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 "Change to Come Soon" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 8/28/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Change to Come Soon" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 8/28/18

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 "Change to Come Soon" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 8/28/18 Empty "Change to Come Soon" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 8/28/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Aug 29, 2018 10:20 am


Walkingstick » August 28th, 2018

Abadi: I will not insist on a specific site and insist to serve the country

PM 2:56:49 8/28/2018

Baghdad / Al-Masala: Summary of the weekly conference of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, :Tuesday, August 28, 2018.

The work of the government continues to raise the Iraqi economy to advanced levels and laid the - foundations for solid building, and we have established this despite the lack of resources and low oil .prices, and we are optimistic about the rise in oil prices

We worked to take advantage of oil to strengthen the economy and not only for the purpose of - spending, and we are working to benefit from the private sector and rely on small and medium-sized .enterprises to support the economy and not only large enterprises.

We have agreed with Siemens International and within the framework of an integrated plan on the -complete reform of the electricity system in Iraq and the purpose is to provide electricity to the citizen continuously and to benefit from this production in creating a good economy for the country .and provide great employment opportunities for citizens We assigned a high-level government team to know the level of water needs and the level of -.pollution in Basra and made important decisions on this

Next Monday is the date of the first meeting of the House of Representatives, and call the blocks -and deputies to the agreement and quickly on a clear government program adopts the achievement achieved and meet the needs of citizens of services and improve the reality of living and job creation, and must culminate in the understandings of blocs to form a national government provides services and construction and reconstruction and maintain Security and economic stability and .ensure the building of a solid for all joints of the state.

I call on all political blocs to abide by constitutional times and not to enter into a dispute on - positions and I call myself and my brothers in the other political blocs to pay attention to the interest .of the country because it is the most important and must be an introduction to all considerations We have formed an investigative committee on the reduction of chlorine in the waters of Basra and - .its causes and are ready to meet any important need for the province of Basra and spending on them We directed the removal of excesses, especially the excesses of the influential on the waters of -.Basra to reach the water to all citizens of the province.

The Council of Ministers decided that the provisions of the law enacted by the Council of - Representatives, which provides for the suspension of the work of the members of the Independent High Commission for Elections until the conclusion of the investigation of fraud crimes referred to .by the Council of Ministers, should be suspended The Council of Ministers decided to allocate a residential plot of young athletes with gold, silver -.or bronze medals.

Mayhemna is the public service and we can exercise in any location, and I call the political blocs - .not to enter into a conflict on positions they come and go I call for non-adoption of illegal and immoral means such as pressure on candidates or threat or -

.extortion and payment of money is over the electoral process and citizens who buys money is not worth anything, we do not want it and has no value to us, we do not accept -.the candidate who is afraid

.I will not insist on a particular site, and my insistence is on the service of the country - The supreme reference Mr. Sistani put in 2014 three goals achieved by the Prime Minister, who is -responsible for the time, is the elimination of terrorism and the elimination of sectarianism and prevent the division of the country, and the important part of all this has been achieved and who .wants to complete the march welcomed by the condition that does not back us back The liberation of our cities was not free but it came with sacrifices and sacrifices need to be taken -.care of.

.Are serious about appointments to jobs within the movement of owners - .Electricity, water scarcity and salinity are old and not new - When we visited our dear provinces, we reviewed the electricity supply and we saw an increase in - .electricity, but the problem is in the distribution and bypass and these need to be tuned When we held the responsibility they said that we can not, and announced the elimination of a - preacher and said we can not, and we did and defeated and liberated our cities

The country has large deposits and for many years, but we are capable because we prepared him - .strong and gave us hope.

- We have to deal with our differences, and I call on the political blocs to put their hands in the hands of some in order to serve the people.- We have set up a committee to consider the economic sanctions against Iran and how to deal with them and we have a vision to deal with them, and we are not part of Sanctions against countries because the blockade harms the citizen.

- We are committed to the protection of our country and our people and do not want to harm our people and benefit others.

- We welcome the existence of any cooperation between us and neighboring countries in the field of local currencies, and we do not want global domination that controls the economies of countries We are not against a particular State, but we are looking for the interests of our peoples.


MilitiaMan » August 28th, 2018

So we see Abadi refer to what was required by Al Sistani since 2014 and those goals are and have been achieved. That is not coming from a defeated Prime Minister's point of view. It is coming from the new and welcomed Prime Minister for a Second term, as I see it.

It goes on to make a very substantial point to the his people, regional interests and the world. He is making it known that he has the citizens in mind with respect to abiding by sanctions on Iran while at the same time maintaining a respectful stance towards neighboring countries and their currencies.

They are not looking to be looked upon as they are dominating economies of countries, let alone against any particular state. Keep in mind when Iraq re-instates her currency, it may have a very huge impact on the economies of other countries that may be under duress from various and obvious reasons with their respective currencies.

The fall out may be very substantial and have last consequences, so his public statement explaining this to the world effectively, he is put, everyone on on notice, that change is a serious potential and to be aware that his view if for his people and their needs first. Nothing wrong with that, and in fact it is a kind gesture to be so considerate at this juncture to almost tip his hand on what is effectively going to happen.

If there were not a need to mention currencies, why do so? HE wouldn't, he would as there is in all likelyhood a change to come and soon, that is why.. Imo.. ~ MM

Sunkissed » August 28th, 2018


You always inspire me take another look at important articles! Thank you!

I also think this article could very well be "the announcement" we have been waiting for --- or at least a prelude to it!

