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Mountain Goat 5/2/18

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Mountain Goat 5/2/18

Post by RamblerNash on Sat May 05, 2018 7:43 pm

Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.
Okay so Bavaria is now steeped in traditions once again as we began our Maypole or Maibaum ceremonies. It is May 1st already. This is the time of the year when spring flowers are blooming and the fresh grasses begin to grow again. We can still see snow high up on the Alps as a reminder of the colder days behind us now. Let the parades and dancing begin. This year I was on the committee to plan the celebrations and so it was very difficult to find time to write this week’s newsletter. So everyone should be extra thankful for all the time put into this newsletter. Why would I do it? Read my Mission Statement for my FaceBook Page.
Come and visit us soon….
More news….
So once again I have to come on and help clarify more TNT bullshit.
Okay so I have been listening to TNT calls 3 x a week. On just about all the calls Tony has explicitly told everyone that there are no needed laws. He says this only because the CBI has not come out at directly said they are waiting for any laws. But why would they since they don’t pass legislation do they? Again more illogical thinking by someone who just doesn’t get it.
So what pops out recently in the mainstream news media from Iraq and then show up as a tweet on TNT by Tony? Yes you guessed it….there are needed laws after all. Oh – but Mnt Goat does not know what she is talking about..,,.loo..lol…same old nonsense from Tony and his hatred for anyone who challenges his nonsense.
I quote from TNT tweet – “The Supreme Federal Court has stated that the Article 140 is one of the important articles of the Constitution and must be implemented immediately!”
So now TNT finally got it that laws may be needed prior to the RV. Oh – why did the justice system say “immediately”. What is the urgency? Has it not already been since 2007 and its now 2018? Could this be necessary prior to the RV and since they want to target the RV for after the elections……
More news….
On last nights Big(stupid)Call with Bruce “the idiot” he had the nerve to lie to everyone that the RV has happened in Iraq. This is the hundredth time he has claimed this has happened. So if you are gullible enough to believe this bullshit….good luck with that!
Next TNT had an interesting call on Wednesday. I need to clarify again what was said. It is totally your choice to believe form of bullshit or not. Tony claims that all banks in the US are now synced up to the FOREX currency exchange but this is not new news so I don’t see the hype in this. The banks have been aligned for decades to the FOREX system. The interesting part is he told his listeners that this includes the Central Bank of Iraq also and so when the CBI drops in the RI rate it will get propagated down to FOREX automatically. This I can believe and this I too heard had to happen.
But the important part in telling you all this is does this mean an RV is imminent? With only 10 days remaining to the elections on May 12th, don’t you think that they would want this set up before? We have been told that the CBI could most likely RI their currency just after the elections (I do not mean instantly after). So I don’t get all the hype on his call.
I just wanted to let everyone know that these gurus seem to take every little event (a grain of intel) and make a mountain of intel out of it. So we shall see who is current. Tic Tock, Tic Tock the clock is moving forward……
So my point is this – what kind of bullshit excuse will he lay on everyone when it does not happen in the next couple weeks? Will he apologize for putting you on the roller coaster again? Hey how many times must we get on this roller coaster before we realize the nature of the intel from these gurus?
Tic Tock, Tic Tock, the clock is ticking by.. Oh – but he was sure the RI would happen in September, then December, then January and then by the end of April. Right! His form of intel just strings all these gullible people along.
So could it happen prior to the elections? Anything is possible but I go on the side of caution as to how I read into the news and events. We just think much differently and I am usually right. Right now I do NOT see any firm indication the RI will happen prior to the elections. So relax and enjoy the elections play out.
More news….
Article in the news - “PM Abadi was on Iraqi TV indicating an unprecedented move and historical event for the Iraqi economy. He stated that the auctions have declined and will continue to decline”.
So what does Abadi mean by this statement? Why is he talking about this and not the CBI chairman al-Allaq? After all this is the business of the CBI and not the GOI.
We know that al-Allaq, the CBI chairman, stopped the project to delete the zeros (the reinstatement) 3 months ago due to the MANIPULATION and FRAUD with the currency auctions. The official announcement finally came out last month. He told the GOI to clean up this corruption in the auctions and arrest these politicians thus shutting down these fake banks and fraudulent documents to get the dollars out of the CBI.
