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RayRat/Tony Call Notes 10/3/18

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes 10/3/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:11 am

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff notes by Sunny)

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#
TNT UPDATES, Tuesday, Oct 2, 2018
Ammar al-Hakim Barham Saleh captures the presidency today with 220 votes. He has 15 days to select a nominee for the candidate of Prime Minister. Time Will Tell what happens next and WHEN.
Reports indicate that President Saleh has selected Mahdi as the Prime Minister-designate two hours after being confirmed President
Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT!  Everything is just what we want to see!  We got a President.  Did we get a PM?
We wanted something to happen on time and stay within their Constitution.  They did just that.  After that they were supposed to designate the largest bloc. . . They skipped over it because every group submitted the same name.  That’s what the Kurd’s were holding out for.  . . Everybody agreed on Mahdi as the PM.
People were complaining they skipped over designating the largest bloc.  They had one name and it took one hour.  Salah told him to form the GOI.  If they had done it in May it could have been Abadi.  But because of all this the religious authority got involved and now we have this guy.
The bad thing is it’s the name Iran wanted anyway.  Articles say Iran is the clear winner by selecting him.  There has to be something else that is going to happen or the US would not have let that happen.  There has to be a bigger play here.
Does Iraq have a stable . . . suitable government.  Do we have to wait on the GOI to be voted on?  That would take us to Nov. 2nd.   Is it going to take him 30 days to produce a GOI?  Will CBI wait out that 30 days? or Will they do what they say they are going to do?
They were going to be out LD’s this month.  Will they?  They said they would last month.  Or will they placate the people and the RV take place?
Banks are meeting and geared up for something to happen this month.   They are planning for this month.
CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony:  Banks gearing up.   Banks expect something between now and next week. . . They think there is a high probability to get something done. . . they are looking for something in the next 10 days.
Tony:  (US Representative) McGurk put out a statement congratulating Iraq, President, PM, etc.  Why would the US let this happen.  This guy is who Iran wanted.  That Maliki wanted.  He’s already been influenced by Iran.  Sadr said okay.  Abadi said okay.  Why is the US giving up the power or authority when that was not the plan?  Why this guy?  There has to be a bigger plan as far as influence.
Come November when new sanctions going in and Iran is going down it will affect Iraq the US will say, “Hey you chose him.”
IRAQ: New President elected and PM agreed upon by everybody!

  • CBI:  Is the new President and PM enough to satisfy the CBI’s need for stability in the GOI?  Tony:  CBI has the authority over there to do it or not do it.
  • Parliament elects Ammar al-Hakim Barham Saleh.  Saleh appoints Mahdi as the new Prime Minister. Mahdi is a former VP.   They now have 30 days to form a new GOI.  Tony:  Do we have to wait on the GOI to be voted on?  That would take us to Nov. 2nd.  

  • GOI Formation:  New PM to form the new GOI.  Parliament is expected to accept his appointment’s. as all the blocs submitted his name for PM.  Tony:  They wanted him why would they fight him?
  • Abadi is still going to hold a government position, Ambassadorship or something else.

  • Media: Articles are saying Iran was the winner in the competition between Iran and the US for the Iraq PM as Mahdi is favored by Iran.  Tony: There has to be something else that is going to happen or the US would not have let that happen.  There has to be a bigger play here.
  • Investing in Iraq:  The system is still corrupt.  Tony:  Why would you want to do that and lose all your money?


  • Iran:  President Trump pulling USA from a 53 year old peace treaty with Iran.  Tony:  It has something to do with the Nov sanctions going into effect.  Iran cannot survive without Iraq.  I don’t think it will affect the RV itself.  Too many other countries involved and too many things that have to happen.
  • Currencies:  Rates the same as they have been.  Still grayed out on the screens and still moving.  


  • UST is who tells the banks when to go which will translate into the banks releasing the 800#’s.
  • Banks:  are meeting and geared up for it to happen this month. . .Tony:  Banks expect something between now and next week.
  • Taxes:   No change in previous information.
  • 800#’s: The UST is responsible for telling the banks to go which will result in the release of the 800 numbers.

