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 "Reinstate" - Sat. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 9/8/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Reinstate" - Sat. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 9/8/18

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 "Reinstate" - Sat. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 9/8/18 Empty "Reinstate" - Sat. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 9/8/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Sep 09, 2018 10:17 am


Don961 » September 8th, 2018

In pictures - the night the mullahs were expelled from Basra and the Iraqi uprising against Iran's domination

 "Reinstate" - Sat. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 9/8/18 Basra-burns_orig

* Iraqi demonstrators destroy the Iranian consulate in Basra after burning

* Demonstrators shout: "Iran by road land .. Basra free free"

* The curfew in Basra and the fall of mortar shells inside the Green Zone

* Burning the headquarters of pro-Iranian parties and militias in the province

* Extraordinary session of the Iraqi parliament Saturday as protests escalated

* Iran closes a land access with Iraq after the burning of consulate protesters in Basra

* Tehran calls on its citizens in Basra to leave Iraq

Baghdad - Wissam Saad, (Agencies):

Basra, southern Iraq witnessed unprecedented security developments in the course of demonstrations in the province for days, as demonstrators set fire to the Iranian consulate in the oil-rich city, after they stormed and destroyed the contents. "Iran is by land by road, Basra is free and free," the demonstrators, who denounced Tehran's government, chanted.

The sources added that more than 20 thousand protesters left yesterday in the streets of the city, against the backdrop of social and service demands resulted in the deaths of nine people were killed and dozens injured in the past days.Later, the Iranian embassy in Baghdad called on its nationals to leave Basra.

Iran closed the Shalamjah border crossing with Iraq and Iraqi authorities later decided to impose a curfew in the city.

In contrast, the Iraqi Council of Representatives that "will hold a special session Saturday to discuss the situation in Basra."

The parliament's call came just hours after 3 mortar shells landed inside the fortified Green Zone.

Earlier, protesters burned the headquarters of pro-Iranian parties and militias in the province.

Iran has called on its citizens in Basra to leave the province before it closes a land access with Iraq after the burning of consulate in Basra. link

Mopairman » September 8th, 2018

Reinstate your currency. What does it take for Iraq to see the answer that the rest of the world knows? Turn on your own currency and give your people what they want.

Samson » September 8th, 2018

Asadi: Current crises end by providing the necessary funds

8th September, 2018

MP of the Al-Fath Alliance Ahmed al-Asadi, on Saturday, that the current crises experienced by the country ends the provision of the necessary funds.

Al-Asadi said in an interview during the extraordinary session of the parliament on the conditions of Basra, which was attended by "Al-Ghad Press", that "solutions to the current crises that plague the country solutions available by finding the necessary funds allocated to the budget in 2018."

"It is also possible to solve some problems by taking advantage of the current financial abundance due to high oil prices," he said. LINK

Abadi orders the transfer of security units responsible for protecting the Iranian consulate in Basra to the investigation

8th September, 2018

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Saturday referred security forces responsible for protecting the Iranian consulate in Basra to the investigation. "The Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Dr. Haider Al-Abadi, orders the transfer of the security units responsible for the protection of Iraqi institutions and consulates in Basra to the investigation for not fulfilling their duties in providing the necessary protection," the statement said..

The Iranian consulate in the province of Basra on Friday, to a fire by the demonstrators of the province, angry at the lack of services and the lack of drinking water. LINK

Cabinet holds extraordinary session on Basra

8th September, 2018

The Cabinet held an extraordinary session on Saturday on the latest developments in the province of Basra headed by its chairman Haider Abadi.

"The Council of Ministers held, today, an extraordinary session to discuss the situation in the province of Basra," the Information Office of Abadi said in a statement received by Mawazine News. The office added that "the meeting will be taking a series of decisions for the benefit of citizens in the province."

The events in Basra called for a special session of the parliament later on Saturday, in the presence of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, to discuss the social and health crisis in the city, where 10 demonstrators have been killed since Monday, burned government buildings and political party headquarters and closed the main port in Iraq. LINK

Basra Council: Losses of the province amounted to millions of dollars due to the burning

8th September, 2018

The Basra provincial council on Saturday estimated the material losses caused by the sabotage of government and commercial buildings in the province with millions of dollars. He pointed out that the government departments started to assess the losses and submit them to the provincial council.