So now this latest statement by PM Abadi is giving an update to the people on where he stands on cleaning up this issue. He wants it to look like progress has been made. Has it really? Or is this just more election campaigning rhetoric and being causious being its so close the elections? Can any real progress be made in this corruption with the currency auctions until the execute on these arrest warrants? Abadi told us he does not intend to serve the arrest warrants until AFTER THE ELECTIONS.
We know the currency auctions will eventually end but only when they can use the dinar to pay for foreign imports and salaries. They also have to stop the corruption with the auctions and this is connected with selling the US dollars to the citizens, as bought from the auctions window.
The citizens could use the US dolalrs to buy anything on the black market, including guns and explosives. So, this is also cutting down on the terrorism, if they can get these dollars out of the hands of the citizens. Again also I am telling everyone that Iraq is staying with the dinar as the currency of choice for their nation and so the economy should be based around the dinar and not on the US dollar. Just like in the US you don’t use Euro do you?? Why should you be able to go to the market and buy goods with the Euro? Same applies to Iraq. To make the dinar strong they must use the dinar and eliminate this demand altogether for the US dollar.
Do you see the contradiction with these currency auctions and the harm they are doing for the economy and indirectly to some extent the security of Iraq. 
They must END the currency auctions and do it soon. We can not connect the dots and actually see a timeline when this may occur. See my explanation in the following dialogues below in this newsletter today.
More news….
Contrary to what many of these so called intel “gurus” are telling you the CBI did not say they still needed SECURITY and STABILITY in order to proceed with the “project to delete the zeros”. This is old news but since ISIS was defeated this tune has changed. So please let’s get of this idea and stop using it for intel…shall we?
In fact, they came out late last year 2017 and told us they now had the stability and security they needed. Then in April 2018 they told us that the “project to delete the zeros” is ready but there was a caveat to the final phases of its fullest implementation. We know the final piece is the reinstatement of the dinar to the global marketplace, thus is when we get any kind of significant change in the value and we then go to the bank. So I just wanted to keep the FACTS straight and STAY ON TARGET.
So, this is directly out of the article last published on this topic by the CBI. When the CBI Talks I listen… (forget all this other bullshit that many gurus tell you to watch only what they do and not what they say. They say what they say for a purpose. Get it? )
So what manipulation and fraud is Al-Allaq talking about? 
I have to say how can you even ask this question? 
What does the CBI do? What is their main responsibility? 
They are in charge of MONETARY POLICY….right?
Are they then talking about MANIPULATION and FRAUD of the currency or effecting the money policy in some fashion?
What is all over the latest news from the CBI? 
Have you been paying attention? 
You do want to know when the RV will occur? 
What seems to be their major concern with MANIPULATING or FRAUDULANT activities? 
Is it within the banking system?
This is so obvious and the answer to this last question is all over the news media from Iraq as ot these last three months. Is this coincidental? 
This alone should throw up a RED flag.
I am talking about the Currency Auctions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow! Many of you are very dense as it took so long to see it.
Oh – but again these gurus have to come out and tell you the auctions don’t matter. Really? How can they not matter when the Manipulation and Fraud concerning them is holding up our RV. I don’t get it. Why would these idiots tell you this? Just another indicator they are not on top of this RV.
So once again we see these intel gurus funneling you into their thinking (opinions) to keep you on edge that the RV is imminent any day / every day. They do this because right now if they told you the truth there would be nothing of substance really to talk about until after the elections. That’s two weeks away and so how will they pay their bills? How else could they get you to come to their sites without some lying and more FAKE intel?
So once again we see that these gurus just don’t get it. They now say the currency auctions don’t matter but they only say this when they don’t want to talk about something, anything because they don’t know enough about the topic to talk about it and so they ignore it or won’t recognize it because the TRUTH does not fit them well in how they are funneling and deceiving you.
Oh—so when have we heard this before? Just like for years in their refusal in reading and the studying of the news articles from Iraq. I can playback so many of their intel calls in replay and you can hear them tell you these articles did not matter. Instead they just wanted to tell you about their banking buddy’s intel and memos. Why do they keep banging their heads against the wall? This banking intel stuff NEVER means anything. Get it?
So the articles didn’t matter, at least not until recently. For some reason, probably out of desperation for some kind of news, they finally came to their senses and started reading. They now even take my newsletter as one of their sources. How about that? I can sometimes follow their conference calls almost exactly and match it to my newsletter. But do they ever honestly tell you where they get the info? No, instead they use their “secret sources” excuse.
