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 Bluwolf Chat 9/7/11  7:48 pm DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bluwolf Chat 9/7/11 7:48 pm

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 Bluwolf Chat 9/7/11  7:48 pm Empty Bluwolf Chat 9/7/11 7:48 pm

Post by TheBeav on Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:32 am

copied from GET Team

Bluwolf Chat 9/7/11 late afternoon
« on: September 07, 2011, 07:48:27 PM »
[bluwolf] good evening all
[alabamagal] bluwolf good evening.. hope all is well with you..
[bluwolf] everything is well back home ty hi to all
[bluwolf] it sure is … just riding the waves, waiting on our elusive rv
[bluwolf] which should be here very soon
[bluwolf] theirs alot of talk or hearsay coming out of DC
[bluwolf] which points to what has been said
[bluwolf] banks are all willing and waiting so thats good
[tutsie] bluwolf are screens still solid green?
[bluwolf] tutsie last i heard yes
[Agent 007] bluwolf well we all try to maintain civility here in the GET chat room
[bluwolf] agent 007 I am glad to hear that, that’s the way to go, congrats
[tutsie] bluwolf awesome. Is there a time limit from green to live
[bluwolf] green is live
[Believer2] bluwolf, who or what will pull the trigger to release the RV? Is it S, or O giving the ok to the UST? or is it unknown at this time?
[bluwolf] it is all in the BIS now O needs it very fast and S wants very bad
[bluwolf] so imo it is over as of now, what do you think?
[tutsie] bluwolf then why is BIS holding it up?
[bluwolf] tutsie no one is holding it anymore
[tigger2629] bluwolf if no one is holding it up what are we waiting on then?
[tutsie] bluwolf do you think it is going to take several more weeks to go through the system?
[msjeta1] bluwolf so has this been making its way through the system these last few days?
[bluwolf] it is call bank language, which i will say one part of .…all data back and forth has to be synchronized and locked in. There are 900 banks out there you know, and if by chance one is to fail the process halts.
[bluwolf] once all is completed and seen everywhere at the same time it will go live and cash in starts
[bluwolf] tutsie asn
[msjeta1] bluwolf thank youl Al said something similar also I believe. I can't imagine trying to coordinate a change such as this
[bluwolf] msjeta1 it’s all in there
[bluwolf] also you must understand that there are 156 counties to rv so a lot of data to take in
[tutsie] bluwolf not being negative but it seems like this would take a good time to coordinate this
[bluwolf] tutsie no for it has been done
[stealth] it will happen have faith
[tutsie] bluwolf I really pray so. Thanks for chatting
[bluwolf] stealth correct
[Believer2] bluwolf , you don't think political problems in Iraq or elsewhere will have any bearing on the RV process now? It's strictly a computer process we are waiting on then?
[bluwolf] believer correct
[Believer2] bluwolf thank you so much for answering our questions and giving us encouragement. Really appreciate it.
[bluwolf] believer you are welcome dear
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 Bluwolf Chat 9/7/11  7:48 pm Empty Re: Bluwolf Chat 9/7/11 7:48 pm

Post by Dr. Linda on Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:54 am

Thank you for posting this good report, THE BEAV!! I really appreciate it. Now, I can go to bed after a long day, and be confident that our BLESSING is on its way!!
:queen: Razz Razz Razz :cherry: :cherry: :cherry: affraid affraid affraid :happyjoy: :happyjoy: :happyjoy:
Dr. Linda
Dr. Linda
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 Bluwolf Chat 9/7/11  7:48 pm Empty Re: Bluwolf Chat 9/7/11 7:48 pm

Post by 15Dinar on Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:26 am

come on RV Come on!!! Come to Papa!!!

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