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Kaparoni -  "The Way to Get Things Started" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 2/20/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Kaparoni - "The Way to Get Things Started" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 2/20/18

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Kaparoni -  "The Way to Get Things Started" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 2/20/18 Empty Kaparoni - "The Way to Get Things Started" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 2/20/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:17 am

Iraq Dinar, Iraqi Banks, Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) News > Dollar rates: a slight rise in Baghdad, Erbil and stability in Basra

19/2/2018 BAGHDAD / NRT

Dollar exchange rates recorded, Monday, stock exchanges rose in Baghdad and Erbil, and stable in Basra Stock Exchange in front of the dinar in trading foreign currency market in Iraq.

​Baghdad Stock Exchange
Selling price of $ 100 = 122.100 dinars
purchase $ 100 = 123,000 dinars price

Erbil Stock Exchange
selling price of $ 100 = 122.900 dinars
purchase $ 100 = 123.050 dinars price

Basra Stock Exchange
selling price of $ 100 = 122.750 dinars
purchase price of $ 100 = 123.500 dinars


Kaperoni: 1221 to $1

Kaperoni: I believe the 2% goal is 1213 to $1 (1184 + 6 dinar CBI commission =1190 x .02 = 1213)

wn: Thanks Kap.

kw: I will take the spread because of te week dollar andy way I can get it at this point. The up side is this has been stedy for almost 3 weeks now.

justwaiting: Just a curiosity question Kap. Are you adding commission to be safe (imf 2% spread) or?? good move to cover ~ did not think t o compute as such. I was still on 1184 x 1.02 = 1208. Like the 1213 - Grin!!! Bigun TY!

I too like the 1213, but I'm pretty sure that it should be 1204 !

justwaiting: well, CBI is 1184 now, that could be the difference (from earlier , 1180 & 1182) possibly. Any way, keep moving down ~ and when get there STAY THERE for the REQUIRED TIME hahaha. oh man, ! ! for us all! PS - those / these figures do NOT include commission ~~

Kaperoni: I believe I read once in the CBI docs they allow for the CBI commission. In any case, if they get to around 1213 they will call it compliance. The question then is will they wait the full 90 days?


Iraq Government News > Cabinet announces key recommendations to ensure a sound investment climate in Iraq

Monday 19 February 2018 | 13:51 BAGHDAD / .. approved the Council of Ministers, on Monday, the key recommendations to ensure a sound investment climate in Iraq that are implemented according to the law.

The recommendations include, according to the statement of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers received "appointed Iraq News" full investment life cycle, a strategic vision, attracting investment, and enter the investment and its establishment, investment promotion and expansion, links and indirect effects.

Under the main recommendations of the President, to develop an operating system of special economic zones in Iraq, and the development of guidelines for the statement of national investment policy, and enable the economic reforms provide technical support to the Higher Committee for the implementation of the agreed investment reforms, and to provide technical support to the Commission for the premiership projects proposed investment plan Basra province to implement the investment reform action plan for Basra, and a review of the requirements for obtaining entry and propose an action plan to simplify the issuance of visas and the establishment of a visa category of investor and clear procedures for visa.

​The statement added, " The recommendations contain the development of measures to increase access to information and opportunities for private sector participation in government tenders, and the provision of technical assistance and funding to the private sector to enable it to respond to government tenders, and to encourage and facilitate arrangements for companies between Iraqi companies and their foreign counterparts, and the liquidation of financial arrears to the private sector . finished 1


wn: Special economic zones is how China opened up to the world so quickly. It was amazing to watch happen. Mexico also did this when NAFTA got passed. This could be the way to get things started if they can back it up with a good plan.


Kaperoni: Iraq General News > Iranian currency reeling after it lost a quarter of its value in six months .. Iranian anger is coming

February 17 2018 15:03

The collapse of the Iranian currency as a result of the policies of the mullahs Ibrahim al-Obeidi

Observers: the mullahs to continue his way aggressive push to the complete collapse of the currency within a year

Exacerbate Iran 's isolation erases a quarter of the value of its currency in six months there is no hope there will be light front mullahs in light continuing aggressive policies.

He's trying to convince himself, but he would pay harsh of his life under the continuation of the terrorist in the same way that followed.

Thus, observers agreed on what exposed "Iranian currency" of the deterioration ataxia great over the past six months.

They pointed out that the Iranian anger will not be delayed too long, Iranians arrived to the end of the day, there is no longer necessary to blast in the face.