But did they ever come out and tell you they were wrong in their thinking all these years? Can you now play catchup? They are now seeing some light and this is a good thing .. finally … So maybe now they will stop this everyday / any day RV nonsense and get down to the FACTS?
So we know that there is billions being lost out of the CBI reserves each year over this corruption with the currency auctions. Can they stop it? Is stopping it really the major concern or is getting rid of this corruption within the banking system and prosecuting all those involved the real target thus getting them out of “the system” once and for all?
Prosecuting these corrupt politicians is not as easy as it seems. It would be difficult because politicians are involved in setting up these FAKE banks and forging documents to get the money out of the CBI. These are politicians of influence and of high ranking positions.
But the good news is there is a plan to deal with this corruption. The plan is to WAIT UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTIONS. So this is PM Abadi’s plan when and if he does get re-elected. But remember this all could change if he doesn’t get re-elected. So there is a lot riding on this May 12th election. Relax I firmly believe he will get elected again.
But let’s assume for now he does get re-elected. The justice dept already told us there were over 1,000 allegations of corruption. They wanted to begin prosecutions immediately but they were told to hold off by PM Abadi. Do you remember this article? Then later on PM Abadi came out and told us that they intended to handle these cases after the elections in a more “suitable time period”. So this tells me they do not intend to prosecute these cases until after the elections so as not to create instability during the election process. But there are other reasons too and I will mention them also below.
So the GOI makes this announcement, then what does the CBI do? They simply then tell the GOI - okay if you won’t prosecute them now, then we are going to hold off on the implementation of the final piece of the “project to delete the zeros” until this MANIPULATION and FRAUD (in the currency auctions) is taken care of. Can everyone connect the pieces here? These currency auctions are the problem. But why don’t many of you today believe me as you read this newsletter and all the articles?
You don’t believe me because these so these so called idiot gurus tell you this does not matter (brainwashing) since the currency auctions will end anyhow and so who cares. Again more illogical thinking without connecting all the pieces to the issues. But I do this NOT with my ‘opinion” as I connect only with the FACTS to draw very logical conclusions. No opinions!
Why would the CBI care if these corrupt politicians are prosecuted now or later?
The CBI cares because they are involed in the corruption dealing with the banking system and the banking system is part of the monetary policy.
Read my lips – THIS IS THE CBI’s RESPONSIBILITY!!!!!!.
They don’t want these 1,000 corrupt people in politics or medaling in the monetary policy and need to address this as a major part of cleaning up the corruption scams in Iraq. Get It? Did I mention part of the 2015 Stand-by- Agreement (SBA) with the IMF also has this as an item to address.
So, yes this is a VERY important issue to the CBI. The other issue with these currency auction corruption cases is that these political figures are BLOCKING this project and trying to sabotage it so these auctions would not end. Get it? These auctions are the goose that lays the golden eggs for them. Why kill the goose?
So, there are multiple reasons for holding up the RV and it all points to these Currency Auctions. These reason all add up to yet more evidence for waiting until after the elections to prosecute these politicians since this is going to make a lot of waves when they start arresting these politicians.
They are hoping they would NOT get re-elected anyhow and most probably will not get re-elected since they are on the corruption list. So, once they are out of politics it makes it much more easier to prosecute them and causes much less instability in the govt functions.
I hope everyone now understands what is holding up the RV? I wish all these so called intel “gurus” are reading this newsletter today.
Don’t be afraid to challenge their stupidity on their conference calls. Take this newsletter to the calls and read it if you have to.
More news….
A spokesman for the victory coalition Hussein al-Adli said Tuesday that there are data and indications that the possibility of obtaining the head of the coalition Haider Abadi, a second term for the presidency of the Council of Ministers in Iraq.
Al-Adly told Ashqaf News that “according to the current data through the centers of studies and excuses, the coalition of victory and Abadi in the front of the lists.”
He added that “the admissibility of Abadi in running the country internally, regionally and internationally is likely to be Abadi preferred to take over a second term and will open to all forces”.
In response to the statement of the sponsor of the alliance of Sadr’s followers, said al-Adli, “the credibility of Abadi and his experience is able to win the confidence of national partners”.
He pointed out that “it is too early to resolve the issue of the prime minister,” but added that “in our belief Abadi has the qualifications to take over a second term through his success in the past four years to liberate the country and the management of state affairs.”
