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MarkZ: "Nothing happened yet..." (But MarkZ's Bank Account Grows And Grows! LOL) 7/6/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "Nothing happened yet..." (But MarkZ's Bank Account Grows And Grows! LOL) 7/6/21

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MarkZ: "Nothing happened yet..." (But MarkZ's Bank Account Grows And Grows! LOL) 7/6/21 Empty MarkZ: "Nothing happened yet..." (But MarkZ's Bank Account Grows And Grows! LOL) 7/6/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue Jul 06, 2021 10:16 pm

Member:  Golden egg day???

MZ:  I still have a number of bond folks in Europe right now waiting for a late evening appointment. Nothing has happened yet.

MZ: Nothing happened yet on the bond side in Asia. Not in Hong Kong or any other area.

MZ: Nothing happened yet in Dubai on the bond side of it.

MZ: Even though in Europe they have not yet ruled out today….we havnt seen any movement.

MZ: Still waiting from updates from banking today. Waiting for updates from the US side.  Have not yet seen any package deliveries on CMKX, PP’s or any of those.

Member: Is the US Treasury still blocking it?

MZ: Don’t know what to tell you……from what I am being told….over the holiday weekend they finished taking care of all new banking system issues…..and they are ready….so at this point I believe they are just waiting for somebody to pull the trigger ….That somebody is who we call “The Grandfather”.

Is it true the Chinese elders and UST agreed on this wed the 7th as a target date for the RV release?

Member: What is the role of the BRICS nations in all of this?

MZ: The BRICS countries were formed to force the US and all the Central banks …the London based Central banks….that continue to get in the way.  BRICS was  a way of forcing the issue. …going around them to have asset backed money. …A good sign of this of course is Russia who has been picking up precious metals…..in July alone they are demanding delivery of 4 Billion US dollars worth in physical gold to add to their treasury this month….Also CIPS is a way to go around the SWIFT system to force the US and Central Banks to force them into the asset backed reset. It has taken longer than we thought. ..They want to relegate the US Federal Reserve and the EU into nothingness. BRICS is making another economic system in which the world can operate without the US and EU Central Banks. It is a brilliant approach. .

Member:  Brasil, Russia, INdia, China, South Africa, BRICS

Member: Russia also announced a “Gold Backed Ruble” last month.

Member:  Mark, I hope the latest world wide ransomed ware attack disrupts the production of "Nothing Burgers!"

MZ: I am hearing to watch for 3 days from now for more cyber attacks. I am not getting this from the “conspiracy theory community” but from all over ……be prepared if you can……get a few extra groceries.

Member:  Rod Steel said he is being told July 9 to the 23 Rd on the RV

Member:  Frank26 says a RV of multiple currencies at the same time is Mathematically impossible

Member:  Frank has different outlook but he thinks dinar and dong at same time

Member:  DOW free FALL Now @ 324.87 down and falling

Member:  Just pull the plug already and let the chips fall where they may.

Member: What is XRP?

MZ: Ripple….its a crypto currency. Many top tier banks are using them. Used to move money from nation to nation. It is a centralized crypto currency. It is believed to be the technology used in the new banking system. .

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