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  "Fake CNN’s Confusion" by Ron Giles - 3/18/18

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PostSubject: "Fake CNN’s Confusion" by Ron Giles - 3/18/18   Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:01 am

Reporters, TNT from CNN (Committee News Network/Confusion News Network), have re-released their many layers of confusion surrounding the ZIM, again.

In their releases all this week, they continue to mislead their Con Call-ees and us and Judy, in three areas that need to be corrected.

1. Zim Bonds are redeemed, not exchanged. The assumption that Zim is in the first basket of revalued currencies is inaccurate. 2007-2008, AA series Zim Bonds are not a currency that can be revalued. They were used in-country, as currency but are now defunct and are not recognized as valuable by anybody but us and the Elders. They are Bonds to beredeemed by the Chinese Elders instead of Zimbabwe, within the completely new Blockchain Goldbacked Financial System. Redeemed, is different than Exchanged. It's not only spelled differently; their meanings are different as well. DUH. The Redeemed Bonds are the basis of the new financial system that we Light Workers will use to do our Humanitarian Projects. Currencies in the first basket of revalued currencies were meant for a Return on Investment (ROI) for those who know about the revaluation and bought their currencies for that purpose. One may do humanitarian projects with their ROI monies but it will be insufficient to sustain large projects that are needed throughout the world. Zim Bonds are the vehicle the Elders are using to release millions of trillions of dollars that are needed to recover the damage left by the Cabal. This money will change all the economies of the world, that will never be the same again, and good riddance. The Zim, as a bond was never supposed to be included in the conversation about, “revaluation,” because it can only be, “redeemed.” When you redeem or cash in a bond, you get paid the face value of the bond, which brings up…..

2. You cannot lop zeros off the face value of a bond. What does it mean to lop off zeros anyway? Does that mean someone has the authority to change the face value of a bond? Do they use a pen and cross out the Zeros when you go to cash them in? ……. Perhaps they can lop off zeroes upon the revaluation of a currency if that country wants to do so by changing theirscreen rates. But not a Bond. A Bond is a contract of secured value. It is a breach of contract to attempt to devalue a bond by crossing out the zeroes. However, any county has the authority to do what they want with their own currency, but it makes no sense to give a rate and then knock off 6 zeroes. So which one is TNT/CNN talking about? Zim or Currency? Redemption or Revaluation? This repeated nonsense that zeroes will be lopped off, seems to be an attempt to lower ones expectation and delude the whole process of redemption and revaluation. If you don't know the truth about what is available to you, you won't ask for it and the Cabal chalks up one more deluded slave. This smells like the disinformation from those terrible old Cabalist, again; almost daily, certainly weekly. Naughty lizards. Bad form, guys. We smell your foul wind. Your committees are not working for Humanity.

3. The 80/20 split is a leftover EXCHANGE concept that is used to get us to do Humanitarian Projects instead of us just making a profit. Currency exchanges will give us a major ROI but it is not the flood of money needed to recover the damage left by the Cabal. If one does not have Zim, then maybe this is a benevolent attempt to make us do some good we would not otherwise do. However, redeeming Zim even at in-country rates of 1 to 1, means a 100 Trillion Zim Bond would give us $100 trillion. An 80/20 split would leave us $20 trillion to spend on ourselves. That is ludicrous. One could never spend that much money on personal wants or needs. So, who would benefit from the 80/20 split anyway? Why is this even in the conversation. This is just another attempt to put controls over the slaves. Regardless of the narrative, there is no way to control what we do with the money. As SOVEREIGNS, we will not be subjected to any oversight by any authority whatsoever, unless you have been identified as a Cabal minion. Cabal minions who have accepted amnesty, will be the only ones who will be monitored and controlled. But we Sovereigns are a different story. We will not tolerate any control over us. I know I won’t. Cabal agents will never be able to disrupt we Sovereigns again. No oversight on Sovereigns means we are free to come from our hearts and do the work we came here to do. Am I the only one who knows, believes and expects this?????

TNT and their controllers at CNN, have the right to continue their Con Calls and disseminate their false narrative, but for those of us who see their Cabal tactics of dominion and control being used against us are not buying into their misinformation. I for one, will maintain my posting to unveil their attempts to continue their ruse.

Truth is so much better than BS.

If someone can show a better truth, then I will concede. But until they do. I am standing at my post with my flashlight, beaming out in the dark, looking for the Cabal that are sneaking around, until the dawn of our new day… and I have plenty of batteries.

Love and Light to all.

Ron Giles
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Posts : 17842
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PostSubject: Re: "Fake CNN’s Confusion" by Ron Giles - 3/18/18   Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:01 am

"To Ron Giles Re: ZIM Bonds vs. Currency Query" by Bren

Hi Ron or anyone else that can expand on this subject..

Previously doing some research online and thought myself it was saying maybe the ZIM are bond notes as opposed to currency..?

The ZIM notes have " I promise to pay the bearer on demand the amount of...." for the face value.

I noticed an old USD and other countries notes said " this note is legal tender for the value of ..."

Could it be that simple ?

So as Uunderstand it - the ZIM must be redeemed or exchanged at FACE value... as per Rons comments.

I had decided previous that it made perfect sense that I would only ask for and accept face value at 1 - 1 with my redemption appt.

It just made sense to me and no need for crazy high rates. when dealing with ZIM why would we need more than 1-1 rate?

and info I read was actually talking about the equivalent in GOLD or other assets needed to be backing that bond..

Interesting and seems to follow what we've been told so far....

My question for Ron or others..

You mention the AA series as a BOND - does that mean the other series are currency only or also bonds - why mention only the AA?

Do I then need to separate the series that i have and will be dealing with two different processes of exchange / redemption.

Any further clarity would be wonderful

Thank you

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PostSubject: Re: "Fake CNN’s Confusion" by Ron Giles - 3/18/18   Mon Mar 19, 2018 4:46 pm

OK...so the RBZ and gov't decommission over-inflated notes, but they're actually a bond?  They use 8 other currencies in-country, but ZWD is a bond?  A BOND?  This is more ridiculous than the notion that IQD will spike 40K% overnight in value - at least IQD is a viable currency.  ZWD is defunct.  Worthless.  Decommissioned.  It is not a bond or commitment to pay with interest, it is not backed by anything.  It's DECOMMISSIONED.
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PostSubject: Re: "Fake CNN’s Confusion" by Ron Giles - 3/18/18   Mon Mar 19, 2018 9:51 pm

No confusion, no "ZIM," so I guarantee you no news agency whether CNN, FOX, Reuters, AP, or any other outlet. I'll give you Phony, but he and RayRat are FOS anyway. The ZWD is over and done, it has been demonetized, declared DPA and buried never to rise again. Once again, paper doth not the bond make. Bond paper is just a good quality paper with a smooth finish, 50gm/m, suitable for writing, printing, or copying and usually used for business. I buy it by the case usually, but the really good stuff I buy by the ream.

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:14–18

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"Fake CNN’s Confusion" by Ron Giles - 3/18/18
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