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 Net investments of the Iraqi private sector amounted to $6.9 billion DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Net investments of the Iraqi private sector amounted to $6.9 billion

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 Net investments of the Iraqi private sector amounted to $6.9 billion Empty Net investments of the Iraqi private sector amounted to $6.9 billion

Post by ADMIN on Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:37 pm

Date: Saturday, 11-08-2012 08: 51 am

Baghdad/continue term
Resolve in Iraq IV net private capital flows to the outside during the last 11 years worth of $ 6.9 billion. According to the annual report of the investment climate in the Arabic States for 2011 by Arabic Foundation to ensure investment and export credit guarantee “ most: "Kuwait ranked first,

A total of 209.8 billion dollars followed by Libya with a value of $ 27.6 billion, then Bahrain worth $ 7.3 billion, Iraq worth 6.9 billion dollars, then Palestine worth 1.4 billion dollars.
The report noted rising investment total in the Arabic States by 1.2% from about $ 490 billion in 2010 to 496 billion dollars in 2011 despite the scene of events and developments in Arabic.
"Oil is the 4 States; Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Algeria and Qatar has 63 percent of the total investment in the region for 2011 worth $ 333.33 billion to finance ambitious plans for development and expansion depend on taking advantage of growing oil revenues."
The report predicted that overall investment spending in the Arabic States towards 4260 billion dollars over the next six years between the years (2012-2017), which is expected to see continued growth of about 559 billion dollars in 2012 to about $ 778.6 billion 2017 any likely to rise by about 24.4% during the period.
The report was based on optimistic expectations in the large investment plans announced in many countries in the region especially GCC as well as other oil States and States which will see just the reconstruction and development of the latest Arab spring, especially if they coincided with stable oil prices near the current high levels in addition to the improved investment climate in the Arab States of the spring.
The report noted some 2,000 investment opportunity in various countries and sectors at a cost of up to 800 billion dollars, as well as 123 free zones of major public and private in 19 Arab countries.
The report estimated private sector investments in domestic and foreign Arabic region with around 60% of total investment spending, about 300 billion dollars a year, and the decline in oil States thanks to huge government investments with increase in non-oil States and open to foreign investment, such as Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan and Lebanon.
Net private capital flows.
The total net private capital flows in the Arabic States from collecting net foreign direct investment inflows, net portfolio investments during the last 11 years since 2000 and 2010, according to 17 Arab States to exit net for about $ 39.5 billion, with 12 States performance positive net flows inward 213.5 billion dollars worth, versus achieve 5 performance negative net inflows of $ 253 billion dollars abroad.
With regard to the geographical distribution of net positive private capital flows (inward) during the 11-year-old have replaced Egypt ranked first in net inflows positive home worth $ 51.3 billion, followed by Saudi Arabia with about $ 33.5 billion, $ 26.1 billion Lebanon, Sudan $ 19.3 billion, Jordan 18 billion dollars.



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 Net investments of the Iraqi private sector amounted to $6.9 billion Empty Re: Net investments of the Iraqi private sector amounted to $6.9 billion

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 12, 2012 10:57 am

So many billion dollar figures....


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