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Deep Calls Out To Deep

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Deep Calls Out To Deep Empty Deep Calls Out To Deep

Post by Ponee Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:18 am

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Deep Calls Out To Deep
How long, O simple ones [open to evil], will you love being simple?... (Prov 1:22) AMP
I am compelled this morning to impose a simple thought, hoping to produce a very deep result. Is it our fear or unwillingness (because of the cost of what we must face) to go deep within ourselves and pluck the things that lead us astray? Are we comfortable with simple for fear of what the search for the deep will reveal? If so, you could be missing out on the “deep things of God.”
When Jesus departed from this earth, He left us a vault of treasure that He desires us to open and partake of the blessing. What is that “vault of treasure”? The Holy Spirit!
…for the Spirit searcheth all things, yea, the deep things of God. (1 Cor 2:10) KJV
Charles Spurgeon, the prince of preachers in England, once said: “However learned, godly, and eloquent a minister may be, he is nothing without the Holy Spirit. The bell in the steeple may be well hung, fairly fashioned, and of soundest metal, but it is dumb until the ringer makes it speak. And in like manner the preacher has no voice of quickening for the dead in sin, or of comfort for living saints until the divine spirit gives him a gracious pull, and bids him speak with power. Hence the need of prayer from both preacher and hearers.”
It is the influence of the Holy Spirit within us that can truly lead us in the divine direction toward healing; however, we must go DEEP… We must access our hearts through the Holy Spirit. People can meet superficial needs. But only God can meet our deep needs.
One year, I noticed a pear tree on my property. I didn’t notice it before because it didn’t show any fruit. By accident, I trimmed the tree just a little and in no time, fruit appeared. The following year I anticipated some pears, but, to my surprise, the fruit was little and worthless. The reason? I didn’t really know why the fruit appeared, it happened by accident. I was lacking the true knowledge of what made the fruit appear. Therefore, it was temporal and short lived. Some of us by accident find a few of the benefits of Kingdom life. However, God wants us to go “deep” and find the fruit that remains. He not only seeks the fruit, He tests the soundness of the tree. He does not look at the leaves, but examines the roots. He beholds not the shape of the tree, but tests the core. For truly the strength and value of the tree comes not in one fruit bearing season, but in the life of its existence.
Is conversion simply getting saved and escaping hell, or, could there be more depth to it? Could it possibly be a “lifelong endeavor” to reach those deep things and deep places that have evaded us? Conversion is a deep work-a heart work. It goes throughout the man, throughout the mind, throughout the members, throughout the entire life.
Billy Graham said this well: “Conversion is so simple that the smallest child can be converted, but it is also so profound that theologians throughout history have pondered the depth of its meaning.”
Today, let’s go on to some deeper things than we did yesterday. Life is deep even though it’s simple. Our problems, our wounds, our struggles, and our scars, are solved beyond the superficial…
R. Anthony Ministries


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