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Bruce says the Redemption Centers are ramped up for higher staffing starting tomorrow, and it is consistent to be that position through the 27th of the month.

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Bruce says the Redemption Centers are ramped up for higher staffing starting tomorrow, and it is consistent to be that position through the 27th of the month.

Post by Ssmith on Wed Mar 21, 2018 7:11 am

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Many of you are aware what is out there some things being said, blogged, and written about. I am just telling you what I know. This Intel segment is not going to be super long because for the last couple of days Intel has been pretty quiet. Sources are tending to dry up a little bit in terms of gag orders, black outs, and being told I can’t talk to you for a couple of days. That kind of thing. We are hearing some really cool things that are around this Spring Solstice which I told you last Thursday that it was the 20th, 21st. That is the 20th, and tomorrow will be the 21st. Everything I am hearing is still pointing to this time frame. We didn’t get it today. That makes us look forward to the rest of the week starting with tomorrow. It is not wise for me to call it on any particular day, but I do like sort of what I am hearing between tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Bruce: We heard awhile back that China had their Chinese Yuan to be gold backed and known about that starting on the 26th. At the same time we know some of our contacts are traders of the gold back Yuan as a future, and it is actually called a petro Yuan because it will be used to purchase oil. Instead of just the petro dollar we will have the petro Yuan. I know the traders that are trading the Yuan as a gold back future currency that is no longer available to do that after midnight tonight. That is interesting. They have been told that by email that they won’t be able to trade that as a future after midnight. I don’t know what that means exactly whether the Yuan will be gold back as of tomorrow, but I am hearing things like that even though they put out information about the 26th, next Monday. For us it would be Sunday into Monday due to the time difference in China.

Bruce: Hearing some good things about documentation being signed off. Hearing things about in Iraq of everything what we were looking for which was the budget, the oil and gas law, and the rate be put in the budget. Understand that did happen sort of by default like I mentioned last Thursday. That happened by default over Sunday. So more than likely at least that maybe will hit the printed version of the Gazette tomorrow. It doesn’t really matter to us if it does or not because Iraq is ready. The Qi cards are activated and the rate is on the cards. We know what it is and the in country rate is great. From that aspect Iraq is complete and they have the lower denominations in the ATMs for awhile now. They have some plans to use the coins, the fils. Those coins will be a hard currency and they will be able to use those here very shortly. I do not know if that is in play or about to be in play possibly starting tomorrow. That is one other sign to show Iraq is done and ready to go and be an international player with their currency which is great.

Bruce: Otherwise I think from what we are hearing, everything is moving along nicely from the Chinese perspective and perspective from out west and that things are about to go forward. We have heard some things last couple of days that certain groups would be paid and or certain SKRs would be made liquid. So far we have not seen it, but it does not mean it couldn’t be going on in the next couple of days. We really could. We know some exchanges are going on for individuals that have some liquidity, but the majority of the access to their funds will take up to 48 hours. That is from an exchange that took place today. It is in the process of happening, and I am believing that those of us in Tier 4 could very well get stated this week. I believe their intention is to start with Tier 5, John Q Public, next week.

Bruce: We also understand the gold back dollar is supposed to be available for us by the end of this week. That could be really interesting. Then I heard things the dollars being available essentially exchanged for gold in some banks as early as next week. We will see how that comes out. I am not interested in doing that personally, but it would be nice to know the dollar would be gold back again. I think we might even get an announcement even on Friday. Let’s see if we get one as an announcement on Friday. I don’t think we have to wait for that to get started however as our exchanges and redemption of Zim.

Bruce: I know the Redemption Centers are ramped up for higher staffing starting tomorrow, and it is consistent to be that position through the 27th of the month. I can tell you security is going to be good and high. We still have serious cleanup on Aisle 3 that has taken place the last 3 nights and is continuing. I think that is something that is getting to the point that it will be okay for us to get started. We believe enough cleanups have taken place for us to get started pretty soon. That is what we are looking at right now. Don’t worry about the rates. The rates are great. You know if you want to exchange or if you want to redeem your Zim higher than the screen rate, you will do it at the Redemption Centers in which the toll free numbers will guide you toward. It doesn’t mean the Tier 1 Banks won’t also be redeeming Zim. If you have humanitarian projects and you want to negotiate your rates for higher than the front screens, you will do that at the Redemption Centers just to let you know that. The security is great. I think we are at the point there is not a whole lot left to do that hasn’t been done. Everything appears to be complete such that we could get started. We will see how it shakes out the next couple of days. I feel good still about this week.

Bruce: That seems to be the Intel that I can put out for you guys. Stay in touch. We will send you out an email if you have registered with us at our websites: thebigcall.net and bigcalluniverse.com. We will be happy to let you know that. The toll free numbers for us and Canada we will put out on our websites. I look forward to getting those.

Bruce: Hang in there. Everything sounds great. I want everybody to be in a beautiful frame of mind to go in and do your exchanges. Thank you Pastor Steven, Bob, Sue and Big Call Universe. Thank you all for listening. All have a great night. Good night Everybody.


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Re: Bruce says the Redemption Centers are ramped up for higher staffing starting tomorrow, and it is consistent to be that position through the 27th of the month.

Post by Kevind53 on Thu Mar 22, 2018 12:44 am

What would sound great is hearing the Feds finally arrested your sorry ass for fraud ....

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