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 "This will Bring the RI" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts/News  9/6/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

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"This will Bring the RI" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 9/6/18

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 "This will Bring the RI" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts/News  9/6/18 Empty "This will Bring the RI" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 9/6/18

Post by Ssmith on Fri Sep 07, 2018 9:39 am


JAY » September 6th, 2018

THIS IS UUUUUUUUGE. (see article below) This is what is next for us. This is where we are heading.

THIS WILL BRING THE RI. USA IS IN CONTROL. So breathe. It may take a while longer but we will get there. THIS ACTION, if taken by the Fab 4 will give us our blessing. So know this.

Maliki maybe throwing wrenches but TRUMP IS THE MAGNET CATCHING THEM ALL and EITHER way we get our RI. <-- All imo.

EDIT... If Sept. 17th comes and goes without a seated Parliament, then we will start to see the Fab 4 start implementing this. Again, IMO.

Samson » September 6th, 2018

Al-Bishara: America is trying to form its largest bloc or go to the rescue government

6th September, 2018

The US is planning to form the bloc it wants through talks and consultations by the Trump envoy, or by bringing the political process to a standstill, ending the constitutional deadline and going to the rescue government that will be imposed by the United States to hold elections afterwards, political analyst Hafiz al-Bishara said on Thursday.

Al-Bishara said in a statement to Al-Maaloumah that "there is obstruction to the course of the political process normally, and the delay of the Federal Court so far the issue of deciding the largest bloc comes within this disruption," noting that "America seeks to dominate the political process in either way, The largest that it has arranged and supports that these parties should form the largest bloc and represent the vision of America in Iraq. "

"If America can not bring the team it wants to power, it will seek the formation of a rescue or emergency government that will lead Iraq to the stipulated constitutional terms, during which the election results will be canceled in order to bring it back," he said.

"If Iraq reaches an impasse, then America will come and announce a rescue government in Iraq, and elections will be held or postponed indefinitely in order to accomplish some of the tasks through an Iraqi government that carries out the American tasks entrusted to it," he said. LINK

MilitiaMan » September 6th, 2018

Interesting that they are preceding with this system, even though there are noted weaknesses in it.

Lets see if this is a tool for them to get border trade back in line outside the USD, while soaking up what cash they can to support the failing Rial. By getting USD into the coffers, along with other hard currencies (IQD) may help bolster the exchange rate and for to be more unified.

Time will tell.. It clearly suggests they knew the sanctions were most likely coming and were right.. lol ~ MM



Samson » September 6th, 2018

The Central Bank of Iran authorizes exchange offices to sell and buy foreign currency in cash

5th September, 2018

Iran's central bank on Wednesday announced new measures to sell and buy foreign currency in cash at official exchange offices.

"As part of the enforcement of the new government policy on the management and regulation of the exchange market, official exchange offices are allowed to buy and sell cash for foreign currency purchased and registered with the NIMA electronic system," the bank statement said.

"Exchange offices can buy foreign currency registered in the system and sell it at market price to buyers within the framework of the declared controls," the statement said. LINK

SlappySquirrel » September 6th, 2018

Looks like more procrastination in forming the new GOI, as the civil unrest continues to heat up and gain momentum..Citizens are tired of the stonewalling as are we... it's obvious they arent moving at the speed we expected or were told...fasten your seatbelts...this ride is far from over...imo

Don961 » September 6th, 2018

Baghdad joins Basra in a new Iraqi uprising

- 7 Hours Ago

Baghdad - The scope of the protest movement in Iraq to widen, after the entry of the capital Baghdad on the line of demonstration, following the serious developments in Basra during the night before last, most notably the burning of the building of the province, and the fall of dozens of dead and wounded among the demonstrators and security forces before renewed clashes, , And expands.

Demonstrators gathered in Tahrir Square, in the center of the Iraqi capital, as a victory for Basra, while activists are expected to expand the protest movement to include other provinces in the next few days.

The new protests coincide with a stifling political crisis triggered by the failure of Iraq's elected parliament to elect a president during its first session held on Monday and extended until Tuesday afternoon, without producing anything.

