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Cabinet Resolutions 11/21/12 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Cabinet Resolutions 11/21/12

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Cabinet Resolutions 11/21/12 Empty Cabinet Resolutions 11/21/12

Post by IQD4US on Thu Nov 22, 2012 7:48 pm

11/21/2012 8:30 am

1. Approve the recommendation to the House of Representatives to allocate the amount of $ (500) million in the federal budget for the financial year / 2013 to settle the issue of Iraqi Airways and the authorization of Adviser to the Prime Minister for Legal Affairs the authority to negotiate and agree with the Kuwaiti side on the details of the deposit amount and the resolution of the lawsuit and sign the documents all, on the subject dispose of and that includes negotiating delegation chief advisers and general manager of the legal department at the Ministry of Justice and adviser to the Minister of Transport and the Ministry of Finance implementation of this resolution and follow-up with the relevant authorities.

2. not installed contractors in the provinces of Basra, Maysan and Nineveh and Diyala and Baghdad (contracts attribution) until scrutiny of contract (past and present) and the installation according to the results of the audit and the audit and assume a central committee that is made ​​up of Supreme Audit and finance ministries and the State for Parliamentary Affairs and State for Provincial Affairs and Displacement and Migration.

3. approve the allocation of an amount of (9) billion JD salaries Sons of Iraq to fill the shortfall in the budget department after it cut to 69 billion dinars and 10 billion dinars salaries support councils for six months during this year and the contingency reserve for the year 2012.

4. Approval by the Rasheed Bank lent public company for the pharmaceutical industry in Samarra amount of (2613) million for the purpose of paying salaries.

5. Approval by the Ministry of Finance to grant the Electoral Commission for elections advance of $ (25) billion Iraqi dinars deducted from Moisnthm when approving the budget in 2013 Federal.

6. approve the exception commissioners Independent Higher Commission for Elections contained their names in her book a number x / 12/932, dated 11/18/2012, from the content of the book of the Legal Department in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers BC / 2/1/27/16779 in 14.05.2012 and the same roof rent for deputy ministers (36,000,000 ) dinars annually
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