The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr said earlier in the day that it is too early to talk about the nomination of Prime Minister Haider Abadi for a second term to head the next government cab, which will result in the legislative elections scheduled for the coming days..
Earlier in a television interview, al-Sadr announced Abadi’s support for a second term as prime minister.
“We will announce this later,” Sadr said in response to a question on his position on Abadi’s support for a second term, saying that “it is still too early for the final opinion on this matter.”
More news….

Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks. 
Articles Begin
(Mnt Goat – It is NOT yet all a resolved issue. This is an old article. It was predicted, Article 140 was one of the 3 main issues needing solved before any major market shift could happen. Now we see that the Supreme Court of Iraq has finally made their decision and announced it this again this week. But this is not anything new. This is an old article. The important part is now they recognize the fact that just because the period specified in the constitution has passed it did not expire and the Article must be implemented. But this is where most gurus don’t understand and it and get lost. The constitution, if you dare to read it, also says that to implement it they need a “referendum” which is a law passed in parliament to support the implementation. Folks this is how they implement something legal – THROUGH A LAW. Get it? By the way the other 2 issues were the Banking Reforms and HCL {oil and gas law}. Both of these are completed, as we have read many times already.)
The Supreme Federal Court issued a decision on constitutional article 140, noting that it is one of the important articles of the Constitution and does not die in any way.
The legal expert Khalil Mirani said in an interview with the official website of the Kurdistan Democratic Party that the Federal Supreme Court issued a few days ago its decision on the constitutional article 140, explaining that according to the court’s decision, Article 140 of the articles of the Iraqi Constitution is not in any form and MUST BE IMPLEMENTED, he said.
He added that “the decision came in response to the people and the Iraqi forces, which claimed that the 140 has expired, but the Kurds insist on it, because the Iraqi authorities when the implementation of any constitutional article in favor of the Kurds do not implement.”
The legal expert pointed out that “the Kurds have been busy during the last period of building Iraq to live all Iraqi people under the state in all their components after 80 years of dictatorship and become a federal democracy,” but added that “it appeared that those who ascend the throne of power in Iraq governed by mentality previous itself “.
He stressed that “THE IMPLEMENTATION OF ARTICLE 140 UNTIL 2007, BUT IT WAS NOT IMPLEMENTED, BECAUSE OF BAGHDAD,” (Nori al-Maliki and his goons) pointing out that “the Kurds will not give up those areas of Kurdistan, which falls within the constitutional Article 140.”
(Mnt Goat – so let’s get real. Why the delay under Maliki? We found out last year that Maliki and Barzani were partners in crime stealing billions in oil from this region. No wonder Maliki or Barzani at the time did not support a law making Article 140 binding and implement it.)
He explained that “most of those areas were until last year under the authority of the Kurdistan Region,” but added that “because of some traitors, the region lost those territories.”
“The people should punish the traitors who caused this great betrayal in the loss of part of the territory of Kurdistan,” he said
Yasser Al-Metwally economist – 
The citizen is touching these days the recovery of the Iraqi dinar and its stability against the dollar exchange rate, and perhaps the latest central bank measures were "straw that broke the camel's back" according to the common proverb. The most prominent question that arises now and looking for a definitive answer is , "What does it mean equal to the official exchange rate for the price of the parallel" commercial market, "What are the possible effects of this new reality?
Which prompted me to write this column , the clerks D.mzar economic thinker Mohammed Saleh about this phenomenon which envisioned the predicted and here the truth has occurred.
The theme of "currency window" will be a laboratory for economic analyzes of possible outcomes after the equal exchange rate, where it began most private banks are wary of the possibility of declining profits borrowed by this window, which you get by the two rates difference.
The reason is certainly because the "window of the currency" is the main supplier of private banks to meet the operating cost of their budgets of the profits you get. We talk here about the economic phenomenon impartially and regardless of the vulnerability of the window of criticism and continuous monitoring and miscellaneous accusations I say regardless of this and that because this Diagnosis may sometimes occur and sometimes exaggerated and it is important to analyze this phenomenon in an unstable economy.
Thus, the banks' perception and perception of these concerns the real fears of the decline in profits at a time when it accounts for more than 90% of its profits to cover operating expenses, and BECAUSE BANKS HAVE RELIED ON THESE PROFITS WITHOUT PROVIDING OTHER BANKING PRODUCTS BECAUSE OF THE HIGH RISK, For the provision of other banking services. The reason is that loans and deposits, which are the basis for moving products and banking performance, have been disrupted by risks, because the factor of confidence is missing between banks, the public of depositors, banks and the large number of borrowers. On this reality what is required of these banks if there were no profits to avoid loss?
