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 The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 5/31/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 5/31/18

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 The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 5/31/18 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 5/31/18

Post by Ssmith on Fri Jun 01, 2018 8:01 am



Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let me let you know what I am hearing since our call on Tuesday night. It is interesting because the information that I am getting is precious to me. We don’t sometimes get as much as I like. The reason that is, is because things are very quiet. Most people that have some information in the various positions that find their way to us they are ready to run gag order or they have to be extremely quiet, extremely selection what is put out, and I always look at that as a very good sign. Where we are now is no different. One of our sources indicated to me that they hoped I had a good call tonight because this would be my last one. I am hoping that is exactly the case. I can’t say 100 percent for sure, but I am feeling as if that could be the case.

Bruce: What has been going on? We usually bring up stuff that has happened in Iraq and it seems to be something we always are contingent on as far as us moving forward. We had a meeting yesterday at the United Nations that was the Security Council Meeting and it did deal with Iraq. It started about 0845 am and it went on. Kind of the key speaker was an envoy to the UN and to the Treasury. He was able to speak about 10am Eastern Time yesterday. We did not hear from that meeting what it is we thought had reflected what occurred in Iraq earlier in the morning. They had an emergency meeting of the Parliament scheduled for 8am yesterday was moved to noon yesterday. Here is the thing. Even though they had the meeting and they had a lot of positive things and supposed to be a “Big Announcement” coming out of that, it was kept from us by the United Nations. They did not want that released to us until guess when? Until tomorrow. They did not want that information of the meeting and all the details about what it is we are looking for to be released to us until tomorrow. I found that very interesting. That is what came out of that.

Bruce: Also what is happening in Iraq is there are 115 sections that are being paid in Iraq at the new rate and caught up for back pay that goes all the way to October 3, 2017. I15 different areas, let’s call it, of government are paying all these back pay on the Qi cards which are the debit cards Iraq has, and also they have a new Visa debit card that has been issued to all citizens that is used for a portion of the oil revenue sharing that goes to the citizens of Iraq. There is going to be quite a bunch of catching up. Guess when it is paying out. It is paying out on Sunday in Iraq which would be reflected on Monday for people that might be living in this country that could be citizens of Iraq. They would have it loaded on their cards ready to go. That is an interesting thing to realize they are catching up on everything, all types of areas catching up back to October 3rd. I think that is huge. I really think that is big. I think that is really important.

Bruce: The other thing is we expect this information, this announcement, all the stuff that happened yesterday to come out in the Gazette tomorrow. Now we are hearing that from our contacts in Arbil. It supposed to come out tomorrow. Now they have two versions of the Gazette. Remember they have the digital version sort of which we call the online version. Then they have the printed version that usually comes out Wednesday and Saturday in Iraq. My understanding is we are getting it to come out tomorrow. So it maybe digital. It could be a special edition if printedtomorrow or they may wait and put the digital version out tomorrow and put the printed version out on Saturday which is the norm for Iraq. They bring the printed version out twice a week,Wednesday and Saturday. That information, everything that transpired, I think it is going to give us the information about Abadi again as Prime Minister. It should bring something to us as far as Iraq new status in the world, the rate, all the things we talked about showing up it should occur tomorrow in Iraq.

Bruce: What else are we looking forward to? We are looking forward to Operational Rates to changing over after midnight tonight. They usually come out a couple of days ahead. Then they are made affected the first day of the month, but I think in this case they plan on bringing out those rates out after midnight sometime, and putting those out. Those rates should be the new rate. They should be the new what we would call the screen rates or the Central Bank rates for each country.

Bruce: Speaking of that, there had been two countries as of yesterday that still were using the US Dollar that needed to come off the dollar according to the UN. The UN wanted them to do that. Those two countries were Hong Kong which doesn’t seem to be a country but much of a city, and India which we knew about India. India uses the Indian Rupee. Not to be confessed with the Indonesia Rupiah. Those are two different currencies, two different countries. Both the representative from India and the representative from Hong Kong agreed they would do that immediately. It supposed to have taken place overnight last night. We have a situation where moving forward everybody could use their own currency. Obviously that is a big deal. That needed to happen and that is what is going on.

Bruce: Now in terms of where we are you realize the so called Internet Group is known by the banks as the Informed Public as Tier 4. That is who we talk to. That is who is paying attention to the Big Call and paying attention to other calls. The other part of the public is Tier 5. The bank affectionately refers to them as the Uninformed Public. The Uninformed Public is supposed to start for their exchanges June 11, a week from this coming Monday. That is when they are supposed to get started. Really good, really good timing. That should give us 8 or 9 days or so to do our redemptions and exchanges before that occurs. That is the timing we are into right now.

