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 "The Appointment" by Ron Giles - 4/2/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"The Appointment" by Ron Giles - 4/2/18

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 "The Appointment" by Ron Giles - 4/2/18 Empty "The Appointment" by Ron Giles - 4/2/18

Post by Ssmith on Tue Apr 03, 2018 9:07 am

I, for one, am looking for the 800# to just appear in my email and proceed to change my life completely. In my estimation. this appointment will be different for each individual. There are hundreds of factors and experiences that precede entrance into that room where your life will change. There may be a few persons who accept an appointment that will not be completely happy and even fewer who will be devastated. Note: Cabal operatives need not make an appointment, they already know who you are. You will get one of those, big fat zeros, you said will be lopped off of the printed face value of currency, if you do. That is just a fact.

Let’s examine the possible outcomes from those who adhere to different Conference Calls. Let’s call this just one of those, “experiences.”

TNT Con Call listeners/believers, have had the experience of hearing that they should not expect to gain much money, in either hand or bank account. Why, because they have listened and don’t expect much. They have been told to, expect crumbs without knowing of the full banquet of food that is available to them. They have been told to expect limitations and lopping off zeros, especially Zim, so they won’t even ask for anything better. That's leaving food on the banquet table because they don't know they can have all they want.

Bruce CC listeners, bless their hearts, they have endured a repetitious call, every Tuesday and Thursday evening, where they may just get the 800# before the end of the call. Bruce’s listeners will be OK if they include other calls to gain information on what to expect at their appointments. His information is helpful but he doesn’t tread on dates and rates. Probably knows that nobody knows, rates and dates. Why go there? He might believe Iraq info is useful which may or may not be the case, but he reports it as if it is.

Zap followers: on a week to week basis it is not really clear if he believes in the GCR/RV as the source of his money, which by-the-way has been expected every week, like forever. If you love him and his, send in your contributions. I’m sure they will help his Mary, Debbie or whichever one is being evicted or needs medications today. If you only exclusively follow Zap and his Office of Poofness, you probably have no clue of the exchange/redemption process and how to position yourself for the best results. I’ve not heard of humanitarian projects beyond what he expects for himself and the Office of Poofness to do, which is very vague. He is doing his thing and has been for years now.

Tank and Kim, are different! They do not believe in the NPTB (New Powers That Be) nor the exchange/redemption process. They believe that Tank will win his lawsuit within the Cabal legal system where nobody but the Cabal ever win, and that Kim has the magical powers to extract money from the Cabal Fiat money system and somehow give some money to us to save Humanity from starvation. The questions is this: If Kim is going to get us money, will I ever get to redeem my currency or should I sell it? I don’t see the wisdom of giving 198 countries money to build a train set instead of saving a million or two families and kids from starvation. Kim wants us to believe that she funded Trump's border wall when a few days after posting this claim, it was found out that the military will be funding the wall from the finance bill. None of their stuff has/can been verified while other info has been shown to be an extravagance of wishful thinking that wants us to believe in their supremacy and benevolence. Some of their info is fraudulent at best. Kim could be a pathological liar. She may even believe her own lies. I border on disdain for what they have done to hundreds of good believing people. But to each his own.

For what it's worth, my take on the appointment is this: be prepared with some great humanitarian projects and wait to see what happens at the appointment. I am asking for what I think I will need to accomplish my major projects and expect that the NPTB will find me a player to be funded with all I ask for. I won't go into the appointment with half-baked, low expectations. I am a Sovereign and will negotiate from that respectful position of authority and power, befitting a Sovereign. That’s who I Am.

I think big and without limitations, and I believe we Sovereigns should be supported and get what we deserve for once. It is in the best interests of all Humanity.

Blessings and love to all

Ron Giles

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