(Mnt Goat – So we see part of the problem in the past is that the banks relied too much on the profits from the currency auctions and did not or could not diversify into other banking products. This last paragraph tells us why they could not diversify. The CBI is hoping this last recent push to get people into the banks with activities of the Financial Inclusion Week ended on Monday. More than 7 exhibitions of banks and electronic payment companies in addition to the distribution of more than 2000 bank cards participated.)
The answer is to be guided by the contents and the importance and objectives of the program of financial inclusion is to cover all segments of the community banking services that contribute to moving the sources of development through small and medium-sized enterprises, so you find that the attention of the Central Bank of this program appeared to appear results emerge quickly.
The settlement of salaries, which led to the expansion of the use of modern technology through the spread of credit cards will contribute to strengthening the financial position of banks, and enables them to re-activity and the return of confidence to absorb the money sting. This important program, which is celebrated by the week of Arab financial inclusion these days, is the real starting point for returning banks to the right path in providing banking services for which they were established, but provided that support continues with legislation guaranteeing the rights of depositors and lenders alike.
(Mnt Goat – an article last week told us the govt and private banks collectively have 200 billion dollars in reserve assets. This is a very high sum for such a short period of time in this effort. So the CBI’s plan is working.)
As a reminder, the possibility of any financial shock or other whirlwind may confuse securities, prices will return to volatility, and our wishes for constant price stability.
Sabah al-Hashemi - economist
Many citizens wonder about the possibility of replacing the dollar in monetary transactions and "Is it possible to dispense with the green card in the global monetary system?" Global reports and expert opinions indicate that it is difficult to replace the dollar in any other currency because this would create imbalances in the global currency market as well as 85 percent of world trade based on the dollar, as well as issuing 39 percent of global debt using the US currency.
For several years, the US dollar is the strongest currency in the world, and is officially approved by the central banks in their cash reserves, along with the gold metal finally denominated in dollars.
The green paper's acquisition of that position for years without a real competitor made it difficult to have a strong alternative, although the US dollar reserves fell to a four-year low in the fourth quarter of last year.
The academic economist d. Issam Mohammed described in an earlier statement to "Sabah" linking Iraqi foreign trade to the dollar as a matter of benefit to the economy and achieve stability as it is consistent with the global trend in general.
And "the difficulty of replacing foreign trade in another currency because it will create imbalance in the global currency market in terms of increased demand for a particular currency without others." "The dollar culture of the region in general makes it difficult to deal with the euro rather than the dollar," said Abdel-Zahra Mohammed, an economist. 
"Among these reasons is that the US currency is global and long-standing and has been dealt with for a long time, which highlights the dominance of the dollar on the rest of the other currencies, such as euros, for example, although it is a recognized global currency, but it is a modern currency." How does the dollar prevail?
The dependence on the dollar does not come as the main reserve currency in the countries of the world due to the status of the American economy of the global economy, because in this perspective the US currency will lose in competition; because since the Second World War, the US share in global GDP declined from about 30 percent to 18 percent, surpassing China's share by only 2 percent, and the share of emerging markets in global GDP rose from 40 to 60 percent. 
Despite all that, the global financial policy has not changed in line with these developments and the dollar has maintained its status because of Bretton Woods. Bretton Woods and Bretton Woods is a historic agreement on cash exchange rate management, and the name of the agreement was attributed to the place where it was held in 1944, whereby the US dollar became the currency of the world's cash reserve and linked to the price of gold.
Under the agreement, central banks will maintain fixed exchange rates between their currencies and the dollar, WHILE THE US WILL REPLACE THE US DOLLAR WITH GOLD ON DEMAND.
(Mnt Goat – the gold standard is coming to the US soon)
The system continued until August 15, 1971, when US President Richard Nixon declared a halt to the replacement of the dollar with gold, the most important element of the Bretton Woods system.
Then, in 1973, foreign governments allowed the currency to float, putting an end to the Bretton Woods system. Until the 1970s, about two-thirds of world GDP was based on the dollar, and the rest was largely divided between the British pound and the Soviet ruble. The reason for the dollar's strength?