Council member Mohammed al-Mansouri said in a statement to Al-Maaloumah that "the competent departments have started assessing the losses incurred in the state departments due to the burning and assaults." The preliminary estimates indicate that the losses are estimated at millions of dollars.

Al-Mansouri added that "the targeted sites in the sabotage operations have nothing to do with any failure in providing services as security, administrative and economic, as happened in the targeting of commercial malls, foreign banks and consulates and the Popular Propaganda Authority."

Mansouri pointed out that "the events of sight was an external plot to target the security and economy of Iraq," calling on the government and the House of Representatives to "take urgent action to end the suffering of Basra and not to procrastinate in the promises." LINK

Don961 » September 8th, 2018

How Iran Controls the Iraqi Economy - Video

- 1 Hour Ago

[ video link here ]

How Iran Controls the Iraqi Economy

Link Center for Strategic Research and Studies link

Samson » September 8th, 2018

Basra operations: a new curfew from 4 pm until further notice

8th September, 2018

The Basra Operations Command announced on Saturday that a curfew was imposed from 4:00 am to 1:00 pm.

"It was decided to impose a curfew in the entire province of Basra from 4 pm until further notice," the command said in a statement received by Mawazine News.

It is noteworthy that the province of Basra, witnessed during the past days mass demonstrations to demand the provision of services and address the problem of salinity of water, while security sources pointed to the burning of some of the headquarters of the parties and government departments in the province. LINK

Rafidain: Launch of a new meal from the predecessor of state employees

2018/9/8 9:19

Rafidain Bank launched a new meal of the advance of employees of the State Departments, which ranged between five and ten million dinars through electronic payment tools.

"A new batch of State Department employees' advances has been paid to about 1,569 employees," the bank's information office said in a statement received by the All Iraq agency.

The statement said that "the payment of this advance was by informing the employee by sending him a text message informing him of the advance payment, after he completed all the legal procedures to grant it and disbursement through electronic payment tools, which have been filled with the financial balance." LINK

Sadr calls for the formation of committees to follow up the implementation of projects in Basra and give it 45 days

8th September, 2018

Demanded the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, on Saturday, the formation of committees of various disciplines to follow up the implementation of service projects in the province of Basra, specifying a period of 45 days to complete those projects, while calling on demonstrators to postpone the demonstrations during the month.

Sadr said in a statement received by "Al-Gharab Press" a copy of it, "If the session of the House of Representatives today to a serious and effective solutions and real in order to raise the suffering of the people of Basra by immediate and future suffering, we must work to complete the second phase."

He called for "the formation of honest committees to work on the start of service projects in the province immediately and the removal of all the corrupt who were the cause of what resulted in Basra from deteriorating service conditions." Sadr has set a working time limit of "45 days to end all immediate needs, but what needs longer is to be determined later."

He called for "the formation of a security cell to protect Basra and impose security as soon as possible so that the people are safe from all internal and external interference, and here I show my readiness to protect the people and demonstrators in coordination with the security authorities."

Sadr suggested "sending impartial judicial bodies to hold accountable the defaulters and the aggressors, whether the security forces that attacked the demonstrators on the one hand or the aggressors who attacked the public, private, diplomatic and other properties."

He continued by saying that "the demonstrators and through their coordination to postpone their demonstrations during this month, the pant signs and results of the projects, especially if the corrupt corrupt in the province there is no need to demonstrate, or they can go out peaceful demonstrations until the completion of the above period otherwise the people are authorized to express his opinion and raise his voice In order to satisfy the Shari'ah and the mind and in accordance with the aspirations of the reference. "

Sadr threatened "in the event of the delay of work or the spread of corruption in it as usual do not blame me and blame yourselves and God and the oppressed and supporters of them."

He added: "During this work is to be advised by the reference to speed up the formation of the government in accordance with new foundations and new faces, the experimenter does not try, and by consensus on the nomination of three national names in accordance with the terms and national controls for prime minister and authorizes one of them to form the ministerial cab without a quota or intervention to be A purely service-oriented government that is far from sectarian and party interference." LINK

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