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Jesus-our Passover Lamb!

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Jesus-our Passover Lamb! Empty Jesus-our Passover Lamb!

Post by gmahunni Sun Apr 08, 2012 4:11 pm

I posted this in OOM2 as a response to the claim that Jehovah is Satan. It so alarmed me that I was compelled to respond. However, as I completed this post, I realized that this message is for ALL of us. I shared as led by His Spirit, and I hope that there are seeds of knowledge and faith here that will help you dig deeper in your understanding of our culture and whether or not it aligns with who God is, and what the Scriptures teach us. My brothers and sisters, God is shaking all of creation to wake us up. We can no longer afford to hit the "snooze" button, especially when we were all chosen "for such a time as this."

I do not celebrate Easter. I celebrate
Passover, with Christ as my lamb, Sabbath, and Resurrection Sunday. Why
would God allow His son to die? Because since the garden, blood was
required to atone for sin (disobedience to God). We were given a
choice, but created to fellowship with God as FAMILY, and when we
disobey Him, we break fellowship with him. God demonstrated in the
garden that the consequence of sin (disobedience) is death. Adam and Eve had eternal bodies until they disobeyed God, and
became mortal as a result of sin (death.) Death doesn't come right
away, but comes in the form of mortality.

To restore fellowship
with God, a sacrifice had to be made. This was meant to be a deterrent
toward sin, because having to choose a perfect, unblemished, adorable
little lamb and kill it in your place was supposed to break your heart.
Even from the beginning, God put His plan of Yeshua in place to be the
final lamb, the Lamb of God, where God extended the ULTIMATE act of Love
by sacrificing one He adored in order to reconcile all of us to Him. I
know with my whole being that this act of love broke God's heart. :'(

first demonstration of blood sacrifice was in the garden, after Adam
and Eve rebelled. He sacrificed a ram and made clothes from the skins to cover Adam and Eve. He also tested Abraham's faith and loyalty by asking
him to sacrifice Isaac, but stopped him beforehand and provided a ram to
take his place. This is why Abraham was chosen, he loved and obeyed
God above all things, including his own son.

God demonstrated the
saving power of the lamb when the blood was placed on the door posts
and lintels of every believer's house in Egypt, sparing them from the
Angel of Death that was to come upon the firstborn of Egypt. Passover
was thus named, but prophesied of a greater event, yet to come. The
children of Israel proceeded to the mountain of God, where they had the
choice to meet with God face to face, and receive His Holy Spirit.
However, fear caused them to resist, and their faith therefore didn't
grow to the point where they could trust God to lead them to the
Promised land (prophesying of restoration of immortality). Therefore they spent 40 years wandering in the desert
until all who left Egypt at the age of accountability died in the desert
for their lack of faith. It takes a great deal of faith and trust to face Giants, and Giants occupied the land that God promised to Abraham
400 years before.

Fast forward to Yeshua's time on earth. By
now, "Israel" had been divided into two kingdoms: Israel and Judah, and
after many years of evil kings and pagan worship, God allowed the
dispersion of "Israel" through captivity, and they ended up populating
many of the European countries. Only Judah remained during Jesus' life.
This had been prophesied through the blessings handed down from
Abraham to Isaac, to Jacob (Israel) who divided it between Judah
(scepter) and Joseph (blessing).

Yeshua (Jesus) was the
promised "seed" that God promised to Abraham because Abraham became a
faithful and trusted friend of God. All of Abraham's descendants
narrowed and focused to one birth: Yeshua bar Yoseph. The scepter was
given to him (King of the Jews) and through his shed blood, he extended
the birthright and blessing to all who believe in Him and accept his act
of atonement. His instructions to his disciples was to go, preach to
ALL NATIONS, teaching them everything he commanded, baptizing them in
the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Through baptism
we are buried with Christ in the grave, and RESURRECTED as a NEW
CREATION in the Kingdom of God (which is Spiritual).

Yeshua died
on the cross on April 3, 33 A.D. The signs in the sky proclaimed both
his birth and his death. He died, because from the beginning, the
killing of a pure, spotless, adorable creature was required for
atonement, and no greater atonement could be made than through Yeshua,
EVER. He died once for all mankind, and those who BELIEVE Him are the
true Israel. You see, the passing on of the blessings of Abraham ended
at the Cross. Jesus/Yeshua is that King, and His message was given to
his followers (Israel) to BLESS the whole earth. This "chosen status"
was never meant to be hoarded, but rather shared, in order to liberate
all the slaves of sin so that ALL could have the promise of salvation
and reconciliation.