Several reasons have led the dollar to remain on the list of the most powerful currency of the year, apart from the size and strength of the US economy, including that more than a third of the world's GDP comes from countries that link their currencies to the green card. 
In the foreign exchange market more than 85 percent of that trade is based on the dollar, and 39 percent of the world's debt is issued using the US currency.
Iqbal countries to keep the dollar in their reserves and acquisition of the first place in this regard, evidence of the strength of the US currency, as well as its use in international transactions. Most of the world commodity contracts are denominated in US dollars, especially oil and gold, which are the most important global commodities, making the transactions of these commodities using green paper.
The US currency has always been able to overcome its pitfalls during the 1970s and 1980s, and from 1991 to 1993. 
Although everyone was betting on the collapse of the dollar, many governments thought to end the peg in the US currency, stronger than the first. Are there competitors? In March 2009, CHINA AND RUSSIA CALLED FOR A NEW GLOBAL CURRENCY THAT WOULD BECOME THE CURRENCY OF THE WORLD'S RESERVE CURRENCY, INDEPENDENT AND NON-VOLATILE, as well as removing the shortcomings resulting from the use of national currencies linked to credit. China has already called on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to do so as a result of concerns that its trillions in US currency would become less valuable as a result of the US spending deficit and the issuance of US Treasury bonds to support debt.
Some countries have also tended to keep currencies other than the dollar in their cash reserves, with yen holding in state reserves rising to the highest level since 2002 at 4.89 percent in the fourth quarter of last year. 
The Chinese yuan was also included in the reserve currencies of the countries in the fourth quarter of 2016, and the total holdings of countries from the Chinese currency to 1.23 percent in the fourth quarter of 2017, compared to 1.12 percent in the previous quarter.
The Central Bank of China rules to set a reference rate for the yuan daily and only allows a margin of rise or fall of 2 percent of this level.
(Mnt Goat – this is a strict tight managed float of the Yuan)
{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The government revealed an economic step that may take an economic turn in the history of modern Iraq.
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said during a meeting with the Federation of Trade Unions in all governorates on the occasion of the World Labor Day, “the formation of a higher committee for the alternative economy because of global concerns not to rely on oil in the future and to create a productive economy,” according to a statement of his media office.
“We are moving towards a new phase of construction and reconstruction that needs a great deal of effort,” he said, adding that “the rise of the country requires us to move the work across the country, indicating the need for security to rise.”
Abadi stressed that “the government with the slice of workers in the full guarantee of their rights,” pointing out, “When we received the government we had the goal of liberating the occupied provinces and the removal of a danger calling for Baghdad and the situation was tragic and all the effort of the state and its financial resources were directed to the liberation operations, but our unity and our determination and the courage of our fighters and their sacrifices achieve victory” .
“We have cleared all our territory and controlled the Iraqi-Syrian border for the first time in full and we are pursuing a da’eef and expelling it even outside of Iraq.” Dr. Haider al-Abadi praised Iraqi competence.
Among Abadi , “when I visited Mosul Dam was engineers and workers Iraqis skilled work successfully and acquire great experience and compete with international experience , ” pointing out that “everyone is surprised how he got up Iraq and that the Iraqi army has become one of the strongest armies in the region.
He said Abadi , attention to chip youth and provide opportunities Work for them.
Iraq relies on its annual financial balance on oil imports by more than 90%, after the decline of the industrial and agricultural sectors, and the private sector.
Iraq currently produces about one million barrels of oil per day, including domestic consumption.
(Mnt Goat- that’s 356,000,000 barrels a year x $70.00 a barrel = $25,555,000,000 billion annual oil revenue. So many zeros. Did I do the math correct?....lol..lol..lol.. Now the finance committee says that if they applied the customs and tariffs correctly this could amount to more than the oil revenue.)
Iraq News Now
The secretary of the Economic and Financial Committee of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, Qusay Abadi, said on Tuesday, on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the establishment of the Rafidain Bank that the Secretariat is working to turn the deal into electronic payment and match developed countries.
The policy of the Council of Ministers is to implement the programs followed by the Rafidain Bank,” Abadi told a news conference in Baghdad, attended by Al-Ghad Press. “The secretariat is working to turn the deal into electronic payment and to match developed countries.”
