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Abdul-Mahdi: Our policy is balanced and open to all countries of the world DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Abdul-Mahdi: Our policy is balanced and open to all countries of the world

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Abdul-Mahdi: Our policy is balanced and open to all countries of the world Empty Abdul-Mahdi: Our policy is balanced and open to all countries of the world

Post by claud39 on Wed Apr 24, 2019 2:51 pm

[size=36][rtl]Abdul-Mahdi: Our policy is balanced and open to all countries of the world[/rtl][/size]

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Abdul-Mahdi: Our policy is balanced and open to all countries of the world Alsabaah-11049

Baghdad / Mohammed Al-Ansari
The Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, that Iraq has an ambitious plan to develop the energy sector, while promising to provide electricity to citizens better than the previous seasons, criticized the bureaucratic approach, which has been in place for decades in dealing with the investment file, calling for the creation of legislation to support the investment sector, Iraq has presented its foreign policy to the world and the neighboring countries as a balanced policy based on the participants, not the differences, and on the subject of completing the ministerial line, between Abdul Mahdi that it has reached its end. He also stressed that «calling» the terrorist, such as cancer, which must be concluded definitively and that there is no truth to the conversations that Says that "the terrorist organization has returned to its previous strength." 

This comes at a time when the Council of Ministers in its meeting yesterday to prevent the import of industrial products (refreshments and juices) to support the local product, and saw the meeting to approve the re-presentation of the proposed law amending the law of provincial elections No. (12) for the year 2018 again to the Council of Ministers, And other decisions related to the treatment of pollution in the waters of the Tigris River and the treatment of gas associated with the field of Halafaya oil.

Press conference

Abdul Mahdi started his weekly press conference yesterday, providing a summary of the most important decisions and topics discussed and discussed by the Council of Ministers in its ordinary session. He explained that the Council has approved several projects to address pollution in the waters of the Tigris River and provide adequate financial allocations to help improve the quality of water in the Tigris. The Ministry of Reconstruction to re-build the third bridge in the city of Mosul, and Abdul-Mahdi to accept the recommendations of the Supreme Council for Energy related gas associated with the field of Halafaya in Maysan province, stressing that «a huge and vital project and increases the capabilities of Iraq with regard to gas».

Abdul Mahdi said: "The meeting of the Council of Ministers witnessed a summary of the minutes of two meetings between Iraq and Jordan to review the results of the technical difference, as it was reached to amend some of the decisions of goods between the two countries, which helps the Iraqi products significantly," as announced the decision to prevent the import of some industrial products (Juices and refreshments) in support of the national product.

He added, «We have submitted a proposal to the House of Representatives to amend the law of provincial elections», explaining, «We have entered into the amendment proposal two things are essential: first to strengthen the idea that the large lists are not scattered in maintaining its strength, the basis of democracy and the presence of strong blocks have programs can go In order to ensure that independent and competent people who have a public asset have access to the votes and enter into a fair and sound competition, even if it comes from the list of individual lists. Among our suggestions for amending the said law, It is to wit J compete to get council seats according to the votes obtained by the candidate to ensure we do not repeat the experience of haggling to get seats, and which lead to the notching process integrity of the elections ».

Stressing that «all these proposals come to ensure stability in the provinces in terms of departments and executive councils, and we have known the provincial councils as service councils and not legislative, and must take into account the service side in the provincial elections law».

Diplomatic relations

The Prime Minister also addressed the diplomatic and political relations of Iraq with his neighbors and the countries of the world. He spoke about the important visit he made to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia last week, the visit that followed the visit to Egypt and the three-way summit held in Cairo, Islam in Iran, "explaining that« Iraq these visits knew the countries of the region and the world foreign policy, as a policy is not affiliated to the party, a balanced policy open to all interact with all the participants do not make matters controversial is the basis ».

But Abdul-Mahdi said, "The controversial issues do not cancel the different views between the countries exist, but we are trying to activate the participants, which helps to resolve differences, we do not work at the bottom of differences, but the tops of participants, and through this policy as everyone notes this great turnout on Iraq Which helps to improve the image of the country in the outside world, and our vision says that the closer the relationship of Iraq to the neighborhood, the better the internal reality of Iraq, and vice versa, and we are keen to establish balanced relations with neighboring countries and all countries of the world and improve relations not limited to political or diplomatic only , But has implications Social, security, economic and cultural, agreements signed with all neighboring countries have those positive effects that we hope ».


"There is no country that has made sacrifices in the face of terrorism and has defeated it more than Iraq. We are proud of this role that Iraq provides security, peace and stability in the country and the region," he said. And the world by all standards », they returned to talk about the restoration of« terrorist »to his strength« is not true, and our intelligence information has become very large and accurate for this terrorist organization and monitor and follow all his movements, and there is great cooperation with the world to eliminate it, and was defeated in Iraq and defeated in Syria , And despite the remnants attempts But the terrorist organization regain its strength, but our security forces heroine stands ready to hold the initiative », but the Prime Minister confirmed that« a supporter did not die once and is like cancer, which should be uprooted with all its cells, and that the security situation in Iraq is improving thanks to the cohesion of our people and our forces Security ".

