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 "Regarding Cabal Intel - Tony, RayRen, et al" by Ron Giles - 3/6/18  ~Updated, w/apology~ DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Regarding Cabal Intel - Tony, RayRen, et al" by Ron Giles - 3/6/18 ~Updated, w/apology~

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 "Regarding Cabal Intel - Tony, RayRen, et al" by Ron Giles - 3/6/18  ~Updated, w/apology~ Empty "Regarding Cabal Intel - Tony, RayRen, et al" by Ron Giles - 3/6/18 ~Updated, w/apology~

Post by Ssmith on Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:29 am

Diddly Squat, comes to mind when Tony, RayRen98, et al talk about the Zim. Are they even talking about the ZIM that we know about? Their non-NPTB, “Committee,” sources and the Real Truth, are strange bedfellows settling in to a sordid night of, he said, she said. All gossip with little if any valuable news or intel. What world do these people live in? Are they playing the game of ignoring the lion that is about to pounce on them? The ruse is up, the game is over. Why do these folks keep coming up with this line of intel when it is so obvious that it is false and untrue?

There will be NO CAP on anything to do with currency exchanges…..!!!!! All currency, including ZIM can be exchanged, without limit, at a rate you can negotiate at the exchange.

There is no logic to their insistence on an exchange of currency, triggering a taxable event. If you take currency and hand it over to another person or bank, and that other person or bank gives you back a brand new freshly printed crisp gold backed dollar, where is the taxable event? And what if you received 100 Trillion dollars for a 100 Trillion bond? Where is the taxable event? And what if you negotiated a higher rate for exchange, how would the IRS figure the tax when you can't tell them the particulars because of an NDA? An NDA is a two way street so you are protected.

Question: When you look at all the currency holders in the world, who would they pay these taxes to?... Cabal governments???? (20 % tax - give me a break) Is it income tax, capital gains tax, excise tax, or what? How would the Cabal label it? How would they know? In the new financial system, NO CABAL Governments, nor Cabal central banks, the Cabal IMF, the World Bank, the Bank of International Settlements, their agents, nor any of their minions, will survive the international RV event. They wouldn’t even have bank accounts in the new system to put these illegal taxes in? These Cabal people are known and will not be participating in the new GESARA compliant world.

Why would the NPTB put all this money into our hands and then have it taxed by Cabal Governments? What are we waiting for if it is not to get rid of these vermin so we can do our work? There is no logic in the TNT crowd's insistence that we will be taxed.

In your Committee’s planning for future tax requirements, what law enforcement agency is going to enforce this illegal tax? And what court is going to put us in jail if we don’t pay this illegal tax? What bank would the Cabal put their tax money in? How could they spend it, and on what? If you are a government, illegally taxing your people and are not GESARA compliant you will be kicked out of the international community and your people will riot in the streets to overthrow your illegal government. TNT CC administrators, where do these committee's members come up with this stuff (BS)?

Our new financial system is Gold Backed. If your money is not gold backed your money will not be a part of our financial system. The RV/GCR is the new game in town and that money will be used for the good of humanity and will not be taxed for any other use. Even the interest on the structured payout will not be taxed, as income tax is not a part of the new GESARA compliant governance. If Cabal governments still exist, and they won’t, how would they function in the world when we are the ones with the money?

TNT, Rey Ren 98, Tony, your Committee, and all involved in this disinformation scheme, are causing harm and damage to your CC listeners and the innocent new comers on IDC. Your conference calls and posts, confuse and cause anxiety. Even your Iraqi information is just a drama; a tempest in a tea pot; making something out of nothing; put on as a ruse to justify your CC, until the RV is ready to go. Truth is, when the RV is ready to go, everything Iraqi, will suddenly fall into place and the drama you are creating, will just simply go away in the dust bin of non-relevant activities.

If you want to be relevant, I suggest you start talking about the Global Currency Reset of ALL national currencies. Talk about the movement away from the Fiat system and into the new Gold Backed system that will function as parity with all other countries. Get real in your understanding of the true GESARA Law because you don’t seem to have a clue what it is all about, that’s probably why you never talk about it. Talk about the NPTB instead of a committee made up of a think tank, of wannabe intellectuals, who are not relevant. You only talk about Iraq. Iraq is not the only country involved in the RV/GCR. While it is important, it is just another pin point on the global map of countries becoming GESARA compliant. It’s time you give the old Iraqi intel, Tune, a rest, it is not that interesting or relevant and there are a lot of sour notes.

Wish it weren’t true, but it is.

Ron Giles

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 "Regarding Cabal Intel - Tony, RayRen, et al" by Ron Giles - 3/6/18  ~Updated, w/apology~ Empty Re: "Regarding Cabal Intel - Tony, RayRen, et al" by Ron Giles - 3/6/18 ~Updated, w/apology~

Post by Kevind53 on Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:27 am

And your bull shite is information huh? There is no Zim, there never has been. The ZWD which was a legitimate currency is dead, buried, and by now, compost. There is no NESARA, GESARA, NPTB, or any of the rest of the alphabet soup you frauds like to toss around. In other words, you are full of crap!

