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Post by UNEEK Mon Oct 29, 2012 1:14 am


7:56 PM [Precious] Allawi: the only solution might be "a military coup http://www.nakhelnews.co ••• 5858.jpg

rejected Iraqi coalition member accountable administration public
relations in the national accord, Allawi's victory, sharing herself with
the political majority Government advocated by Prime Minister Nuri
al-Maliki and preparation of backing different political forces,

to herself does not believe in the current ongoing dialogues between
political blocs over what breed of conviction not to implement previous
agreements, notably the Convention on Arbil. Allawi said in an interview
that the solution might be a coup unlikely success of Maliki to proceed
with forming a Government of political majority.

There was
reaction from the political parties and nicole entered the rest of the
Arbil Convention dark rooms, everyone knows that electoral benefit is
sentenced to eight months after the conventions and sterile after the
2010 elections have been unable to form the three presidencies only by

She recalled that the Convention offered information
and editorial signed by its own President of Kurdistan region Massoud
Barzani and President of coalition of Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi
and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, and each party entitlement and has
pursued only because Iraqi goodwill that did not exist when others and
above all "owners" which elude, evade the Convention, did not get the
full benefits.

Allawi, invited to implement the Erbil to resolve the political crisis that may affect the Iraqi Street.

7:57 PM [Precious] http://www.xendan.org/ar ••• bbbb.jpg Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Khandan –

Supreme Council of Islamic WIN within the National Alliance, said Iraqi
Prime Minister - Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Nouri
al-Maliki, failed to manage the security file.
The MP said the
Supreme Council Aziz Ugaili for "Khandan": that the security file has
not managed properly and there are gaps and significant violations
which, noting that many of the killers and criminals and terrorists and
the Baathists penetrated into the ranks of the security services, saying
that Maliki was unsuccessful in running the security file in country.

added: Maliki as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Intelligence
activate which is witnessing major weakness in his work rather than the
formation of the federal army (17) Task Force policeman and one million
in the Federal Ministry of the Interior. http://translate.google. ••• 6Jor%3D2

PM [Precious] Close to him reveal for "news": Allawi asked President
Talabani formal written pledge from Maliki to the implementation of the
Arbil to sit at the table of dialogue Date: 28/10/2012 08:49:07 Sunday http://media.theiraqidin ••• x327.jpg Baghdad (news) ..

source close to the head of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, said that
Allawi told the President of the Republic in the last meeting, which
bring them in Baghdad, that the Iraqi List, Allawi personally, do not
trust the prime minister because it did not abide by the commitments and
agreements agreed.

The source said in a statement singled out
by the Agency (news): The Allawi told President Talabani in their last
meeting in Baghdad three weeks ago, he does not trust Maliki and any
commitment expressed by the implementation of the political conventions.

The source revealed: that Allawi asked President Talabani
writes that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki pledged in writing and
formally implement the remainder of the Erbil agreement, then it will be
meeting with al-Maliki and political partner for the sake of the

7:59 PM [Precious] The source said: that Allawi will
sit on the table of dialogue with al-Maliki after his pledge to the
implementation of the Arbil, revealing pledge to the Iraqi people. This
seeks President Jalal Talabani to hold tripartite meetings and mass
between the political leadership of the country, to resolve the crisis. /
End / 3.. / http://translate.google. ••• %3D61514

7:59 PM [Precious] Preezad Shaaban demanding Maliki to resign http://i1268.photobucket
••• raq3.png Dohuk (news) .. Asked a member of the Kurdistan Alliance
MP / Kurdistan Alliance bloc / Preezad Shaaban, Prime Minister Nuri
al-Maliki to resign for failing to manage the security file in his
capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

Said Shaaban
told the reporter Agency (news) on Sunday: Yesterday was targeting a
range of areas Kurds Shabak in the eastern province of Nineveh, we have
not seen strong reactions to it, and that targeting this group because
of their national and religious, adding:

and I ask my Kprlmanah
in House Nuri al-Maliki immediately Balastqal, because it primarily
responsible for managing the security file as commander in chief of the
armed forces.

