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 "Tank/Kim, No RV?" by Angry - 3/16/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Tank/Kim, No RV?" by Angry - 3/16/18

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 "Tank/Kim, No RV?" by Angry - 3/16/18 Empty "Tank/Kim, No RV?" by Angry - 3/16/18

Post by Ssmith on Sat Mar 17, 2018 8:47 am

Wow just started listening to parts of Tanks last two calls and now I'm just plain angry! I'm not sure who I should direct my anger at but one thing is for sure anger and regret is at the front of all my thoughts now! I could only get through parts of each call because of what his Intel was telling us. No RV, at least, not at the rates Tank and many others suggested over the years? He eluded to hold onto our currency and he hopes Kim, who holds the manna trust, will possibly maybe help us get something for the currency we hold? It appears to me, according to Tank, we should have a humanitarian project or idea and maybe Kim would possibly maybe fund it? He also said possibly maybe an individual who needs financial help, might fall under the guidelines of a humanitarian project possibly maybe??? The thing is, he comes across as very credible and uses examples of the RV always happening tomorrow today next week, whatever, but it never goes because it can't. Tank tells us now the currency we hold will never RV at those same rediculous rates he among others have told us over the year(s). He used our friend Zap as a great example of someone who tells us every week how he is about to be funded for his projects, we all know the results of that same old game? That can be said of Bruce, TNT, Frank, Jared, Patrick etc.. Does anybody notice how timelines never last throughout an entire week? This week we were getting so excited based on what Iraq is putting out in print, before 21st and slowly 25th creeps in? Operation Disclosure (Patrick?) now tells us how Trump must get rid of the corrupt cabal within his own government first? You mean they didn't know that before yesterday? Come on Patrick! He even now mentions 25th? Patrick or whoever is behind operation disclosure do you not see the same game of always future dates given as the week progresses?

This is why I'm thinking Tanks Intel might just be accurate, God I hope not? Can anybody who listened to the whole calls shed any light on this? Please prove Tank and Kim wrong with facts not opinions. I understand Tank told us to hang onto our currency just in case, in case of what? There is either an RV or there isn't? Jared, Bruce, Tony, Ray, Becky, Frank, anybody please step forward with your take. He is basically saying to all of us that the mana trust is real and Kim is the sole owner of and is the sole person in charge of disbursement? He is also telling us most if not all your Intel you receive is just not accurate and there will be no RV? The flooding of all this wealth onto the markets economies would destroy all the worlds economies, he says? I hear some of you agree and disagree. Please anybody can you explain the two sides of this debate, I'm so confused? I want to believe this whole RV/GCR was suppose to redistribute the wealth of the world? According to Tank, the mana trust holds all this wealth and one person now is in charge of disbursement, how is that going work out?

I guess the bottom line is, we all should find out by no later than the 21st? I for one, not going to allow this to be put off any longer by the so called sources all of you mentioned above, have. No more games, is it not time for all of us to find out the truth? I'm nobody, I'm just very angry to think we have all been duped? No more accepting the delays, if Tank and Kim are right than for all accounts this will not happen before the 21st? No more time lines or opinions of timelines just facts? I'm a proud Canadian, the couple hundred bucks I have in my account never get stolen by the banks I deal with, lol!

If this does not go by or before the 21st I'm going to beg Tank and Kim for forgiveness and plead with them to exchange the currency I hold for as much as they will accept. I cant wait any longer nor do I think any of us should. If, we the light workers, are being fed bogus info from the many sources you all say you have then why hasn't anyone from the benevolent PTB's once and for all set the record straight? Enough is enough!

Thank you.

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 "Tank/Kim, No RV?" by Angry - 3/16/18 Empty Re: "Tank/Kim, No RV?" by Angry - 3/16/18

Post by Ssmith on Sat Mar 17, 2018 8:48 am

"Re: Tank/Kim, No RV?" by ReelMan

I'm not going to judge this post, I swear that I am not..... But, ARE YOU SEVEN YEARS OLD ????

If you were a Lightworker, you would have:

Listened to the whole call, discerning the quality of the content rather than lashing out. Does it seem to be Truth? If not, let it go.

You would not get angry, as that is a 3D emotion that has been thrown out (if you so choose).

Not invoke the name of literally EVERY intel provider (some of which have already been in prison for fraud or investigated).

Not believe that you are OWED an RV. God owes you squat. You know who is owed something? The downtrodden, the humble and the virtuous servants. The one's that the rest of us want to serve.

Would not stamp your feet, throw your arms in the air and snivel. Grow a set and read what the IDC blog can teach you if you are willing to learn and would stop acting like a petulant child who wants a pony. Or a putz.

The RV is but a small part of the greater release of lack and limitation, the acceptance and empowerment of individual sovereignty, and the knowledge that you are a Creator being, not a slave. As has been said many times, focus not on the transaction; focus on the transition. Become Light and Love. The RV and the transition to 5D and a better world is in progress. The RV portion will manifest when the time is right, but if you focus only on the dollars you are selling yourself, and the Universe, short. Understand, and I mean really understand that intel is not a science, and there is a lot of deflection and misinformation based on many different ideologies. That is a nice way of saying that some intel is bullshit.

Read, learn, ask questions. Meditate. Learn who you are and have been. Listen to your Heart, not your Head. How has listening to your Head worked for you so far?

But, for the Love of God, stop whining. You made a small investment. Let it go. Or go sit in time-out.

Love and Light, Dude.

Posts : 20038
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