On the wave of floods, Abdul Mahdi praised the great cooperation between the various institutions of the state and the various security forces and the people, indicating "issuing a daily statement of the situation of the water situation in the country in all stations and sites and reservoirs and dams to reassure citizens and rumors and exaggerations that raised some concern, "The water reservoirs currently amount to more than 43 billion cubic meters, which is important for the coming years. In addition, we started a few days ago to receive the wheat and barley crops in the different silos, B, but we paid within a few days and dues to farmers after the examination of samples, which is important to encourage them more and more than activating the agricultural sector in the country with the impact of increasing employment and improve the vital sector in Iraq, which contributes to the rotation of production in several other sectors, Pushing the national economy forward. "   
Media Questions

The Prime Minister replied to the questions posed by the various media representatives who attended the conference. In an answer to him on the subject of completing the ministerial cabin and the names sent to fill the remaining ministries and obstacles that delay them, he said: «We believe that the political forces reached agreements and endings to complete this file, Of the names of each of the remaining four ministries », and that« the names that will be formally sent by the blocks, will be sent to the responsible bodies such as integrity, accountability and justice to receive answers on them, and then offer and show the names we see appropriate to the magazine The deputies to vote for it », stressing« we are at the end of the completion of the government line ».

On the premise of the administration's refusal to grant a new exemption to Iraq on the sanctions imposed on Iran, and the non-importation of gas from Tehran in the impact of electricity production in Iraq, Abdul-Mahdi «Difficult to answer the assumptions, which leads to multiple scenarios that can "He added," We are far from this supposed reality, and the recent decision issued by Washington in this regard is related to oil exports and not anything else. "

As the prime minister pointed out that «Iraq has ambitious plans in the field of energy, as we are currently producing too little of the oil was scheduled with the entry of 2020, 6 million barrels, and we still produce much less», and on compensation for Iranian oil production in The world market, between «we wait and see the reality of things and how will go, the previous estimates did not get a lot of them, the oil market is fast-moving and we have to deal directly and quickly».

In an answer to the issue of electricity and collection companies, Abdul-Mahdi said, "The issue of electricity in the country will not be solved without collection. In all countries of the world there is no free electricity. Collectively, the collection is necessary to regulate the electricity issue. And there will be no further plans in this area now. We are optimistic. We believe that we will provide better electricity than before, and maintenance is now on its way to completion. In electrical stations A structured format before the summer season ».

In a question about the investment environment in Iraq and its obstacles, Abdul-Mahdi said: "We have always said that the bureaucracy is the most important site for investment, and there is a culture that emerged during the six decades of many obstacles that put investment laws outside the era is a major obstacles to it, The first is to encourage and encourage administrations and institutions to adopt the government program and follow the constitutional principles and move away from the old legislation that was centralized and conservative and wants to rely on oil wealth only, without relying on other sectors of the economy from investors and businessmen in the private sector; The bureaucracy has been accused of various charges and offended, even though they think partners and real makers of the national economy, and their absence leads to a large indentation in the economy and to pay only on oil imports, which remain no matter how limited accreditation. »
"We have had discussions in the Council of Ministers on how to remove barriers to investment and encourage foreign investments. Our environment is still an investment stalemate, which requires the cooperation of all governments, parliaments and public opinion. And media.

Session of the Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers held its regular session on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi. According to a statement to the Prime Minister's Media Office received by «morning», that the Council of Ministers voted to address the pollution of the Tigris River, the Council also decided that the Ministry of Construction and Housing commissioned Ashur General Contracting Construction Design And the reconstruction of the third bridge in the province of Nineveh.

 The recommendation of the Ministerial Council on Energy (HFY-CON / F & C 0940-0964) approved the gas treatment plant associated with the Halafaya Oil Field / Missan Oil Company. The Cabinet voted to amend paragraph (1) of Cabinet Resolution No. (34) of 2019 On the minutes of the third meeting of the review team of the government program and determine the priorities of government projects and their cost estimates in the budget estimates for the years 2019 2022.

The Council approved the summary of the results of the meetings of the Iraqi / Jordanian technical teams. The Cabinet also decided to ban the importation of industrial products (refreshments and juices) to support local products. The Council agreed to sign the two agreements with the Chinese Government Export and Credit Agency. Law amending the provincial elections law no. (12) for the year 2018 again to the Council of Ministers.

Stop importing juices and refreshments

In turn, the Ministry of Industry and Minerals that the decision of the Council of Ministers, which provides for the suspension of the import of juices and refreshments and ice cream will enter into force starting next June, said the media spokesman of the ministry Abdul Wahid Alwan Al-Shammari in a statement received by "morning": "The Council of Ministers and efforts and personal intervention Minister of Industry Dr. Saleh Abdullah Al-Jubouri made a decision during its regular session held on Tuesday to stop the import of juices, refreshments and ice cream by activating Article (60) of the General Budget Law for the current year, which provides for the prohibition of importing foodstuffs Tabat and juices), dates, fruits and vegetables, which have a similar domestic product covers the market 
Local ".

Canadian Minister

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi met with Canadian Defense Minister Hargit Singh during the meeting. "Canada is an important partner for Iraq and has stood with us in our war on terrorism. We benefit from its experience in various fields that serve our security and our economy, And we look forward to the continuation of cooperation between the two countries in the fields of training and financing of stability projects, "stressing that" the situation of stability has improved a lot and we recognize that the elimination of "dashing" is not only a weapon, but the unity of our people and the economy and revitalization and establish relations and cooperation and exchange of interests with all neighboring countries .
For his part, said the Canadian Defense Minister: "Iraq today is very different from my visit more than three years ago, when it was advocating the control of large areas and roads closed, and this development is pleased, and the main credit for the victory belongs to the Iraqi forces and their sacrifices," condolences to the families of martyrs And stressed the desire of his country to develop relations with Iraq and support the efforts of the Iraqi government in the process of restoring stability, and increase support within the work of NATO forces in the field of training and meet the needs of security forces 

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