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Iraq opens offices in 20 industrialized countries DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Iraq opens offices in 20 industrialized countries

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Iraq opens offices in 20 industrialized countries Empty Iraq opens offices in 20 industrialized countries

Post by Ponee Tue Jan 06, 2015 12:03 pm

Iraq opens offices in 20 industrialized countries 4715673_orig

Although apprehensive based on the economic aspect of the repercussions of low crude oil prices in world markets, the private sector take the initiative to provide logical solutions to Tkhvpf impact on the economy of the country, and even considered a springboard toward economic development sought by the country, relying on the large wealth owned figs. Abbas Shamara economist, said in an interview for the "morning" that the process of economic development require employers to hire international experiences in the service of the Iraqi economy, pointing to the importance of promoting human capacity, which is the most important hub for the process of economic development.

 He noted the importance of opening offices in all 20 states G of any major industrialized twenty countries that play the most important role in the industrial and oil and economic world, nor harm in opening similar offices in key Arab countries in regional and international economic arena. Indicating the possibility of managing these offices by civil society in Iraq, to ​​show and compete with each other for their investment and lure investors, especially strategic projects and hold them accountable to their fans if they can not compete with each other. He pointed to the need for the Iraqi government is heading to open individual dialogues with major and regional countries to initiate the signing of bilateral agreements Yamen the investment, investors, and all of their investments in Iraq, and the two governments Almtafqatan provide a sovereign guarantee for any strategic investment in any country to investors reassured on their investments. Shamara stressed the need for governments to undertake through offices that are opened in the countries concerned and through the single window overcoming any obstacle or any other forms, such that the time factor is one of the most important things that must be considered.

In a bid to put studied plans of priorities and evaluation of projects from the speculative and for priority needs of Iraq for any project, Shamara said: You must use international companies with competence, and to be agreed with the assessment of the proposed project company, where it has long-standing experience in all countries of the world as well as the development of strategic plans for the priorities , as agreed with the studies and evaluation company to ensure the guaranteed benefit from the proposed project and be sober and specialized institution.

He said since there are large and important international companies, the terms of reference of the Iraqi economy must open the door of cooperation and partnership, in order to ensure to build a stable economy and must be streamlined communication with the 150 is the largest company in the world to all disciplines that enhance strength and follow-up of the Iraqi economy.

And by encouraging all possible means in order to be a strong base for attracting companies and other global institutions, including banks and agricultural, industrial and oil development, in addition to the most important point, namely the development of human development through higher and vocational training .ofatt Shamara to it in parallel with the building of an economic power should be given development and human development top priority in all forums and areas that attract the most important educational and professional institutions, and should take advantage of all international funds that Iraq was his leadership in the establishment and supplying them with the necessary money, which supports development programs in human development and there are a lot of international companies and institutions that have great support and long experience in these areas, for example, countless Bill Kate institutions that have ancient experience in this field.

He said: what Iraq had signed the biggest licensing contracts, a record period for the development and exploration of oil and gas fields were supposed to be done to take advantage of the returns that have been made to companies that participated in the competition and check them from the rising shares in the global stock market as a result of access to agreements known to everyone, by establishing financially supported by funds for attracting educational and professional institutions, for the purpose of rehabilitation and training of generations and graduating from vocational youth in all disciplines and in all the provinces, as the preferred and most of all to be the implementation and management of these scientific facilities under consideration and the supervision of specialized international institutions to ensure the implementation of projects and in all transparency and professionalism. http://goo.gl/jtm2D7


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