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The next global reserve currency

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The next global reserve currency  Empty The next global reserve currency

Post by Ponee on Mon Feb 10, 2014 6:29 pm

A POST FROM bs4ever on Out of Mind - www.oom2.com

There is a whole shed full of opinion about this out there in cyberland, the only thing for sure is the petrodollar is on the way out and the euro which is about as genuine as bitcoin is nowhere in the equation.

I have seen a number of articles about the Yuan and the Dinar being the reserve currency yet....something is niggling about this. I am no economist at all yet the Dinar has a way to go AFTER being launched onto forex before it would be stable enough to be a global reserve currency. The Yuan may well have a lot of gold to back it up yet something isn't quite right about it stability wise.

One of the recurring themes of a new global reserve is in emphasis upon the Canadian or Australian Dollar.

Both of these countries are stable, have minerals and other wealth, and are trusted trading nations, in other words honourable (a big thing when dealing with eastern mindsets).

So will it be China? and is it worth investing in China?

At my level of knowledge it's difficult to predict yet I sense more safety in Canada or Australian currency, the English pound is probably overvalued as most things that bring income into a nation in England have been sold off by morons in Govt, we have very little in comparison to a few decades ago.

Which brings me to this

"At a time when U.S. military spending is actually decreasing, China is spending money on the military aggressively.

In 2014, Chinese military spending will rise to $148 billion, which represents an increase of 6 percent over 2013.

The balance of power is shifting right in front of our eyes.

For example, at one time the U.S. Navy reigned supreme and the Chinese Navy was a joke.

But now that is rapidly changing." http://investmentwatchblog.com/top-adviser-to-the-chinese-government-calls-for-a-global-currency-to-replace-the-u-s-dollar/#IBM0yq2iEW6UpUG7.99

It took thirty or so years for the real impact of not being the global currency to filter down in England, like Americans today most never realised what was coming their way

"For example, at one time the U.S. Navy reigned supreme and the Chinese Navy was a joke"

The Royal Navy ruled the Seas unchallenged for over a century and dominated them for a long time before that, in 1939 they were the biggest Navy in the world, look at them now



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