May 1, 2018
As for the credit policy of the banking system, it is still governed by the fear that the borrower will not be able to recover the borrowed amount (the risk factor) accompanied by the fear of the central bank of inflationary pressures if the opening of the wide lending, so this policy was not effective in stimulating the real economic sectors (Which produces material goods) until monetary policy is finally released from the currency auction, leaving the dinar exchange rate determined in the market, and then directing financial resources (foreign exchange) towards productive sectors.
There should be coordination between the development plans and this lending process, but note that commercial banks occasionally announce small loans to specific categories of customers who have the ability to repay the loan such as loans for retirees and doctors. Some of these loans may go to buy imported goods and are not locally produced. Thus, the economy will not benefit from anything like loans to purchase cars (imported of course) by installments. The only loan that has been announced and can have a positive effect on some economic activities is a loan to renovate and build clinics for doctors, which may contribute to the partial movement of the construction sector. And construction. However, whatever the total size of this loan (even if it is requested by all doctors), this will create a limited and temporary positive shake for the construction sector in moving the demand for construction materials and labor and then disappear quickly.
The effects of these construction loans could have been extended and extended if all construction materials and tools had been locally produced, in particular, reinforcing bars. Take Basmaya, for example, or the 27,000 housing that the government plans to build or other residential buildings if it is constructed or constructed with locally produced materials and Iraqi labor, it will undoubtedly lead to prosperity in the rest of the economy so that the sector Construction is a leader in development and growth. If foreign companies with their foreign workers build and import construction materials from their mother country, any positive shake-up of our economy will not happen. This same thing applies to the reconstruction of liberated cities where the positive effects will be transferred abroad and not into the Iraqi economy if these cities are foreign companies imported materials. If the banks were granted loans to establish a private construction company, we would have moved to a new way of working in companies instead of dealing with small contractors who are being blackmailed as they compete to get contractors from government institutions because of their large numbers.
Therefore, monetary policy is surrounded by many dilemmas in an economy still aspiring to get out of its crisis to start production in real sectors. In order to help monetary policy out of its ordeal, and to revive its role, we must focus on the following: 1. Encouraging Islamic windows in government commercial banks as long as people refrain from banking because of the non - acceptance of riba on deposit and borrowing. Urge individuals to put their money in banks (without interest) by providing a guarantee against inflation to limit the bulk of liquidity within the banking system, and to activate the banking system to play a stronger and more effective role in stimulating economic growth. Development is based on an economic model and not randomly until the real sector is promoted in the production of material goods. Otherwise, the monetary policy will remain captive to the currency auction, which will drain all our wealth abroad on imports. The problem of unemployment will not be solved. (Including the black market) to the stock exchange by selling and buying the currency in the market so as to reduce the speculation on the dollar in the market, and to impose taxes on their income from the sale and purchase of the dollar, 5. To impose a full tax (difference between the auction price + commission And the market price) on the banks and banks participating in the currency auction if the dollar exchange rate above a specific commission by the Central Bank, and the reason for this measure is to identify the source of manipulation of the exchange rate of the dollar in the market where it is assumed that requests for the purchase of the dollar in the auction is equal to demand So why, then, this rise is not justified Dollar exchange prices. Everyone knows that the difference between the price of the auction and the market price goes entirely to the pockets of the auction participants being non-taxable, and if a full tax is imposed on it, the society will not lose much.
Baghdad Mawazine News
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced on Wednesday the issuance of an order to form the Higher Committee for the search for alternative economy and the transition from dependence on oil to other alternatives, pointing to the need for scientific research.
"The scientific research touches on the need of Iraqis in all fields of agriculture, industry, oil, energy, security and others," Abadi said in a speech at the Sixth International Conference on Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials and their Applications, Technological and scientific aspects and the download of scientific research for application on the ground. "
He stressed, "issuing an order to form the Higher Committee for the search for alternative economy and the transition from dependence on oil to other alternatives," pointing to "the need for scientific research in order to be the front in this aspect."
Al-Abbadi said that "the world began to look at Iraq positively after looking at it differently as a result of wars, siege and terrorism." He added: "The importance of protecting the victory achieved and to build on this victory is another victory, the victory of construction and reconstruction. In our scientific, economic, subsistence and employment opportunities. "
The prime minister stressed that "with the determination and determination of the Iraqis, the defeat has turned into a victory and a break to power and liberated one region after another to defeat Iraq and liberate all of Iraq's land."
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,
Just the FACTS!
Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.
In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation of the Iraq dinar occurs.
“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.
In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”
Auf Wiedersehen 
Much love to ya all, 
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