The MP stressed Kurdistan: Maliki failed managed
security file and submit quietly step down from his post, and gives the
area is to work security and peace for the citizens, stressing the lack
of Bid with the blood of the people.

This was killed by
unidentified gunmen family retina is composed of three people armed
attack on their house, while the militants blew up the house to the
family of the retina also north of Mosul, and killed an armed group
mother and daughter and injuring four Shabak also an armed attack on
their house in eastern Mosul.

8:00 PM [Precious] A source in the
police (the news): The armed group stormed the family home of the
retina and killed the head of the family, his wife and his son, in
competencies North neighborhood of Mosul.

He added: another
armed group placed a bomb at the gate of the family home of the retina
in the same area, and blew them up this morning, what blast wounded 6 of
family members.

At the same swordfish third armed group stormed
the family home of the retina, in Sumer neighborhood in eastern Mosul,
and killed a mother and her daughter and wounding 4 of family members,
and escaped. / End / 24.. / http://www.ikhnews.com/n ••• id=61532

PM [Precious] State law: the arrival of the budget 2013 to the House of
Representatives after the holiday of Eid al-Adha State law: the arrival
of the budget 2013 to the House of Representatives after the holiday of
Eid al-Adha http://www.alforatnews.c ••• er_2.gif

Euphrates News} MP for the coalition of state law Ibrahim al-Rikabi
said the financial budget for the year 2013 will be presented to the
House of Representatives after the holiday of Eid al-Adha. Rikabi said
in a statement to the Euphrates News Agency {}

on Sunday that
"the Council of Ministers has audited the budget year 2013 and discussed
thoroughly discussed by the Ministry of Finance to assess the need for
the state for the purpose of construction and reconstruction and
8:02 PM [Precious] 5000 fligjhts cancelled already for Sandy
8:02 PM [Precious] and another 4000 tomorrow cancelled

PM [Precious] just suspicious about this storm at this time..just like
the republican convention...to get us off talking voting

8:05 PM [Precious] 25 mph wind is not that bd
8:06 PM [Precious] 4-8 in rain not that bad
8:06 PM [Precious] i think getting ready for martial law

8:36 PM [Precious] randall1010 no sale

8:37 PM [Imperium] Precious that the Electoral College really chooses the
8:37 PM [randall1010] Ur hand? Head? Better?PART 2 HURRICANE SANDY Huh

PM [Precious] Did Barack Hussein Obama fire General Ham of Africom for
trying to disobey his order NOT to rescue Ambassador Stevens in
Benghazi? > >

Benghazi coverup: Justice with Judge Jeanine
Opening Statement 10/27/12 (3:47 minute video) > > Obama: 'Not
personally aware' of security requests before Libya attack > >

Beck has interview with Charles Woods - Father of Tyrone Woods who was
killed in Benghazi > > Father of Slain SEAL: Who Made the Decision
Not to Save My Son? > >

Benghazi-Gate: Did two heroic
SEALs ruin Obama's October Surprise? > > Disturbing, Developing:
Obama Caught Arming Al Qaeda, Reason For Libya Cover-Up > > Obama
has crossed a line > > Want this to happen to you or your loved
ones? >

8:37 PM [Precious] randall1010 doing ok..still throbs
8:41 PM [Precious] Marines, Navy and Police prepare for zombie attack Paradise zpoint Resort, San Diego Oct 31 from FOX news\

PM [Precious] Bombshell: “My Sources Tell Me Obama Was In The Room
Watching Benghazi Attack” says Lt. Col Anthony Schaffer & More >

"In the closest factual response to “Did Obama watch the
Benghazi attack, and was he the bottom line in denying help to our
forces on the ground?”

