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 Willie's Truth Call Q&A Tonight at 9 PM EST 4/4/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Willie's Truth Call Q&A Tonight at 9 PM EST 4/4/18

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 Willie's Truth Call Q&A Tonight at 9 PM EST 4/4/18 Empty Willie's Truth Call Q&A Tonight at 9 PM EST 4/4/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu Apr 05, 2018 8:33 am

How many of you are mentally, emotionally and physically ready for this "transformation" you are about to inherent?

Can you handle the abundance and I'm not speaking in terms of wealth, necessarily? It will soon be time to preform what you came here to do. That is what you are here for correct, service to others? What are you really focused on and how will you implement your plan? Once again I ask you, are you prepared? Do you have your facts straight? Is your candle still lit and are you ready to take the lead? Let go of your sword and drop the ego. There is no room for it in this new life that awaits you!!

Let's see if how prepared you are? Do you have the answers?

When was the US taken off the gold standard?

Who removed it and why?

What comes first, the RV, Global Reset of Countries, NESARA or ascension and why must it happen in this order?

What does ascension mean to you and your future?

My children and I learned in history class seems so backwards as to what I am reading today. How will we ever know the truth?

Is it necessary to be in a group that offers a 80/20 plan?

Who controls my money in these 80/20 plans?

How long will I have to exchange my currency?

Do I need to write out business or humanitarian plan to show the wealth manager before I get the highest rate?

Are the contract rates real?

I got an email directing me to call this 800# to make an appointment for my exchange but when I called, it was a personal voicemail and not a bank. I called it but now wished I hadn't. What should I do?

I have always been a religious person and have learned that it created division in families lives. I have studied the bible all my life but there are discrepancies between what is written, what is being taught and what I now read. Since becoming more of a spiritual person and walked away from the church, I find myself happier a more loving person open to new ideas and changes. How will communities come together in the future without the so called "church"? Will we still commune together but just in a spiritual way without religion?

Is Jesus really walking among us?

Will interest rates be higher or lower after this transition?

Can I put all my assets in the revocable living trust I currently have after this transition?

I have court date coming up for a divorce. Will my spouse be entitled to my current wealth if allowed to exchange before this date?

My husband and I lost our home in foreclosure a few months ago. We are currently homeless living between families and friends. How will they find us in order to receive our prosperity packages?

My daughter was thrown into jail for something she did not do several years ago. Will this transformation effect her?

What came first, the chicken or the egg? lol (just a little humor here) BUT THE REST IS ALL SERIOUS MY FRIENDS!

If you cannot answer just one or all of these questions we invite you to attend Willie's Truth Call tonight to get your answers. These are just some of the common questions that are asked but you may have even different question(s). Don't allow yourself to be unprepared!

Come join us this evening!! Share with us your questions and concerns!! Tonight 9pm EST

Ask your questions and get a truthful answer from our brother Willie!!

We invite you all to our home where our family shares experiences, discusses the daily topics and your questions are always answered with integrity and the TRUTH!

Only the TRUTH will set you FREE!!

Willie Collins from Texas has been doing conference calls for this community for several years. He was educated in 1993 about this new global plan and over the years he started to share the vision and plan with others, first individually and then by conference calls. He has been verified and checked out thoroughly for his authenticity even from other countries. He is recognized as a gentleman of truth and integrity. Willie teaches his followers that this is not about one particular country or about the money that so many believe it is. It is so much greater then that. This is a Global Financial and Economic Restructure or Reset that will return our freedom and sovereignty to everyone globally which we have lost years ago.

This call is a Q & A and you may freely ask any question pertaining to current events, global affairs, banking, currencies, articles of interests, and any other questions you have from other sources information. You will get your questions answered truthfully if he knows the answer as long as it is respectable to our listening audience.

Without TRUTH there cannot be TRUST, and without trust there is no LOVE, JOY and HAPPINESS!!!! Be the LIGHT tonight and share this info with those you love!

We are aware that many of you are being blocked or dropped by your carrier for one reason or another, therefore Willie has set up a work around number to bypass the regular number. Just follow the instructions. Please use this number if you are having difficulties with the direct line when you dial in: 206-451-6060 and follow the easy prompts.

Please join us TONIGHT and 5 days a week at 9pm EST. Get your questions answered by a respectable and knowledgeable man, Willie Collins from Texas. He has 24 years of background knowledge that makes up this divine plan and he is here to deliver the TRUTH to you! It is your constitutional right to know the TRUTH! Don't allow anyone to stop you from getting the facts.

Write down your questions prior to the call. ALL questions are answered as long as they are respectable with our listening audience.

* 6 will get you into the que to ask your questions. No reason to mute your phone. The line is muted automatically. Don't be embarrassed to ask your questions in this venue. Let your voice be heard and learn the reasoning behind this plan!

If your family and friends question your intentions of this journey let us help you. Invite them to join us. He will answer their questions too with hopes of strengthening your relationship with them along the way. You will be their backbone when this finally comes to fruition!! Be a friend today so you can be a hero tomorrow!!! Remember, hero's don't have egos...they have love and compassion for others!!


Willie's Truth Call 9:00 pm EST Monday thru Friday
Call 641-715-3570 pin 814068#
Back up number if you are having difficulty with your carrier: 206-451-6060 and follow the prompts
Replay # 641-715-3579 pin 814068# or on website under archives.

Website: http://www.williestruthcall.com/

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