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 "Iraq Elections" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 4/4/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Iraq Elections" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 4/4/18

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 "Iraq Elections" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 4/4/18 Empty "Iraq Elections" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 4/4/18

Post by Ssmith on Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:39 am

Dinar Alert

Iranian currency continues to collapse .. The price of the dollar reached 5100 Toman

April 03 2018 08:27 PM Baghdad Post The Iranian currency continues its collapse against the dollar on Tuesday, reaching its lowest level, and the dollar is worth 5100 tomans, while the other currencies have reached one million and 700 thousand tomans.

​The new Iranian year has witnessed unprecedented volatility in the Iranian currency market since the end of last Iranian year.

Although there are some expectations that the new currency market will become more stable as demand drops after the New Year, this has not really happened.

At the beginning of the new Iranian year, the dollar exceeded 5000 tomans and surprised everyone until it reached today 5100 Toman, and the total price of coins in late last year about one million and 600 thousand Tuman and now reached one million and 7000 thousand Toman.


Terry: Let the Iranian currency totally collapse so they use the dinar.

Kaperoni: Terry, I don't think your serious? That will never happen. This is a very important issue. Iran are master counterfiters who have counterfited the dinar for years. As well, Maliki has people in the CBI funneling auctions dollars to Iran.

If Maliki gets back as Prime Minister, he can cause all kinds of issues once again to the spread to go out of compliance (in essence stopping reforms).

Terry: Kap, You are right, I was not serious.

ZenMav: Well, I do want the Iranian currency to continue to collapse. About that I am serious. Its collapse is not accidental and is a function of our proxies destabilizing the current regime. There are at least two agendas going on right now in the Middle East - the success of Iraq and the fall of Iran.

Maliki's bid for another PM-ship and the potential disruption to the IQD not withstanding, the currency of Iran collapsing is key to executing regime change. Anyone on this board that thinks Iraq succeeds without Iran taking it in the shorts until there's a change in management is kidding themselves.

Time for the Mullahs to Go.

Moderator: Agreed, Zen. I've actually read, elsewhere recently, that the Iranians joke that "One George Washington is worth 5000 Khomeinis." That's a very good sign that the regime is being destablized, and you're right. Iran's failure will be Iraq's success.

Kaperoni: I would rather see Iraq launch currency reform before Iran fails. Otherwise the risk is to great that something can go wrong. I am selfish I guess.

Shengwah: I'd forfeit my dinar profits for all time if that meant I got to see the bearded pedos hang.


Maliki is seeking a third term amid disapproval of the Iraqi street

April 04 2018 12:02 Nouri al-Maliki It revealed the recent moves of the leader of a coalition of state law , Nuri al - Maliki , for his tireless efforts to gain a third term, and despite knowing the difficulty occurs, hopes Maliki did not stop to go back again for prime minister.

He pointed out , the source said to al - Maliki , has begun marketing itself as a leader capable of keeping the security of Iraq, which made it sends positive messages to some members of the US Congress.

​According to sources, the aim of the move , leader of a coalition of state law toward the US Congress is to change the negative attitude of the administration of al - Maliki to take over the post of prime minister again.

Maliki and pretended to forget that he is handed over a third of Iraq , however , the terrorist organization Daesh. It is the same factor of Sunni Arabs on the basis of sectarian and confessional many, it wants so the Prime Minister of sectarian.


Wn: Show me them toes!!!

ZenMav: Time to take this ** ** out.

Terry: Where is a good sniper when you need one.

Moderator: "He pointed out , the source said to al - Maliki , has begun marketing itself as a leader capable of keeping the security of Iraq."

So the guy who let ISIS take over a third of his country is selling himself as the security candidate. Surely, Iraqis aren't that stupid.

Didn't we see, a few days ago, Abadi's approval rating is in the high 70s and Maliki's in the low 30s? There's no way this guy is coming back as PM.

Wn: Zen, Can I quote you on that..........LOL

Dinardoe: I hope Abadi is smart and clever enough to be sure this jerk never becomes PM again. A good economy and help for the people (the voters) would be a start

ZenMav: wn, Quote Punisher... He is looking for endorsements

Justwaiting: ZenMav - GRIN

Kaperoni: Remember the elections are not choosing a PM. In fact the elections are not choosing anyone. Maliki on his second term stated it is not who wins or what block wins, but who can create the largest coalition of blocks after the election. So yes, Maliki does have a chance.

U mad bro?: kaperoni, Do you think our investment is doomed if Maliki wins?

Justwaiting: U mad bro?, might have been in 2012 - not sure now.

Tobyboy: Yes U mad, I believe we are doomed if Maliki becomes PM again as you know from prev he stoppped Shabibi who said be was going tro start the process in 2012. Maliki does not want the progress of economy. If he gets in we are dead in the water as far as our dinar is concerned.

U mad bro?: I'm not so sure I agree with your guys analysis. From what I know about how the world works and especially major events like this, it just seems hard to believe that one guy could derail all of this progress.

I think their is a good chance that Maliki was just a pawn and did what he was told to do when he issued arrest warrent for Shabbibi. I think that the powers that be are pulling the strings here..

if America, IMF, World Bank, etc. wants to move this forward, no way one guy is going to derail it - they'de send Jason Bourne to take care of that nonsense if they really want this to happen. I actually believe that Syria was the reason the Dinar has been held up - I think they were ready to do this in 2012 but did not anticipate Syria being such a headache.

I believe they had to neutralize Syria and of course kill more Shia with ISIS and they just could not implement the float until all that was taken care of.. If they plan on floating this dinar - no way one man holds this up. Again, I believe the holdup in 2012 was bigger than one man. Just my two cents

Terry: U mad bro?, I think you have been watching to many movies. Smile

Mike: Yep, this election is going to be interesting, but I still believe Abadi can cobble together a larger coalition than Maliki. Iraqi's know what Maliki is really about and now that they're trimming the government back, Maliki's lost a bunch of his patronage support, he's not able to grease the wheels like he used to.

