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MArkZ: "A number of sources think today is the day" (10 Years Ago Also!) 2/21/20 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MArkZ: "A number of sources think today is the day" (10 Years Ago Also!) 2/21/20

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MArkZ: "A number of sources think today is the day" (10 Years Ago Also!) 2/21/20 Empty MArkZ: "A number of sources think today is the day" (10 Years Ago Also!) 2/21/20

Post by RamblerNash on Fri Feb 21, 2020 10:48 pm

MZ: I am looking for things to happen over the weekend to early next week.  Bankers think its going to happen today.

MZ: A number of sources think today is the day. I have a contact who thinks package deliveries could happen between 2-4 this afternoon. Packages for settlements, farm claims, prosperity and all of those.

MZ: If anything big happens I will let you know. I think this could be an exciting weekend.

MZ: I used to think it could not happen on a weekend but Mr. Mayheu always said that we will go to bed one Saturday or Sunday Night and wake up Monday to a whole new world

Member:  I have lived through 3 currency rv´s and they all happened on a week-end ….for what its worth eurozone extra long weekend up to tuesday due to carnaval fun & games

MZ: Almost all my sources are saying today, today, today which makes me nervous….news is coming from all directions and it’s all positive.

MZ: We are also being told Iraq has every intention of seating their Government with nearly all their leaders signing off on it. Things are really coming together quickly for us.


Q: Do you think this will drag out to summer?

MZ: I think it could be days…it could be hours…….I think we are right on top of this.

Q: Are they exchanging the ZIM yesterday??? Some “dinar angel” posted it was ready to exchange and other historical bonds ?? Just wanted to confirm !

MZ: I do not believe they are exchanging them yet…I am hearing very positive things and that it is imminent……but nothings tells me they have started exchanging…yet

Member:  Dinar Angel had some interesting intel on Dinar Recaps

Member:  Did everyone see that our President Trump was wearing a **GOLD ** tie at his Oklahoma rally lastnight ?

Q:  What's the story with the president's gold tie on yesterday?

Member: Gold tie is a code people!!!

Member: Easter is April 12th & Melania posted the WH Easter Eggs with a golden egg in the middle.

Member: Well, gold is on the climb today


MZ: That is one thing we were told to look for when this thing goes…... The metals market to un-couple and start moving as it should. Perhaps this is a good sign.

Q: What paperwork will we need at the exchange?

MZ: Basically what you would need when you open a bank account.

Member:  What if we have to much currency for the reset?

MZ: I don’t think so…the more currency we have they would just have to lower value. They would still have to redeem us…I’m not worried about this at all.

Member:  International Monetary Fund is holding a crucial meeting about Zimbabwe currency in Washington DC on Monday 24th February. The meeting is considered pivotal, according to the Business Digest.

MZ: We are seeing a lot of chatter on this one……It appears that most African countries are aggregating their gold to lend more support to a currency.

Member:  Julian Assange exdradition hearing is also Monday

Member:  Zimbabwe News source: a group of gas station owners will not accept Zim notes( no confidence) so Zimbabwe is re-dollarizing for now

Member: I still think we need to see arrests before RV starts

MZ: I think we will see the Reset at the same time of just before the arrests. The rats will be so busy running that they cannot interfere. I know if I started seeing those arrests I would get all giddy inside.

Member:  Arrests are underway

Member:  TRUMP SAID -in regards to the scumbags in DC (arrests)...." I HOPE YOU'LL BE HAPPY"!!!!

MZ: I will just be tickled


Member:  Q post after Trump rally last night. FEDERAL RESERVE ENDING!

Member:  Bruce's Big Call 2/20/20: Wells Fargo was the new Federal Reserve and tied closely with the new US Treasury in Reno.

Member:  When Iraq Announces the Gold backed PETRODINAR necessary to buy Iraq oil... Game over for the Fed'$ fiat

Member:  The Federal Reserve already has a crypto currency replacement for the fiat currency they now use. I don't think they refer to it as crypto currency but a coin is the main terminology used

Member:  @theoriginalmarkz huge marine movement this morning 100+ convoy heading to navy base 32nd street and then @5 am the carrier streamed out of san diego with 30 ships and all those marines

Member:  and don't forget Trump signed off with the Queen of England and the Vatican on June the 5th 2019

Michael Cottrell joins the chat about minute 15:00……please listen to the replay for entire Q&A

MZ: Many people have asked this question……and I think you are dead on….that we will revalue to pay the settlements and bonds ect…then reset…this could be over the course of an hour…..don’t know what the time scale would be….but would our funds be protected over that time?

MC:  Technically it will be protected with the QFS. One of the paramount items the Chinese put into effect is the safety of the funds. When I put in the codes to unlock the locks on the gold backed currency the Chinese wanted to make sure the funds are 100% secure from theft and skullduggery.

MZ: HSBC and a number of banks even local and Regional are now on the RTP…Real Time Protectionsystem  where even international stuff will only take seconds now instead of weeks before you have funds.

MC: That technically is the QFS. Coordinating with CIPS and Swift with real time confirmations and deliveries of funds. This is required when we go to the new currency system

MZ: To me this is one of the best signs that we are well underway.

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