That said I love it when liars call each other liars.

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:14–18

  "Regarding Cabal Intel - Tony, RayRen, et al" by Ron Giles - 3/6/18  ~Updated, w/apology~ 2805820865   "Regarding Cabal Intel - Tony, RayRen, et al" by Ron Giles - 3/6/18  ~Updated, w/apology~ 2805820865   "Regarding Cabal Intel - Tony, RayRen, et al" by Ron Giles - 3/6/18  ~Updated, w/apology~ 2805820865   "Regarding Cabal Intel - Tony, RayRen, et al" by Ron Giles - 3/6/18  ~Updated, w/apology~ 2805820865
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 "Regarding Cabal Intel - Tony, RayRen, et al" by Ron Giles - 3/6/18  ~Updated, w/apology~ Empty Re: "Regarding Cabal Intel - Tony, RayRen, et al" by Ron Giles - 3/6/18 ~Updated, w/apology~

Post by Ssmith on Fri Mar 16, 2018 8:50 am

"Apologies to TNT" by Ron Giles

After further analysis and reading, I have come to realize that Ray and Tony are not even talking about our, RV/GCR and certainly not the Zim Bond redemption that we refer to here on IDC. I should have realized it sooner.

Their source of information, the Committee News Network (CNN), are not even the Elders. Without Ray and Tony talking to the horse's mouth, they must be talking to the other end, just hot air. (Pinch Nose) When you talk to the right end, you get the best information, not the digestive tract leftovers. Wouldn’t you agree?

When you are greasing your own skids (agenda), who cares about truth? Their report of 83,000 listeners and a Million who hear the replays may or may not be true, but who cares. If they want to RV or redeem Zim Bonds as Sovereigns, they need to read and listen to IDC, not CNN fake news. Oh, that foul wind. Glad I’m upwind.

Zimbabwe and Zim repatriation have nothing to do with OUR Zim redemption. Zimbabwe will never have the money to redeem the Zim that we hold collectively, yet alone, even one of us who holds more than a 100 T Bond. But the real Elders have the new money and will redeem for us. As far as the in-country Zim, their lower denominations were reported to be available last year, on a one for one exchange with the USD. (14 Cents????) Again, the AA bond series that we hold will be redeemed by the Elders in the new Gold backed Financial System. Nobody else has the money and nobody else will be involved in our new Financial System. Reconciliation of Fiat Currencies will be done under strict supervision by the Alliance. The TNTer's redemption, if any at all, will be in old Fiat currencies and that is why they talk about limited redemption and at 14 cents. Reason?,.. there’s no Cabal money for their redemption, it’s all gone. Even if they had some fiat money to redeem, what they advertise is a far cry short of our Sovereign Rates, not to mention the higher negotiated rates we will receive. Which historically are, $10,000 to $125,000/Zim depending on your Humanitarian Project. To the Banks each Zim has a value of $125,000. If they redeem for less, they make the profit selling it back to the Elders’ banking system. The tradeoff is having the money parked in their bank, which is of course the profit incentive that produces the money to pay interest on the structured payout. They will make much more as a parking place, and they know this.

So, I must apologize to TNT, they’ve been rapping on about Parsnips, while I thought they were rapping on about AA series Bonds. My mistake.

By the same Parsnips, TNT has a fixation on Iraqi Government actors that have nothing to do with the RV, either. They are also scripted like Trump, and when the time comes to RV, all the ducks will line up miraculously, and the Revaluation will take place. Their rate game, will continue unabated, because it keeps people’s attention. The real rates will not be known until you go in to exchange. Oops, my bad again. It looks like TNT diehards will be part of the public exchange and the rate will be 100th of a penny on the dollar compared to our Tier 4, Sovereign or Negotiated rates. TNT never talk about Tier 4 rates, that’s because the Turnips are always talking about other useless things – keep the Con. Call-ees fed and they’ll keep coming back to the Cabal trough.

It is hard to see how people can not to see the parody taking place with TNT, when there is so much good intel available. Critical thinkers are hard to find, but yet, dot to dot puzzles can be hard to figure out as well. But people will be people.

Regardless, I do apologize for bashing them and assuming they were talking about the, real RV and Zim redemption. I’ll do better in the future.

Shining my Flashlight into the Darkness, I am...

Ron Giles

PS. 80/20 split are for those that redeem at 14 cents/Zim, the rest of us will redeem for too much money to spend 20% on ourselves.

PPS. 14 cents, and limited Zim redemptions, are only for TNT Con. Call-ees. Limited thinking means lack of thinking. Make your own choice.

PPPS. TNT Con. Calls are for those who want to support Tony and Ray, please give freely and often. That’s their business. 83,000 and a million replay listeners, that’s a great payday for a Con. Call.

PPPPS. Yosef is jealous. Tank & Kim, rumored to have recently been married in a bank, are wannabes. Everybody gets what they intend/deserve.

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