The real problem is he's still popular enough to hang around and fleece the government and stall progress. If they whack him, he'll end up a martyr and used as propoganda against the west, another dirtbag Iran shill will pop up to take his place. --Stay grounded...

Shengwah: Mike, Not to mention that he is the King Grifter, and still has tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars to play with. Iraq might not be strong enough to resist him on their own, but I think pressure from the WB, IMF and the Trump administration might be enough to keep him from getting traction. If he does become PM, I'll put my dinar next to the Bolivars I keep in the loo.

New Iraq Poll 2018 Election Looks To Return Familiar Faces To Govt

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 Parliamentary elections in Iraq are only a month away. Dr. Munqith Dagher recently presented polling data on voting patterns at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The results showed a divided electorate that is becoming increasingly unhappy with the ruling parties, but the lack of alternatives means those same groups will still hold onto power.

The survey was done from February 22 to March 22, 2018 and involved over 7,000 people. There was a +/-2% margin of error and 95% confidence rate.

The first question was whether respondents would vote. 55% said they would with 60% in Sunni and Kurdish areas, 51% in Shiite ones, and 48% in mixed ones.

55% would be roughly the same as most of the previous elections.

57% voted in January 2005 for an interim parliament, but that included a Sunni boycott. That shot up to 76% in December for a permanent government, then dropped to 62% in 2010 (1) and again in 2014.

60% said they wouldn’t vote because they didn’t see any point to it, 28% believed candidates only thought of themselves, and 5.6% said that the results were already known. Those findings were the same across mixed, Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish areas.

Do you intend to vote? Area % Yes

Mixed 48%
Sunni 60%
Shiite 51%
Kurd 60%

Reasons for not voting
No point to elections 60%
Candidates only think of themselves 28%
Results already known 5.6%

When asked what was most important factor in choosing a candidate or party 32% picked integrity, 18% because they would find jobs, and 11% said they would defend the rights of citizens.

What is the most important factor when choosing a candidate/list to vote for?
Integrity 32%
Will find jobs 16%
Defend rights of citizens 11%

There were two different breakdowns for predicted election results. First, were all eligible voters. Prime Minister Haidar Abadi’s Nasr list came out with 72 seats, the pro-Iran Hashd’s Fatah was at 37 seats, Moqtada al-Sadr was at 27, Vice President Nouri al-Maliki’s State of Law had 19, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) had 18, Vice President Iyad Allawi, Speaker of Parliament Salim Jabouri and Salah al-Mutlaq’s Wataniya was at 15, Nishtiman made up of Change, Barham Salah’s new party, and the Kurdistan Islamic Group had 8, Ammar Hakim’s Hikma had 5, the Kurdish New Generation had 4, Vice President Osama Nujafi and Jamal Karbuli’s Al Karar had 3, the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) had 2, and the Arab Coalition had 1.

Predicted Election Results – All Respondents List # of Seats

Nasr/Abadi 72
Fatah/Hashd 37
Sadr 27
State of Law/Maliki 19
Wataniya/Allawi-Jabouri-Mutlaq 15
Nishtiman 8
Hikma/Hakim 5
New Generation 4
Al Karar/Nujafi-Karbuli 3
Arab Coalition 1

When the results were reduced to just the people who said they were certain to vote the results were basically the same. Abadi’s Nasr was still first with 78 seats, then Fatah with 37, Sadr with 29, the KDP and PUK with 21, State of Law with 19, Wataniya with 14, Nishtiman with 8, Hikma with 5, New Generation with 4, Al Karar with 2, the KIU with 2, and the Arab Coalition with 1. The only major change was the KDP and PUK pulling more seats than Maliki’s State of Law.

Predicted Election Results – Those Certain To Vote List # of Seats

Nasr/Abadi 78
Fatah/Hashd 37
Sadr 29
State of Law/Maliki 19
Wataniya/Allawi-Jabouri-Mutlaq 14
Nishtiman 8
Hikma/Hakim 5
New Generation 4
Al Karar/Nujafi-Karbuli 2
Arab Coalition 1

Dr. Munqith believed that voters were moving away from the traditional parties. When asked about their political orientations Islamic parties, which would be all of the Shiite ones and Speaker Jabouri’s Islamic Party dropped from 49%-52% from 2004 to 2014 down to 23% in 2018.

Secular parties such as Allawi’s Iraqiya went from 43%-50% from 2004 to 2010 down to 28% in 2014 and then 12% in 2018. On the other hand, mixed parties were at 0% from 2004-2010, then 7% in 2014 up to 33% in 2018. Abadi’s Nasr list includes some Sunnis and even plans on running in Kurdistan this year.

Sadr has also changed track with an alliance with the Iraqi Communist Party after they worked together organizing protests demanding political reform. The Fatah list may also include Sunni elements.

​There were other signs of change as well. In Sunni areas 36% said they would vote for Abadi’s list. In Shiite areas 89% voted for Islamic parties in 2014. Only 65% said they would do the same in 2018. Similarly, in Kurdish areas 82% voted for the established parties like the KDP and PUK, but 70% said they would do so in 2018.

Overall, the polling showed that people were growing weary of the status quo. At the same time, if the lists receive the predicted number of seats the new government will look much like the present one.

That means Prime Minister Haidar Abadi will maintain his position atop another national coalition government with the Shiite parties holding the majority of positions. Change always happens slowly in politics. That means while people may be looking for alternatives they find themselves mostly looking at the same faces to pick from this year.



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