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QUESTIONS FOR TONY CC 7/10/15 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1


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Post by Ssmith Fri Jul 10, 2015 12:30 pm

From the brilliant minds (the few left that haven't been banned) @ TNT:

Good Morning Tony.... My question is actually AFTER the RV and we are all settled down with our new wealth (blessing).  Are you able to share with us your thoughts on what we need to start thinking about after Oct 20th comes and  the IMF is expected to announce a reserve currency alternative to the U.S. dollar?   What will that mean for our new found wealth and what we need to do now???   Thank you so much Mr. Tony!     Go RV!!!!!  


The Rothschild group who is rumored to have control over most of the worlds central banks, maybe throw in the IMF, Bis,
Trilateral Group - on and on - has never had to deal with competition before.  China is their new competition it looks like with
the new BRICS - AIIB, and a new bank sprouting up out of that.
   So the recent down turn in the Chinese market makes me wonder if that was supply and demand or a manufactured thing that
made their market out of nowhere start to tumble.
   My question is --  do we have to wait for the Chinese market to drop another 25% to 50% -  have China make some promises
to the right people before we see an RV for Iraq, and the rest of the dinar nation?

Tony I have to ask the Big Question ... Knowing where we've been and where we want to be....In your heart of Hearts do you believe this is truly over this month ? Keeping the past answers in mind. QUESTIONS FOR TONY CC 7/10/15 BiggrinQUESTIONS FOR TONY CC 7/10/15 WinkQUESTIONS FOR TONY CC 7/10/15 Confuse Many want to know again.
In the provinces that have a rate change to 3.91: Does that mean they have 3000 times the purchasing power and can purchase houses and cards with the old 3 zero notes?
1 PM ET = 8 PM in Iraq -- so, what happened this morning in the mosques in Iraq??

Crude Oil  Price Drop
  Is this RV related?
  Is somebody being taught a lesson here?
  I don't know that the fundamentals have changed (demand) ?

On the last call you said, "... but people recently, even overseas, are sayin’ they’re exchanging it higher than the $3.91 rate." It's the "even overseas" part that got me wondering because to me that is saying that people here are exchanging again. Is that the case? Were people exchanging over the weekend and if so are they still those with "connections"? Any advice on how to get on "the list"?

Lastly, if DC were still on the calls, what one question would he ask you right now? (And btw say hello for me--I miss the back-and-forth between you two!)

Thanks for your incredible patience and fortitude. You may have been chosen because you were less full of B.S. than others, but you definitely get boatloads of the stuff dumped on you! Looking forward to meeting you in VegasVegasVegas Smile ~z
do you have information on warka bank? for the all the people will they able to cash/ exchange or do you think we will be shafted I got started on Warka back in 2008 while I was contracting in Iraq and at that time this was way to cash in and I know lot of things has changed since that time. If you can provide any information that is if you have any update to Warka This fist time I have send in for requesting a info nor have I tried or called in and ask for information
Tony said there will be a dramatic change in the global economy come October!!! Can you tell me the RIGHT PLACES to put our money so our money will be making money and we don't lose it all? Thanks
Hi Tony, Can you explain how what happened the other day with the NYSE and with China's economy how that affects the RV?

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Post by Kevind53 Fri Jul 10, 2015 3:14 pm

Well if these are the brilliant minds, they are in serious trouble.

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