I don’t think the Dong will ever be as high as the Dinar based on the information I have.  $3-4 I’m with.  . . . the $28?  That’s nonsense.  Then taking out 18% tax and by the time they cut it all done it was $17 -$18.  Then I found out from the bank people were getting paid even more than that.  Are you level 1, 2, 3 or four.  I could be mad but it’s reality.  That’s how the real world works.  They maybe in the position to do that.  It doesn’t make sense for you because your not going to be part of it.                       
Some of those people who thought they were going to make $25 and gave people there Dinar.  Collected money in Reno, hotel rooms, etc. . . . and today they can’t find those people. 
 I found out there were 300 legitimate groups.  I know a paymaster who says I don’t care how much currency they gave me.  They signed it over and I will give them $4 or 5 million regardless of what they gave me. . . Some people are going to be mad.  There will be lawsuits.  A lot of people going after cheats. 
Tony:  Nobody, no government anywhere has ever paid us a dime! 
We do these calls because it’s the right thing to do.
EXCHANGING – Both circulated and un-circulated currency will be accepted by the banks for exchanging.
Bank Appointment:  Tony:  Base it on what you have and what your plan is.  First ask for the contract rate.  Am I eligible?  Interest rate you’ll give me.  Negotiate how much you leave with the bank for a percentage.  How long is it paid back?  Renewable?
ZIM Information:  No update yet.
Q & A: TNT Forum

  1. Will the bank pay interest quarterly, compounded, etc?  Tony:  I don’t know how the banks will structure their interest programs.
  2. Can you give five reasons why the new GOI  will proceed with the economic reforms?  Tony:  It’s the exact speech he  (Mahdi – new PM) gave last night about what needs to happen in the Iraqi economy saying they need to RV their currency.  This is the guy who helped Dr. Shabibi put this together.   This was less than an hour after his appointment.  . . . getting rid of the auctions, employment. . .We will try to post it so everyone can read it for themselves.

Q & A: Callers

  1. What do the people on the street have to say about their new government and PM?  Tony:  I haven’t talked to any shop owners; guy who owns the cab company.  Haven’t talked to any of them or asked them their personal opinion or thoughts at all.    Mahdi is a former VP.
  2. If you look at history, the US sucks at picking leaders of countries.  Sadr is behind this guy.  He must have got some pretty good reassurances from Mahdi.  Tony:  You make some good points.  Even though they all agreed for him to be in there, who is his cabinet going to be?   . . . there is a map already produced dividing Iraq into two countries.  Nobody wants that to happen but there is a safety net there.  The other thing is I will let you win the battle today because once the sanctions go on you will be more concerned with your people in the streets than running another country.

Tony . . .  We are in a great, great place!!!  The hard, hard work is over.  We know who it will be. We know all he’s got to do is set the rest of his Government. If we have to wait for it, it will be Nov. 2nd.  I don’t think we will have to wait for it because they move so fast and we are in a good position .  .If we have to wait for that final vote, okay!  By the middle of the month we should see it. . .  I don’t know anything about the Rupiah accept it is $1.05.
We are finally here.  It’s almost over. . . It’s all over TV, on CNN.  Everybody is congratulating Iraq on their President and PM elect.  The whole world knows about it. 
TNT, everybody has an opinion, assumption.  If they are talking about Tony and Ray, Tony and Ray don’t care so you guys’ shouldn’t either.  I know what has to be done and let’s work together.  This is more than when it is going to happen.
Ray . . .Enjoy your Wednesday everyone.  (played “I Believe”).

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Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 10/3/18

Post by Majek on Thu Oct 04, 2018 1:16 pm

Ray whistles his way through another BS TNT call. You’ve got to be incredibly stupid to believe and support these guys. TNT has discovered that if they just stick to and follow Iraq politics that’s enough to keep tnt chatting and their followers waiting for more. You watch, when the Iraq politics settles down and they have nothing to spin and use to keep the followers waiting on the next meeting or vote etc...they will all of a sudden have new exchange procedures and bank stories and Zim confusion to talk about, anything to keep the idiots around so these arrogant greedy con men can line their pockets.

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