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dDstribution of electronic cards next February DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

dDstribution of electronic cards next February

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dDstribution of electronic cards next February Empty dDstribution of electronic cards next February

Post by Ponee Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:57 am

Commission: the distribution of electronic cards next February

5/1/2014 0:00

Identified more than a mechanism to communicate to voters

Baghdad, Omar Abdel-Latif

Commission prepared the Independent Electoral plan for the distribution of electronic cards among voters during February in preparation for the next House of Representatives election, which will take place on the thirtieth of April 2014.

Print distinct

Member of the Board of Commissioners Mohsen Jabbari al-Moussawi said in a statement singled out the "morning": "The Commission has made great strides in the process of preparing electronic card and supervised the printing of countries and international." Added al-Moussawi said "UNHCR plan will be announced during the next few days for the automatic distribution those cards among voters in preparation for the parliamentary elections in 2014, "he said, adding it was likely distributed through the Centers voter registration update and through mobile teams. UNHCR had announced on the lips of Vice President of the Board of Commissioners Kata Zobaie the arrival of the first meal of electronic cards for voters to Iraq on the tenth of Current January in preparation for the parliamentary elections in 2014, which will take place in April of next year.

21 million card

Zobaie said in a statement the "morning": "He was together with a member of the Board of Commissioners Mohsen Jabbari Moussawi, on a visit to Spain and Italy last month to oversee the process of printing those cards estimated to number more than 21 million card," he said, adding that the first batch of which will arrive in Iraq the tenth day of January next and then up successively all the cards. between the technical experts of the Commission has identified more than a sign of security tamper-proof on those cards, pointing out that it is printed discreetly in special labs card of the (Visa card), Spain, France and Italy.

Zobaie and hinted that these cards will be the first two-tone blue-colored logo of the Office of Public vote, and vote for your Maroni.
He noted that the Commission had conducted tests Join Albaaomitri earlier in the office of the National Commission and send 150 UNHCR staff to Turkey to be trained on this context, according to the contract between the Commission and the company.

Join Albaaomitri

He also stressed Director of Information Office of the elections Karkh in Baghdad Mohanad Mustafa Abdullah said electronic cards to voters that will be distributed during the next February, solemn citizens Review Centers voter registration update, which will be re-opened for the distribution of those cards through it. Abdullah said in a statement the "morning , "" These cards will be a conduit for the crossing for the post in the next elections, "noting that the Commission intends to use (registration Albaaomitri) in the next elections, as will prompt voters to review those centers to fill out forms so special. between Abdullah that" the cards voter electronic will be distributed by the staff of the Office of the centers during the voter registration update of the electoral offices or mobile teams or the presence of UNHCR staff in service departments or coordination with the departments of education and school administrations by calling parents of students to deliver those cards to the families. "

Surveillance System

In the meantime, said a member of the Board of Commissioners of the Electoral Commission Jabari Mohsen al-Moussawi, the importance of system monitors Iraqi Council of Representatives election in 2014. Moussawi said according to a statement issued by the Commission received "morning," a copy of it: "The system monitors the issuance of the Commission elected Iraqi Council of Representatives No. 2014 ( 4) for the year (2013) is of great importance, as it constitutes the presence of observers in all polling stations, an important element in maintaining the transparency and fairness of the electoral process, in addition to that posed by the presence of international observers as well as agents of political entities of real guarantees for the integrity of the elections.
Al-Moussawi said, "I have summed up the system above instructions for the adoption of the most important teams of observers for the elections," explaining that "The Commission relies observers as the difference, not individuals where these teams registered to nominate a number of people who meet the conditions required for accreditation as observers on their behalf."

The monitoring teams of Iraqi and international allows them to monitor the electoral process in all its stages is not limited to the polling day only, as required for adoption of the observer teams to sign a code of conduct surveillance, which represent the bases of the necessary commitment and adherence to, and comes in the forefront refrain from interfering in the electoral process or obstruction, as well as compliance with laws in force in Iraq, as well as to refrain from any interference in the activities of the electoral authorities or other political entities or political candidates or Iraqi citizens or in any political matter in the country, as well as to refrain from contact with voters to influence them, and strict adherence to regulations issued by UNHCR and immediately comply with any guidance issued by, as well as to refrain from carrying weapons or act inappropriately or aggressive and refrain from incitement or what express any bias or preference in favor of any political entity or a coalition.

Compliance with laws

He said al-Moussawi to "the need to abide by surveillance teams to educate and define the observers accredited by the Commission on the systems, procedures and rules of conduct issued by the Commission prior to initiating the performance of any activity of their activities," noting that he "is not entitled to monitoring teams to intervene in the electoral process or file a complaint with them, but raises observers observations to superiors where the monitoring team later issued a formal report commenting on these observations, and the team commitment to provide a preliminary report within (3) days from the day of voting, and a final report to the Commission within one month, upping the evidence and clues that assigned all their suggestions and judgments when submission. "
He continued: "The Commission for its part, asserts that the continued coordination and cooperation between the Commission and the monitoring teams of the civil society organizations and networks monitoring in general is a sponsor upgrading process control and success, and thus achieve the desired goal of access to fair and transparent elections and conform to international standards." He also said al-Moussawi said that "the right to the monitoring team may appeal the decision to cancel the accreditation before the Council and by the Office of the province on through (3 days) from the day following the last publication of the decision, and if the decision of the Council to refund the grievance team can submit an appeal to the judiciary for the elections" .



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