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Parliamentary Security: renamed the National Guard to the National Law crowd! DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Parliamentary Security: renamed the National Guard to the National Law crowd!

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Parliamentary Security: renamed the National Guard to the National Law crowd! Empty Parliamentary Security: renamed the National Guard to the National Law crowd!

Post by Ponee Tue May 26, 2015 11:04 am

Parliamentary Security: renamed the National Guard to the National Law crowd! 444362555

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq revealed to the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary member Abbas al-Khuzai, a proposal to change the designation of the National Guard Law to the National crowd bill to raise the sensitivity of some provinces, while stressing that there were differences mechanism of formation Ahars.oukal Khuzai: "We suggested in the Commission meeting yesterday if everyone insisted on the approval of the National Guard to change the law to rename it to the national crowd to raise the sensitivity when some provinces, "he said, adding that" the claims of some mechanism

formation of the National Guard lead to formation along sectarian lines. "He added Khuzai" We suggested that they can be the formation of the National Guard According to the components and not according to the provinces was there to be a popular crowd in Anbar consists of the provinces of Anbar, Karbala, Babil, and have the crowd in Salahuddin includes forces from Diyala, Kirkuk, Salah al-Din, in order to preserve the national structure in forming and banish sectarian structure ".oparwa National Guard Act one the points contained in a document the political agreement, which was formed on the basis of which the current government, and the draft law aims to regulate the work of the popular crowd forces in all provinces, especially after the turn it into an official body. SOURCE


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Parliamentary Security: renamed the National Guard to the National Law crowd! Empty Re: Parliamentary Security: renamed the National Guard to the National Law crowd!

Post by Ponee Tue May 26, 2015 11:06 am

Jubouri - Ward and Cdrowd military solution is not an official force only after the enactment of the Nagional Guard Law

Parliamentary Security: renamed the National Guard to the National Law crowd! 121909070
May: preparing Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri to a crucial week in Parliament before the end of the current legislative session, as seen in the great political importance and national laws, especially the law recognizes the establishment of the Iraqi National Guard.

Against the backdrop of the expansion of control "Daash" in Anbar and fears of lack of liberalization of Mosul, Iraq's second city, which will see the day next June 10 the first anniversary of Daash control them, the National Guard is a fundamental restructuring of the Iraqi security organization.

In Hawa R. conducted by the "Middle East" with the head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives at the Dead Sea resort, the day before yesterday, where he participated in the "World Economic Forum" work in Jordan this week, where he met with Jordanian King Abdullah II and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and officials from other countries.

Jubouri and seeks to open up to the Arab world as well as the outside, as it seeks to get outside support not only the legislative process difficult for Iraq but also the political situation of the year.

The following salient features of the dialogue:

* If there is no accounting for the issue and failing, expect more of the security collapse.

- In my opinion, we need to think about four months ago to begin the process of liberalization of Nineveh.

* Fall Anbar new jolt of Iraq, how can the Iraqi political parties and the government to deal with this crisis and where the government failed to take actions that prevent the fall of Ramadi, which warned the people of Anbar since the time?

- Was hoping after the formation of the current government to be the first tasks to complete the editing process, and perhaps succeeded clearly in Diyala, Salahuddin military effort added to the community effort, through the support of the military buildup and clans and the Peshmerga, but the main test point for us is Nineveh and Anbar. When it announced the zero hour to process Anbar should have been on the set by having the clear vision of timing mechanism and how to editing, but who got it there was a retreat, even areas that had been dominated by the Iraqi army is no longer in the grip even basic castle, which is the center the province, fell. Consequently, this will quite frankly security official and political leaders accountable decision-maker.

That clearly was raised in the parliament to open the causes of the collapse, which was especially after we learned that the commander of one of the important difference that went to Anbar for backup had withdrawn without the consent of senior leadership, and this raises a number of question marks. There is a problem and that "Daash" MDF, seems to, of weapons left by the army which is not a few, and this is also a response to say that the weapon is not enough to cope with. The weapons exists, but loses through this method carried out by military forces. Accordingly, explicitly, the Parliament and political parties that formed the government must stand clearly in front of the violations that occurred and which people carry negative effects.

* We are approaching the one year after the fall of Mosul, and there were also demanding accountability of those responsible for the fall of Mosul, but did not come up with the outcome. What happened in these endeavors?

