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"Past Thoughts" by OILGENRL7 - 4/7/18

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"Past Thoughts" by OILGENRL7 - 4/7/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Apr 08, 2018 10:13 am

"Q" eye ain't by "O"

Think logical O = OILGENRL7

Apr 7 2018 09:22 (EST0 O !lclATNTXYZ ID:007712

@RayRen98 >>>>
Good morning TNT.
It's Marvelous MoNday?
Superfantastic !!!!
[Lower denoms]
Que caRds in ATM's?
[NOT] neVer
Will send tweet Saturday.
Bank StoRies?
Only TNT has bank stories!
+ (think IQN)
[IQD] [187]
No one else
Misinformation is necessary.
Budget in Gazette?
Waiting for 3 printings in Gaz.
No tweet today.
Are we waiting for update?
Who does he make sense 2

Post 25K
Apr 7 2016 19:22 (PST0 O !lclATNTXYZ ID:01221154

Meet up after RV?
Send $15 USD/USN
Goooood morning TNT?
RV today?
Do I get a refund for meet up in LV?
Follow the money?
Who is Shabibi?
Did he really say $16 Dinar RV?
Who is Maliki?
Is he really relevant?
Who is Shabibi?
Where is he now?
Waiting zzzzzzzz
How many other $15 paid?
For monthly call?
Did you? Did I send $ too?
Never tell but for 2 yrs
Tweet campaign.
Call centers on call/standby
99.99% this week.
No Tony???
What happened to Tony?
Think logically!!!! [p]
We see you!!!
Tony, is that you?
Vegas Vegas, Vegas
Area code 707 …. Or was it 701? Every call?
Expand your thinking.
Q cards loaded…
Not the other Q
Who are these guys???
Who does that make sense to?
Do we get to exchange too?
Who sang Dinars, Cadillacs and Hillbilly Music?
Was it fantabulous?
In Banks Monday
Lower denoms out.
I'm looking for it today any minute.
HCL done.

Post unknown
Apr 7 2011 09:22 (CST0 O !lclATNTXYZ ID:0444777

No Comment
I will not doubt Zap
Hope he is sincere!!!!
Expand your heart in giving.

Post 25K
Call on Tuesday
Copy and paste from last Thursday
Call centers and redemption centers on standby?
Traunches of money moving last night.
Rinse and repeat
I do like his consistency.

Post 25K
Apr 7 2018 13:56 (CST0 O !?>BR549< ID:000000-0

Party on the patio [POOPED]
Are we partying yet?
Think illogical [LOGIC] 187?
We are still looking for that patio!!
Like it or not
Believe or not believe. We don't care!
In my famous Toby K voice eeeeeeazzzzyyy now!
Think Mt. Goat?
Did tony call him/her/she/he billy goat.
Are you PC?
See we told you.. We are correct.
We were correct.
Expand your thinking. Did he mean he is not correct when he says was?
Check the news tomorrow!
Tick Tock
You were correct it didn't happen
[sense of humor] 187

Post 25
Apr 7 2018 14:22 (CST0 O !lcABCEFGH ID:00>?/557

Think logically!
Kim impossible has code.
Found anyone yet?
Ask AVR/ She is smart.
Kiss and make up
Do you agree @Kim
Common law?

Post 100,000,000,000,000
Apr 7 2018 13:02 (CST0 O !LABAC ID:00?00002

Are you to blame?
Orange man not really prez
Just temporary. Not really prez!
He will resign in 6 months?
Paul Ryan/General Dunford waiting in line
Where did sitrep go?
Expand your thinking.
Think mirror
Whitey bad!!!!
50,000 emails?
Come join.
What happened at login?
Surprise? Pay up?
Think payforplay
Click, click, click
Whitey bad!!!
Here a click, there a click
Think 50,000x$8x12=$$,$$$.$$
Can SHOWME Count?
Can he really count?
A banking we will go. Chorus?
Where is he now?
Where is he really now?
Expand your thinking dinar land
Heard him on a call?
Recently on another call?
Everywhere click, click.
Is he doing well?
He says no.
Think logically. You have more than you know.

Post O25
Apr 7 2017 12:32 (CST0 O !lclaCAWOL ID:000000?

Where did he go?
Was he really someone from another life?
Think logically.
He was ST. Germain?
Who knew?
Hope he is safe.
We thru grinning now

Words I heard too many times???
Taco Tuesday
Soon again
Recipes [lol]
Music videos
[Oven] Just kidding O and B75
It always RV's on Wednesday
And Saturday
Paul Ryan
General Dunford
Just waiting on the call. Hey Blu \o/ <<
RV today maybe, tomorrow for sure
To all those that have gone on before us.
We aRe still waiting for it!!!
And we very positiVe for tomorrow or by the April [ ]

Hit the thumbs up Please!!!
On a serious note Thank You Patrick. The only site I read or spend time every day.
Special thanks to @TheHEIZ !!!! Word is @Springsteen
@Sierra…. Keep doing Q… luv u
Gotta luv me some @Bluwolf

O has PHD = Patiently Holding Dinar

When the criminals are gathered up and incarcerated we will then see our RV/GCR and Restored Republic.

Disclaimer: The following is IMHO and is for fun only if you can still laugh


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Re: "Past Thoughts" by OILGENRL7 - 4/7/18

Post by Kevind53 on Sun Apr 08, 2018 11:44 pm

??? WTF??? That makes no sense even by dinar standards.

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:14–18

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