The paragraph that stands out to me most is:

"We welcome the existence of any cooperation between us and neighboring countries in the field of local currencies, and we do not want global domination that controls the economies of countries"

To paraphrase: We want FREE trade with our neighboring countries, using our LOCAL currency - NOT THE USD, and we don't want the USA telling us what to do anymore... (and the only way we can do any of that, is to Reinstate the Iraqi Dinar on a Global level).

MilitiaMan » August 28th, 2018

That is a very good view as well. It bodes well for us regardless! The implications are clearly giving forward guidance for those that need to understand their position on things. ~ MM

Don961 » August 28th, 2018

306 billion shares traded in the Iraqi financial market

29/8/2018 12:00 am

In the semi-annual report

Baghdad / Al-Sabah

The Iraq Stock Exchange issued its semi-annual report for 2018 as part of the disclosure mechanisms that contribute to enhancing its position as an emerging market seeking to complete international and Arab standards to achieve efficient market principles.

Executive Director of the market Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam said: "The report reflected the general opinion trading movements for 6 months, representing half of the year and included data disclosed the organization of 120 trading sessions in 120 official working days, during which traded 72 companies out of the 103 listed companies listed in The volume of traded shares reached 306 billion shares out of a total of 11702 billion listed shares. The value of traded shares amounted to 241 billion dinars, with a listed market capitalization of 12189 billion dinars.

Shares traded

He added that "the index of shares prices in the first trading session in 2018 closed at (577.84) points and closed in the last session during the first half on 579.06 points, up 0.2 percent, where the number of shares traded by foreigners 20 billion shares worth 40 billion dinars On the shares of 37 joint stock companies, representing 7% of the total number of shares traded and 16% of the total value of shares traded during the first half 2018.

He pointed out that the number of shares traded by foreigners amounted to 21 billion shares worth 20 billion dinars on the shares of 32 joint stock companies, which accounted for 7 percent of the total number of shares traded and 16 percent of the total value of shares traded during the first half of 2018, The number of shares traded as large transactions 145 billion shares, representing 47% of the total shares traded.

Final accounts

He pointed out that "the completion of 62 joint stock companies and their final accounts for the year 2017 until the preparation of this report, and held 37 companies to participate in the annual meeting, and do not Tzak 19 companies suspended from trading because of the lack of disclosure and the annual existence of companies under the custody of the Central Bank of Iraq," noting that "The market capitalization of 51 non-par value share companies reflects the weak operating performance of these companies, and has not achieved any deposit status of government bonds and was not traded during the first half of 2018."

This report reflects the details of the above indicators through the tables and statistics and the plans implemented during the first half of 2018,


He pointed out that "investment indicators, financial recruitment and indicators of dealing and trading securities in the emerging markets are affected by common factors affecting the volume of liquidity and attractive competitiveness, the most important of which is the size of the level of operational performance of the joint stock companies, and their ability to achieve surplus or not, and the exercise of its activity from Liabilities and the amount of fines imposed on them, the ability of the company to contribute to the realization of the annual surplus and the size of the distributed dividend or not, the profitability of the share and its impact on the market value, as well as disclosure of operating risks And its commitment to the application of the principles of governance and compliance laws and the adoption of fair value accounting in the preparation of financial reports.

"The impact of the stock market on the economic factors in the national economy and non-economic factors nationally and regionally, and analysis of the structure of securities listed in the Iraqi market for securities shows us that it consists of 74.8 percent of the banking sector, 18.3 shares of the telecommunications sector and 2.6 percent of the shares of the industry sector 0.2% for Agriculture, 0.3% for Hotels, 0.5% for Services, 0.1% for Financial Investment, 3.1% for Financial Transfer and 0.2% for Hotels. Insurance" .

Trading Bulletin

He pointed out that "From the trading bulletin for the first half of 2018, trading was 74.5% for the banking sector, 0.5% for the telecommunications sector, 8.8% for the industrial sector, 0.12% for the agriculture sector and 0.2% for the hotel sector. 0.9%, Services & Services, 0.01% Financial Investment, 14.8% Financial Transfer and 0.13% Insurance.

Although the number of listed shares increased by 8 percent for the first half of 2018 compared to the first half 2017, the decline in the number of shares traded amounted to 47 percent and the decline in value traded for the same period amounted to 39 percent.

Measure the value

"In order to stimulate the recruitment and trading of securities, the research departments of the shareholding companies must measure the fair value of the share - the real value - and evaluate its operational performance and compare it with the value of market share and disclosure. The shareholders of the company, especially the small and medium shareholders, The share price through trading in the market and disclosure of the financial position of the joint stock company is one of the requirements of stimulating the trading They have". link

Samson » August 28th, 2018

Venezuela plans to issue gold-backed certificates to counter inflation

28th August, 2018

Venezuela 's president announced that his country will begin next month selling certificates backed by gold bullion, in a new attempt to counter the economic collapse

Local television broadcast remarks to Nicholas Maduro on Tuesday that the certificates will be supported by gold bars weighing up to 1.5 grams and 2.5 grams, according to the agency "Bloomberg

"These steps are a way for retirees and other citizens to save money and use them as credit lines to buy cars and other goods," Maduro said

Gold is the most stable way to protect Venezuelan funds, which are dwarfed by high inflation of more than 100,000 percent

The President of Venezuela confirmed that he had found the way to move towards equality and the development of national productive forces

The certificates to be sold on September 11 are expected to be 3,500 Bolivar and 5800 Bolivar, depending on their weight

Venezuela is trying in several ways to counter high inflation, the latest of which was the abolition of five zeros of the Bolivar currency

The government has also decided to remove barriers to the inflow of foreign currency so that foreign currency investments can be made in Venezuela

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