Lt Anthony Schaffer reported a resounding
“Yes” to this question on FOX’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine”. Lt.
Anthony Schaffer reports that “his sources on the ground’ report not
only was Obama watching the developments in Benghazi, but Obama is the
one who would have told Panetta to “stand down” and also—and here is the
key, Obama would have also been the one to deny Tyrone Woods’ pleas for
help as he courageously made his stand in service to the United States
of America. > >

"We know Woods had “laser locked” the position of the mortars that eventually claimed his life sometime on September 11-12 2012.

time we hear directly from the President, the American people deserve
to know exactly why it is that Obama made the political decision to
leave our men alone to fend for themselves—no doubt this was Tyrone
Woods last thoughts—”why didn’t they come to help me?” > >

who were on the ground in Benghazi during the attack on the US
consulate tell Fox News that CIA operatives twice asked for permission
to help Ambassador Chris Stevens and his staff, and twice were told to
'stand down' — while a later request for military backup was denied."
> >

Exclusive: CIA operators were denied request for help
during Benghazi attack, sources say > > Bombshell: Obama Admin.
Was Likely Running Arms To Islamic Jihadists Through Benghazi > >
Obama Administration Replaces Top Generals Following Benghazi Disaster
> > Did Barack Hussein Obama fire General Ham of Africom for
trying to disobey his order NOT to rescue Ambassador Stevens in

8:43 PM [Precious] > > Benghazi coverup: Justice
with Judge Jeanine Opening Statement 10/27/12 (3:47 minute video) >
> > Glenn Beck has interview with Charles Woods - Father of Tyrone
Woods who was killed in Benghazi > > Benghazi-Gate: Did two
heroic SEALs ruin Obama's October Surprise? > > Disturbing,
Developing: Obama Caught Arming Al Qaeda, Reason For Libya Cover-Up >
> Obama has crossed a line > > Want this to happen to you or
your loved ones? >

8:53 PM [Precious] MORE ON HAARP ..... http://beforeitsnews.com ••• 154.html

8:56 PM [xyz] hmm Spain has no immediate need for help, says ECB's Ewald Nowotny http://economictimes.ind ••• 9401.cms ... should try to refinance itself before requesting aid, Nowotny said.

PM [Precious] from another site.......The unholy serpent shall devour
its tail while deep dark secrets are transmuted in the sordid bowels of
deception and we are found wanting for asking if our dearly beloved
Commander in Chief, President Obama, has lied through his teeth
regarding the Federal government’s smuggling of armaments to al Qaeda in
Libya and Syria.

The question may have standing. It appears
that our ambassador to Libya was working with the CIA. It appears that
the CIA was providing arms to al Qaeda and other Islamic Jihadist groups
such as the Muslim Brotherhood for the purpose of taking down
governments in the middle-east – with the President’s knowledge.

this proves to be true, this thing is positively huge. Can it
conceivably cost a sitting President his office? Can it throw the 2012
Presidential election? Can it awaken the cheer-leading sports-addicted
and creature-comfort-crazed American public? Dare the media toss it out
onto the table?

8:57 PM [Precious] We are confronted by a bitter
question. Watch the following brief videos and judge for yourself
whether the U.S. government, all bright and shiny in its choreography
and colluded chorus, dressed in its cloak of lies which have been
fabricated through six decades of ‘national security secrecy’, has
joined al Qaeda or not.

Questions are coming “fast and furious”, this time on a truly global and totally world-shattering scale.

••• jihadis/ Former 20 year CIA veteran, Claire Lopez: “Jordan is
targeted! Saudi Arabia is targeted!” (excerpt from above link — read
whole article at link)

8:57 PM [Precious] Questions: ■Could the
Obama Administration’s Fast and Furious gunrunning operation to the
Mexican drug cartels be simply a dress rehearsal for a much larger
gunrunning operation to al Qaida-linked and other Jihadist groups in
Libya and, more ominously, Syria?

■Is the Obama Administration running guns into other Jihadist hot spots?

■Does the United States of America have troops in Jordan?