- Long the subject of the report by the relevant parliamentary committee that opened the file, but will end this month. A preliminary report identifies the features of our default and its causes and was standing behind the names have been identified, and can not be disclosed now, but was determined. And it will make recommendations for a vote held accountable for negligence, and there really underestimated the lives of Iraqis did not pay a large degree of importance to the powers granted to him and led to what led to the situation in Nineveh. If there is not accountable for failing, we expect further collapse. The current situation is bad, but accumulate to the point then we will not have a way to bypass the problem but to dissolve the army.

* But the military solution is not an easy step .. and think it comes at a time when we see the popular crowd is getting stronger.

- First, the army out of the fighting really needs then to the reorganization, a new spirit and a new mechanism and the leadership of the organization. People crowd his informal sources of financing, and unable so far the prime minister clearly that holds the reins of the conduct of the popular crowd, despite the fact that his mission assignment of the army. But it does not have the ability to destination in which to achieve security and stability guidance. This is of course a problem. Secondly, the most important as I understand it, call reference for people to join the army and military pieces to meet the "Daash." Who got they Astqtaboa by armed arms of the parties Vtqot those parties and armed by virtue of its arms of its financial machine and became the official institution account. Thus, the presence of the crowd, even if useful, is necessary in the moment of confrontation with "Daash", but the legal logic, can not be called an official force recognized. This can only be done after the legislation of the National Guard Law.

* But the Iraqi Council of Ministers announced that the popular crowd follow the official party of prime minister.

- First, the Council of Ministers the form of its popular name the crowd body, so that the Commission did not codify the law, and the Iraqi Constitution refers to it can form a cabinet bodies under the law of the vote, not a decision of the Council of Ministers. Secondly, this description, that is a subsidiary body of the Council of Ministers, does not eliminate a description of another is that there carries a weapon by civilians are not the military, whatever their goals, defense or stand against "Daash". I'm talking about the legal description. Thus, the carrying of arms outside the official framework of military force known as the militia's name.

* When can issue a National Guard Law?

- The end of this month will be the end of the legislative term. We put on our agenda three important legislation to be voted on, the Federal Court Act, the National Guard, and the law of parties. I will do my best in the last week to make a final vote, the National Guard had read the law preliminary reading, and Somutir the final vote on it.

* Means that at the end of the month of May (May) present?

- Yes, it was discussed and will be discussed during this week, I will work to include it to be voted on.

* Do you expect to pass?

- There are two problems, not yet Thsma but Sthsman debate. Is it the first local power, or a federal power? And second, from headed? Commanding general or personal attributes of what? I think that this debate does not intersect with the idea out of a need for the presence of the National Guard.

* But the introduction of the guard will take a long time.

- This is another issue, but what is important is that finding a legal cover it is possible, and this is part of our mission.

* In the case of the formation of the National Guard, is it really possible to disarm the militias if the popular crowd or the sons of the tribes?

- Yes, they will be part of the National Guard. There are those who say that the National Guard rationing process to carry weapons outside the state, any legalization process for militias because the difference that the national crowd and the tribes have a certain ideology, and thus will become a multi-loyalties army, not an army loyalty of one. This is not an ideal situation, but an exceptional case to deal with an extraordinary situation.

* It has been nearly a year since the collapse of the security system in Mosul and control "Daash" on them. With what happened in Ramadi, do you see any hope on the horizon for the Liberation of Mosul soon?

- Now there are two camps, the "Spyker" train the sons of the tribes, and in Bashiqa trained police force. Of course Mosul editing process associated with international assistance and Turkey also want to have a role in the context of armed assistance. There's preparations, but can not open two fronts, and we are already well versed and we put in Anbar until we come to Mosul. Appointed commander of Nineveh operations, which now puts the plans and programs. In the private my perception, we need to think about four months ago to begin the process of liberalization of Nineveh.

* Means possible before the end of the year?

- Yes maybe.

* For the Iraqi constitution, has passed a decade and consider the amended Matrouh without actual work, it is that it is up to the upcoming legislative session?

- Yes, we set out to form a committee amendment. And the amendment of two types, there are matters of public policy, there are cosmetic issues. But we are able to amend the Constitution, but circumstances did not give us a chance to make it a priority and that was important to bring about the required reform.

* Budget in Parliament have Oorteurtm, but there are fears of a collapse of the state with the government's announcement that it does not have the liquidity, so how is the parliament control over government spending?

- Frankly, now the task of the state is the distribution of salaries, because they rely on oil to obtain sources of income and has a high proportion of the public sector and the state obliged to pay Roatbh. This is not true, according to the state could not the government's program and its policy to turn to the private sector is investing in Acial.anthy sector (1)  SOURCE


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