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So Far What we Know in 2019" by blueray - 1/6/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

So Far What we Know in 2019" by blueray - 1/6/19

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So Far What we Know in 2019" by blueray - 1/6/19 Empty So Far What we Know in 2019" by blueray - 1/6/19

Post by Ssmith on Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:26 am

Accurate information is all I seek. I find it comical that ' intel ' providers, et al, become so defensive when asked for evidence / proof. You would think I stuck them with a Cattle prod ! HOW DARE I QUESTION THEM ! Why get your panties in such a wad? Say '' I can't provide evidence '' if you choose, or ignore my old ass. I'm pretty sure those responding providers aren't ' Aliens ' or higher beings or they might just visit & plug my pie hole. No visits yet. -- [ end of snip ] ~
Those coming to this site could have been spared much of the inaccurate nonsense perpetrated here were claims required to be accompanied by evidence or proof, especially predictions. In retrospect, we were/are ripe for the plucking, & the Cabal minions knew it.

Remember Jerry & Iko at Wingit ? One Who Knows ? Yo-Yo ? Where did they go ? How many conference calls & videos have you listened to/watched ? How about that dramatic rush to get a few more IQD because it would RV tomorrow ? We have been played like Taps at a Military Funeral. Will that paradigm change here ? Not likely. It's worked so well for those perpetrating it. Faith, belief & unearned trust is a piss poor substitute for evidence in our present reality. THAT should be clear by now, RIGHT ? I've noticed that the "Negative Nelly" commenters here have dramatically increased. Should have happened years ago. There has been a corresponding decrease in the guru's "Barking Dog" defenders, which should not have been necessary if what was claimed was true. On the bright side, I haven't been accused of being AI lately, or any kind of intelligence now that I think about it.

Nearly everyone here wonders what's taking so long. Governmental gears grind slowly but inexorably forward, apparently detached from our concerns or needs. The Washington Clown Posse enjoys lavish vacations, even during a government shut down, comfortably supported by bribes & pay offs while some here could tell you what it's like to live in a car. "New" conditions continue to be added to the "must happen first" list in the Intel Alerts before a possible RV. THAT is becoming monotonous. Why not just print the whole &;#%@ing list, dude, so we can adjust accordingly ?

Those benevolent 'Aliens' with "millions of space ships" don't appear to be in any hurry either, & that's assuming they are for real. Couldn't prove it by me. All those claimed 'higher powers' seem indifferent at best and/or non-existent at worst. All those mysterious & powerful forces seem unmoved by the plight of us 3D humans, and sure as hell aren't in any hurry to get this done. One might conclude that their agenda has nothing to do with our conditions, needs or wants. Maybe a game of 'Last one left here wins,' or a Galactic Chinese Fire Drill. I've surmised that us 3Ders could be the flies at a Galactic picnic to those who claim to be far in advance of us. Despite the recent claim by the Bailey - Dunn duo that chemtrail planes would be "shot down after January 1rst," several hundred decorated the skies today. Not so disappointing, really, I expected that claim to be a lie just like all the rest of them have been so far.

Neither faction appears to trust us with lot's of invisible money, DESPITE the claims that money will be digital, QFS monitored & unnecessary very soon. Really, folks, could we do any worse than what the Cabal has already done ? They want us to have "faith" & "trust" in them, but don't give us any good reason to do so. Too bad that faith & trust thing doesn't go both ways. Never heard of a bunch of people so convinced we will be imbeciles, despite the fact that they've never met us. Trust in Intel providers is dropping faster than Facebook stock, & it is well deserved considering their performance. If the Elite had to live with the same limitations we do, this would be over tomorrow. We should NOT be shamed into silence when asking for evidence of claim, and the more extraordinary the claim, the more extraordinary the evidence should be. It's a rational & reasonable expectation. No reason to be silenced by less.

I remain diminishingly hopeful, primarily for lack of alternatives. Besides, ZAP will need more humanitarian funds next week, wouldn't want to let him down. Can't wait to hear the KTFA Shofar horn blowing again . . . .


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So Far What we Know in 2019" by blueray - 1/6/19 Empty Re: So Far What we Know in 2019" by blueray - 1/6/19

Post by Ssmith on Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:27 am

"Re: blueray on What we Know in So Far" by Midwestman


Kudo's to you. I have been asking for truthfulness on this site from day 1 but because I am an old fuddy duddy too, I am being unrealistic. Some of the millennial's on this site think its OK that we are lied to on a daily basis and have been since the beginning and if we asked for proof we were being negative, thus reducing our vibration or some damn thing.

All I need to say is enough is enough, release the damn RV already and we will change the world. Enough with all of the crap we are subject to on this site on a daily basis. Just release it. Intel guru's, how about for 2019 you guys vet your sources because if you are putting out the same crap that you have been for more than 5 years, your sources are obviously lying to you. Just saying.



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