The protests in Basra came out of their peaceful nature on Tuesday evening when demonstrators clashed with security forces as they tried to storm the local government building in the oil-rich city. The skirmishes ignited the building of the province, while the army evacuated its positions and withdrew to the general headquarters outside the city, to disperse the protesters, at dawn on Wednesday, temporary control over all facilities.

Residents did not respond to the curfew, but security forces regained their positions in the early hours of the morning and hours of cautious calm.

Demonstrators say their city suffers from a severe shortage of potable water and rampant unemployment among young people.

Basra oil supplies about 80 percent of the funds on which the country's annual budget depends.

The protesters demand urgent action to change the reality of their city, which they say is being deliberately neglected by the ruling elite in Baghdad.

After Turkey cut its water flow rates in the Tigris River, cutting off a number of tributaries from its territory and feeding the Tigris River, the amount of water flowing through the two rivers has fallen sharply to southern Iraq, where Basra is at its highest.

This situation led to the expansion of the Gulf waters within the Shatt al-Arab, where the Tigris and the Euphrates are located, causing the salinity to increase to degrees that desalination plants can not perform their mission. Therefore, Basra residents buy drinking water from neighboring governorates. The price per tonne of potable water in Basra is now around $ 20.

On Wednesday morning, demonstrators in several neighborhoods of Basra appeared to have raised their demands for services to change the political system or demand that their province be turned into a federal territory.

The demonstrations continued in the evening, and the scope of the participants increased, especially in the areas where the bodies of the victims of the Tuesday demonstration were shot dead by the security forces.

Protesters threatened to start an open sit-in, others denounced civil disobedience, and a plan to prevent all official institutions in the province from exercising their functions until the government responds to their demands.

And calls for tribal leaders and dignitaries in Basra to replace the military leadership in the city, after being accused of ordering soldiers to open fire on demonstrators.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abbadi said he had ordered an investigation into the allegations.

The Iraqi security forces fear that the suppression of the demonstrations will increase their legitimacy and the breadth of the participants, and perhaps out of control.

Activists say many protesters see the ruling political system as an enemy, so justify their attacks on some official institutions.

Observers say the Basra crisis may reflect the complexities of the political struggle for power in Iraq.

The new Iraqi government is vying for two Shiite teams, the first of which is US-backed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and the second is the leader of a state-backed coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki.

Both political parties behind Abadi and Maliki issued a statement at dawn on Tuesday, both of which adopted the protesters' demands and promised to work on them.

Al-Abbadi's team says parties to Maliki's team may fuel the situation in Basra to embarrass the US-backed candidate for prime minister, while Maliki's group believes that "Gulf parties supporting Abadi fuel Basra protests to send the situation in and allow the current prime minister to impose a state of emergency. Power longer duration ".

In anticipation of the slide, Iraq's most prominent cleric, Ali al-Sistani, sent his personal representative to Basra to look into easing the situation of its population, but his efforts have so far yielded nothing.

Abadi tried to reach a formula of joint action with representatives of Basra in the new House of Representatives and its governor, which included the dissolution of the protest movement, but the meetings did not provide clear solutions.

The Arabs link

The overthrow of four officers in the interior because of financial and administrative corruption in Baghdad

Thursday, 06 September 2018 11:15 p

The Karkh Investigation Court, which is involved in terrorism cases, has confirmed the statements of four defendants (three officers and another associate), including a dean who is the head of the intelligence and counterterrorism department in central Karkh who have been corrupt and financially extortionated.

"The exceptional efforts of the Karkh Investigation Court to investigate terrorism cases have contributed to the overthrow of four defendants of the Interior Ministry with financial and administrative corruption," Judge Abdul Sattar Birqdar, spokesman of the Supreme Judicial Council, said in a statement. "One of them is a brigadier general and director of intelligence and counterterrorism. Karkh and the rest of the accused is an associate and two officers of the rank of Major and Captain, who are officers to investigate the same section.

Berkdar pointed out that "the accused were extorting those arrested to pay money as well as the manipulation of investigative papers and change the facts or fabricate material evidence in the cases of detainees in addition to delay the release of detainees released by a decision of the competent court until the payment of family funds."

The spokesman said that "the court gave the statements of the complainants, witnesses and statements of the accused and completed all procedures in accordance with resolution 160 / II of 1983 in order to refer the accused to the competent court." link

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