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Abadi: We will raise the Iraqi flag in Mosul    DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Abadi: We will raise the Iraqi flag in Mosul

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Abadi: We will raise the Iraqi flag in Mosul    Empty Abadi: We will raise the Iraqi flag in Mosul

Post by Ponee Sat Oct 22, 2016 11:00 am

     BAGHDAD / morning  battle focused {coming, Nineveh} In the third day to proceed with the encirclement of the city of Mosul with the progress of the security forces in various different forms in most operations hubs, waiting for the start of the second phase , which will surprise the enemy Aldaasha and suffered heavy losses.  With the intensification of strikes on terrorist gangs, was Arab and international positions as much ambition Vtsabakt capitals of the world to support the battle, which was confirmed by the commander in chief of the armed forces , Dr. Haider al - Abadi Prime Minister , who visited yesterday military units for your fight against terrorism and the rapid reaction forces on the front lines.  the visit came Abadi sync with the grip of security forces villages corner and pristine Alzakh.  Ebadi said during his inspection tour: " the battle to liberate Mosul , an Iraqi battle and we will achieve victory over them, and raise the Iraqi flag in Mosul."  he stressed that " the morale of our troops heroine is high and there is a unity of the national position of the Iraqi we have not seen previously," he said . " edit Mosul plan is going well and according to planned. "  He added that" a counter - terrorism is the strongest squad in the region have fought important battles and victories outstanding , which represents Iraq with all its components. " He  also held commanding general meeting of the military leadership, he emphasized that" the battle Mosul , a key battle with terrorism, and to be vigilant because terrorism is also expected to resort to other methods. "  He met Abadi heroes fighters and inspecting praised Bbtoulathm, saying to them , " the world is impressed by the Iraqis bravely seen Iraq as a united country. "  said the quest to preserve the lives of citizens and the prosecution of terrorism everywhere, calling for vigilance in all areas.  in the daily briefing to the path of combat operations, said a spokesman for the joint Special operations command Brigadier General Yahya Messenger " the security forces managed to cleanse Alzakh village and reach down to the upper Albjoineh village and Lower actress and upper and Syed Hassan Bhmanh and saddle and Alhod eastern and engineer. "  He added that" the enemy 's losses during the day battles (Wednesday) resulted in the destruction of six wheels bombs and 72 explosive device and 11 unilateral and killed more than 20 terrorists and the seizure of 11 Katyusha rockets and destroyed five mortar detachments. " It  also left the operations, according to the Messenger , for "edit corner village in Mosul and the Iraqi flag over it , and the arrival of military units to Abbas Rajab , a village in the center of Alkwyr", declaring " the opening of the mobile headquarters of the joint Special operations command in drunk."  the joint operations announced yesterday afternoon clearing pristine village south of hand ] advice . in  turn, the joint operations team leader confirmed corner student Hgati during his stay in the field for the correspondent "morning": that " the liberation of Mosul process going well in all the progress axes towards the city on as planned, and that all information points to achieve excellence rushing toward the goal . " .  He added that "progress toward the city of Mosul is progressing very fast and cause for optimism as a result of the feet of the soldiers heroes on the rush on the battlefield, including gives hope and confidence to bleeding Bushra edit the city of Mosul in the near future."  according to a private "morning", the security forces are Information surprise Daesh during the second phase of the battle Almousel.berlmanaa stormed the city, Nineveh ,deputies said they are ready with the presence of military forces near Mosul and participate in the liberation battles through the provision of medical support or moral support and the support of the security forces.   


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