■Was Ambassador Stevens our operational officer in a gunrunning operation to al Qaida linked groups that had “gone wrong?”

the Obama Administration set Stevens up and leave him (with former Navy
Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods and computer expert, Sean Smith)
to die?

■Did President, Secretary Clinton, General Petraeus and others have fore-knowledge?
■Others? ■Who else knows now? ■Does Governor Romney know now?

PM [Precious] These and other questions and more were raised yesterday
[October 24, 2012] in a conversation between Glen Beck and former CIA
agent Clair Lopez

9:01 PM [Precious] xyz you have a phone number to call if you need help??
9:01 PM [dsatmhk7] Same here, but still calm so far.

9:02 PM [Sparkles] Praying for all of you in the storm
9:03 PM [Cat-in-the-hat] Xyz where r you

PM [.043] Lady from church said her brother lives on the Cheasapeake
Bay. They are expecting the wind will drive most of the water out of the
bay. They are bracing for the massive flooding that will occur when the
water returns to the bay with a vengance. The direction of the wind is
causing this to happen.

9:05 PM [Cat-in-the-hat] Yeiks
9:07 PM [Brokerpaul] Any rv news

9:09 PM [Cat-in-the-hat] My daughter lives in severna park .. In maryland

PM [Precious] October 28, 2012 *Hurricane Sandy forces mass transit
closure, evacuations *All service suspended at 7 p.m. on Sunday.

York Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered the Metropolitan Transportation
Authority to start planning for an orderly suspension of service. New
York City subways and buses will start phasing out service at 7 p.m.
Metro-North Railroad and the Long Island Rail Road will suspend service
at 7 p.m. Sunday.

The city's mass transit system is the nation's largest. The subway alone has a daily ridership of more than 5 million.

is expected to start late Sunday or early Monday in New York. Hurricane
Sandy is headed north from the Caribbean to meet a winter storm and a
cold front. Experts say the rare hybrid storm that results will cause
havoc over 800 miles from the East Coast to the Great Lakes.

and tunnels will be closed on a case-by-case basis. The city also
ordered an evacuation of Zone A areas that are prone to flooding and
closed public schools on Monday.
On Saturday, the MTA had workers nailing plywood covers to subway ventilation grates at South Ferry to help prevent flooding.

PM [Precious] The agency began to secure subway covers after flooding
by a severe rainstorm on August 8, 2007. After that storm the MTA
started a program to raise the grates in sidewalks that ventilate the
subway at flood-prone locations.

The raised ventilation grates
are located in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, and help reduce the
amount of water that enters the subway system from street level.

are designed to be attention-getting so that pedestrians don't stumble
into them, and in some cases they double as bicycle racks, benches, and
artistic stainless steel sculptural forms.
9:25 PM [beenready] Tired of politics..lol

PM [Precious] “‘Do not focus on the intensity of the storm. It is a
minimal Category 1 hurricane right now, but certainly nothing like any
category 1 that we have seen,’ said Hurricane Specialist Carl Parker on
The Weather Channel.

‘It is a very large storm, a hybrid storm,
the area of strong winds is going to be absolutely enormous by the time
it comes into the northeast, and that’s why it is going to be a
high-impact system.

’ Sandy is expected to interact with a pair
of winter weather systems as it moves inland, becoming a monster storm
bringing nearly a foot of rain, high winds and up to two feet of snow.

said the storm would be wider and stronger than last year’s Irene,
which caused more than $15 billion in damage, and could rival the worst
East Coast storm on record.

Officials did not mince words,
telling people to be prepared for several days without electricity.
Jersey Shore beach towns began issuing voluntary evacuations and
protecting boardwalks.

Atlantic City casinos made contingency
plans to close, and officials advised residents of flood-prone areas to
stay with family or be ready to leave. Airlines said to expect
cancellations and waived change fees for passengers who want to


Greatness lies, not in being strong, but in the right using of strength; and strength is not used rightly when it serves only to carry a man above his fellows for his own solitary glory. He is the greatest whose strength carries up the most hearts by the attraction of his own -- Bryant

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