The GOOD NEWS is that by embracing that
sacrifice (and obeying His instructions) we are redeemed by His blood
and our spirit is instantly reconciled with God. This isn't the end of
the journey, however, and this is where modern Christianity often gets

They forget there is a Pentecost (accepting God's Holy
Spirit/presence into their lives) that teaches, proves and tests them
in order to write the laws of God upon our hearts, instead of on tablets
of stone. Look to the ten commandments as the basic laws of God.
These become part of who we are as we allow God's Holy Spirit to conform
us to His standard of righteousness. Where we fall short is where we
need to allow Him to do more work, and our role in this is simple:
submit to His Spirit.

No one can look at the Ten Commandments and
conclude that Jehovah is Satan. In fact, many believe that the God of
Abraham & Moses IS Yeshua, before his human birth. Abraham knew El
Shaddai, the maternal nature of God, and Moses knew Jehovah, the Father
nature of God. Yeshua was the WORD of God, made flesh, and very much a
PART of God, or extension of Himself. This can become confusing if you
over think it, but if you truly desire clarity, keep pressing in and He
will reveal it to you!

Our modern understanding of "Israel" is a
counterfeit. The true inheritors of the birthright and blessing given
to Abraham are those who like Abraham, become friends of God through
faith and obedience. By accepting God's offer of atonement through His
son, who He exalted above ALL things as a result, we accept an
invitation to be called friends of God. We therefore carry on the
legacy of Abraham through faith, the only true way to please God. When Jesus told Nicodemus that he must be "born again"...this was not a command to Gentiles, but to Jews who believed that bloodline alone saves you. They are partially true, but it is the bloodline of the CROSS, and ONLY THE CROSS, that saves us.

here is what I know to be true. I am not threatening death to any who
don't believe, because I believe that all of our Spirits except the truly evil will ultimately be
saved. I believe that Christ's sacrifice was enough to cover all, and
the only thing that differentiates us is that some will respond with
love and gratitude more quickly than others. However, one day soon all
of this will be known. There is much more "fog" to be cleared, but
don't be carried away by every "ear pleasing" word that carries you away
from the Most High God. God is Love. He is the very ESSENCE of Love.
In order to be in His presence, we MUST be purified, or we will be
consumed by the purifying fire of the Holy Spirit.

It is love
that motivates our Father to discipline, teach, and purify us. We were
all created to be part of His family. He wants every one of us to be
there, at the banquet table, celebrating with a Great Feast at the
wedding banquet! God enjoys a good banquet, and teaches us through the
feasts He tells us to observe. One of those is Passover and the Feast
of unleavened bread. Leaven is symbollic of sin, and represents a time
of purification. Everything God does/instructs points to something
deeper in meaning. Everything TEACHES us who HE is.

Please, do
not be misled by believing that the God who chose Abraham (because
Abraham ALONE chose God over the pagan religions that developed during
his lifetime under Nimrod and Ishtar-mother of "Easter") was a God who
wanted our destruction. His entire message is about REDEMPTION, to
restore us to the inheritance that was ours in the Garden. The story of
God, Yeshua, is an AMAZING LOVE story. Those who fully embrace it and
seek the truth will be beacons of LOVE, not hate. Love will be the
identifying "marker" of those who are truly HIS, and therefore it
becomes much easier to spot the "counterfeit."

The truth is
there, and Yeshua promised that "if you seek me, you will find me." You
can see the work of Satan as He has infiltrated the churches and turned
them into modern day Sanhedrins, where church leaders prefer their
religion to God's. Remember that Satan is not blatant in his methods,
but subtle..ever so subtle. You must REALLY want the truth to not be
taken in. I urge all seekers here to seek the truth and nothing but the
truth, and you WILL find it.

Blessings and Peace! <3

"I am not a "non-conformist", I am a God conformist."

Jesus-our Passover Lamb! 3151798102 "He who has ears to hear, let him hear." "Jesus" is from the greek spelling of the word "Yeshua", they are the same name, pronounced differently. Smile I prefer to say it as he heard it back then. Smile
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Jesus-our Passover Lamb! Empty Re: Jesus-our Passover Lamb!

Post by gmahunni Sun Apr 08, 2012 4:46 pm

I am making a correction to the statement that "the blessings of Abraham ended with the cross."

That is a mis-statement. The blessings and promise to Abraham CULMINATED with the Cross, and extends beyond the Cross through Jesus sacrifice and Resurrection.

I apologize for not proofreading this better before I posted. Smile
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