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"Pretty Sure this is the End" - Hope for the World - 6.8.18

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"Pretty Sure this is the End" - Hope for the World - 6.8.18 Empty "Pretty Sure this is the End" - Hope for the World - 6.8.18

Post by RamblerNash on Fri Jun 08, 2018 11:28 pm

There are a few things I’d like to say while I still have a chance (I’m feeling strongly that we’re getting down to minutes here…), beginning with those long-time readers of IDC who might still be peeved with me for chasing off Yosef last year. Well, I didn’t literally chase Yosef off; Yosef literally ran off with his hair on fire and vented his spleen for six hours because I asked him very sweetly to please stop treating us readers like sh*t. Do you remember how awful he used to get sometimes? So insulting! Anyway, I’m not sorry he left because what he went on to do with his team at Human Angel Services is completely amazing. I am extremely grateful to Yosef and his team for what they are creating, and it’s more appropriate for Yosef to be posting his important material where he does not have to contend with trolls. 

Speaking of trolls, I want you folks working the lines here at IDC to know that you are really good at what you do, and at least one of you is exceptionally good. You know who you are. I honestly salute your creativeness and intelligence, and I actually enjoyed going head to head with you. That was fascinating and I hope that when this job is done for all of you, there is a bright future ahead, filled with much more satisfying adventures than trying to work currency holders. 

And to you currency holders, my final word on the topic of trolling is a caution to those who watch a lot of television. You may have noticed that there has been an increased mention of monarchs and butterflies and cocoons here lately; this is connected to the intense MK Ultra Monarch Programming that has been embedded into our minds via the entertainment industry for basically all our lives. At this late hour the attempt is being made to trigger the mental programming which is meant to make you feel a variety of dis-empowering emotions. The hope is that you will remain in their carefully constructed “cocoon” of darkness, that you will be ineffective at initiating any change in this world going forward. And this is an area where you, the reader, the currency holder, must take absolute and ultimate responsibility for, because it is categorically up to each one of you to now go out and “make that change” in this world. 

Each one of you has now been bestowed with the most powerful tool for initiating change in all of existence, and that is Truth. Where you have been advised to simply forget all of this, let it fade away with time, walk away from it, stick with the “script we’ve been given – yeah, don’t do any of those things. You must tell your story. You. Must. Tell. Your. Story. YOU MUST TELL YOUR STORY! Tell anyone who will listen. And don’t worry about making people feel jealous or resentful or tricked. That’s their problem. Look, you must come to realize that the reason you have been so trolled (and believe me, you have) is that this power you now hold, Your Story, can easily affect WAY more change in this world than your money ever will. I know the “Alliance” would much prefer that you go silently into the night, but that’s because the Alliance is afraid of big and sudden change that they can’t micromanage [read:script]. The Alliance does not trust that people can handle the Truth. Tell it anyway. Be the change. You’re awesome. 

And that’s about all I have left to say. 

Patrick, you have been a masterful host, thanks for everything! The final person I wish to acknowledge is my hero John Boehner without whom, had he not taken up our cause and ran with it like that cowboy he is, none of us would be here on this momentous day to enjoy it. Deepest gratitude, John. Would you do us all a favor and run for president in 2020? This country would so vastly benefit from a president who is Woke AF. (Hey, that could be your slogan!

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