Bruce: As for Tier 4, you realize as I said AI think a week ago, as Tier 3 is made liquid we are supposed to get the toll free numbers simultaneously. That same piece of information came up again today and was reiterated again to me today. We are looking forward Tier 3s that are “done” but not made liquid completely. They are partially made liquid. Some of the people have received their money, some in the last two days or so. Today we know some have received their funds and have received liquidity and have access to this tomorrow. It is a really good thing, but people think sometimes what is holding this up. It is not really anything holding this up as much as this process is not going as quickly we thought or we would have hoped.

Bruce: It is moving though in the right direction where when the Tier 3s are made liquid and have their funds and can get access to it, that is when we are supposed to receive our toll free numbers and I can put them out to everybody that is either going to look online at: thebigcall.net or get an email if you are on our list on our other new site: bigcalluniverse.com. If you are registered on that site with your email, then you will get an actual email with a number provided we are allowed to do that. Provided we are allowed to do that we will put that out as a blast. We will get the word out to 11,000 people that way. I will also put it out on a couple of other places online so you can see it where you normally would look to see Intel. That is gist where we are as far as timing.

Bruce: In Iraq the internet is down in Baghdad, and a number of cities that are in the interior. It is sort of spotty over there today. They sort of had some internet working in some of the borders, but not fully operational in the country. They are basically trying to keep this whole thing quiet until it is ready to go, ready to pop. I am hoping with the information I was getting today, it was indicating that something very good for us taking place and you know what that is maybe in the next 48 hours. That was earlier today I got that. So maybe that is what is going to happen. We could have a very special weekend. For me the weekend starts tomorrow in my mind. Maybe we are going to be blessed this weekend. I do believe that is the plan. That is what we are looking for.

Bruce: Other than that the rates are still good. I don’t have the latest rates, but I know what they were good. They were great. Yes we were correct it would be over $4 I brought over to you weeks ago, maybe 3 weeks ago. We were correct on that about Iraq. We are going to be very impressed just what is just on the regular screens, the screen rates.

Bruce: What I am excited about moving forward is the projects we will do. Specifically on Rebuild America I want you to know I have been looking into and learning more about Zero Point Energy homes. I think anybody that understands that concept, Zero Point Energy and I know Sue, Bob, and many of you do. That is something we are going to try to do in many cases in many neighborhoods. I don’t want to say all. Probably won’t be everywhere. A lot of neighborhoods where we literally will be building new hones or retrofitting existing homes if they are worth saving and not tearing down throughout the various neighborhoods.

Bruce: Read up a little bit on Zero Point Energy as far as how to do that for home building. I got a nice education over the weekend on that a little bit on that. It is really something we will be able to pull off and do. I know we are getting closer to free energy anyways. This might be a sort of a stop gap measure to do for the next five or ten years in terms of building homes in case we don’t have the so called free energy available everywhere yet. That might take us a little while to get to that. In the meantime, let’s go to Zero Point Energy and get super efficient and be able to build these cool homes that won’t be consuming energy. If they are they will be consuming their own energy that is generated usually by solar or possibly geo thermal that kind of thing. I was excited about that and I want you to look into that a little bit.

Bruce: Now is the time as you are driving around your neighborhoods in your cities or your communities if you are in a rural area. Drive around and find out where it is you want to get started whether it is going to be right there where you live or some place you are moving to. Or maybe you will have a second home in another area and you just need to see what is going on there. Find out what is happening. A lot of schools need money. A lot of school systems are getting sub standard pay. A lot of teachers are not being paid properly. They have to buy their own school supplies. You know the story. You know that right? They take money out of their own budget, out of their own money and buy school supplies for their classes because they don’t have much of a budget, sometimes no budget. That is the kind of thing we are not going to have more of that. That is all going to go away. We are going to help these educators. We are going to whatever we need to do to give the kids the best learning moving forward. That is just another idea we have talked about.

Bruce: There is so much we are going to do tied to Rebuild America and tied to our Veterans Retreat Network. We will try to laid it out for you in some detail in a template form where you can see sort of step 1, step 2, step 3.Make it very easy to get you the concept and we will put that out in the first couple of months or so of our time. I hope we get together in a month or so in another call. It might be a pod cast. It could be a call that you just pick up a link and listen to. We are not sure quite how we are going to do that yet. We might end up doing another live call. You probably will pick up a link and listen to it. Probably that is what we will be doing.

Bruce: Without too much else, I am just excited about where we are with the weekend. Tomorrow is June 1st, and I never thought we would go this far, but here we are. Let’s make the best of it. I want to thank Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven for helping tonight and making it to the call tonight. That was super. Let’s go ahead and just chill and celebrate like the incoming music was Celebrate. Let’s just celebrate in our hearts. Thank you everybody. Good night everybody.


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