for the dawn of a democratic Iraq , a safe where its citizens live without discrimination , regardless of the difference in nationalism, religion, sect and region , but Iraq 's election came in alliances (sectarianism - national)

Through the first closed - second open lists to provide deputies did not serve Iraq and its future, the last session was the majority of them looking the subject of the privileges of their own indicate that the majority efficient , which entered the Iraqi parliament, the first, second and third parliamentary elections disappeared will caused to Iraqis and pushed elements is able to comply with their obligations in homeland and the citizen to Hzalha and lack of professional and political efficiency of this service in addition to depriving the people of Iraq the native in the entry lists , where Christian did not find the Iraqi nor Alsabi Mandaean and Yazidi it was built on a sectarian basis of religion or national position them where, if those behind sectarian lists those who can not to recruit Iraqi voters for their incompetence or their past non - sound and some of them who have failed in their political life , despite Astnadhm into sectarian or external forces because the Iraqi voter knows them and knows their goals and their past, and to make Iraq a number of constituencies, not one circle will allow greater for Iraqis to express their convictions and choose the safest and pull the rug from under the feet of regionalism parties, as well as sectarian factionalism, said the loss of the Iraqi national democratic forces in the recent elections is not the absence of a broad base behind her, but in the text of the election law , which separated for the sake of party political Islam nationalist parties as well as the absence of an external her financial support as I got the winner in the previous sessions of the lists that Iraqis claim to change everything that put the interests of those parties would be a great victory for the voters and build Iraq 's future democratic security and allow wider participation in decision - making in the parliament and not keep it confined to the hands of those who represent the interests of the neighborhood and the objectives of national or states narrow sectarian of the simplest rights of Iraqis, to know who will be nominated and what his political affiliation did not belong to the militia that killed and expelled the Iraqis from their homeland, and what his vision for Iraq Is the nation itself , and the entity with independence from the regional ocean and the neighborhood,

Or perceived external Is he the Iraqis as a people have national privacy or part of the peoples and nations of external Kabuthain the security of the country who Igzmon Iraq and the Iraqis mixture continued for another part, it is extremely important information that must be Iraqi knows all the members of Parliament are Does he have a foreign nationality and whether his family staying inside Iraq , with Iraqi families to administer Iraqi affairs, Iraq, or whether it's (foreigners with Iraqi assets) any dual nationality of any of (politicians Iraqis abroad) who have their families out of Iraq and Mottagnsh and exotic, and who have made similar to the Iraqi parliament of the United Nations of where they are multinational groups, are the strongest link connects naturalized citizens legally and politically, economically and practically foreign naturalized Bjnsyatea countries and resident Awaihm where, for decades , and years, to show the cause of the current Iraqi political forces link Kojindat regional countries, because Anslakhhm chronological and geographical, legal , by virtue of their exit from Iraq for long periods

(Moulting time), stay and residence of their families out of Iraq in foreign countries (geographical alienation) and their association with foreign nationalities (legal alienation) Is the party lists are actually independent of foreign agendas, and national and partisan political process already exists or outside! Is the status quo ante and disordered enabled the Iraqis to find alternatives to put forth the existence of militias and armed groups and political parties and forces associated with the regional countries and neighboring hostile to the new situation in Iraq , which cost the Iraqis millions of children among the dead and disabled and displaced persons and kidnapped and missing and widows and orphans so demanding Iraqi home and abroad and all Iraqi nationalists loyal to the nation Iraqi, Arab and Iraqi national Almatzan only their nationality is not, and who do not have others that are not (Astgvalhm) again .. and peace


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