In fact, the Central Bank of Iran flops in a desperate and harsh measures to halt the decline in the riyal against foreign currencies such as the dollar, at a time when political leaders have resorted to threats and accusations, especially Washington's pressure on European banks do not even work with Tehran.

Lost Iranian rial more than 25% of its value against the dollar over the past six months, fell to more than 48 thousand riyals to the dollar late last week, with fading hopes for a boom in foreign investment following the threat of US President, Donald Trump, continuing an end to the nuclear deal with Iran .

The central bank announced the indulgence in the ceiling of interest rates imposed last September on the benefits of funds, so as to encourage depositors to keep their money riyal instead of buying other currencies and the smuggling of funds abroad.

The flight of funds abroad

The traders wave amplitude of money to escape abroad, because of fear of losing their value, especially the Iraqi funds deposited in Iran by Iraqi traders and corrupt officials.

The Iranian central bank will allow measures for banks in the next two weeks to give the benefit of up to 20% on deposits installed for a year compared to 15% previously, according to the confirmation of the media.
The central bank also took further action to stop the growing demand for the dollar, as displayed in the recent sale of gold coins at "attractive."

Iran's government newspaper said authorities also closed bank accounts belonging to about 775 people considered to be "stirring up turmoil in the" local exchange markets after it said they deliberated on the market is equivalent to about 200 trillion rials, more than $ 4 billion.

Close exchange offices

These steps come after police shut down ten exchange offices last week and arrested about 100 ATMs, state television broadcast images of a campaign of raids.

He was quoted by local newspapers about the governor of the Central Bank, Crown God, Saif, as saying: "The financial authorities were able to identify the speculators in the foreign exchange market, and we will use all means to get out of this situation and restore calm to the market."

The dollar was equal to 10 thousand riyals in 2010, but the tightening of US and European sanctions imposed on Iran over its nuclear program as of the end of 2011 led to a decline in the Iranian currency.

For his part, Iranian Vice President Mohammad Baqer Noboukt (indicated is also responsible for budget and planning) -ofaqa report newspaper Arabs to the existence of major problems facing the financial balances as well as cash reserves of the country, adding that "some countries-such as India and China set conditions receive whereby part of the oil revenue is in the form of goods from these countries in the swap agreement. "

Noboukt added that "the basic problem is the heavy climate created by the United States and European banks, which do not dare to work with us."

Observers for "predicted Baghdad Post " that the growing American pressure and international on the mullahs during the coming period, which will lead to further ataxia currency and more Takbtha,

which is reflected in the end of the Iranian people who came uprising last December 2017 as a sign glowing red mullahs not to continue in this way, it should pay attention to be "Iran first", and do not need to spend money on Iran militias or go to Hezbollah and the Houthis and others.

It's heavy tax paid by the mullahs and will continue under the survival of his terrorism.


Punisher: Poor Iran....I feel sorry for them (Not!).

Terry: Well, at least they still have the 150 bill $$$ that o gave them. Smile

Kaperoni: and they are good counterfeiters

wn: The Moolas probably invested is Swiss Francs way before they screwed up the currency value.

anya: The frozen funds were returned (not "gven") to Iran in excange for limiting its nuclear program. And it was $100 billion, not $150 billion.

Mike: I love it, hopefully the Iranian people know why their lives are deteriorating, the govenrment gives money to the Houthi's, Hezbollah, Syria and other Shia proxy states and starves their own people of the simple things in life like food and financial security. I hope the US turns up the pressure on these bottom feeders.

Terry: The Iranian people need a revolution. Time for the goat loving mullahs to go.

TrixieDinar: The LA Times, Time, NYT, and others news outlets have a different story. The money was owed to Iran since 1979, originally 400 million:and paid with interest thru a court mandate:


Terry: I concede after researching that many news sources say it was 100 bil. The point being was that also news sources are saying that a significant portion of the money has gone to fund terrorist organization like Hezbollah. Also many in the know say it was the stupidest (Iran nuclear deal) deal in the history of mankind of which I agree.

kw: According to politifact it was 2 billion:

Handel’s staff pointed to a March 17, 2016, letter from the U.S. State Department saying Iran had received about $1.7 billion as part of the nuclear agreement. The money was legally due to Iran. The country had paid America for military equipment in 1979, but then the Iranian revolution came and the hardware was never delivered.

In August 2016, many news organizations reported the delivery of $400 million of that $1.7 billion in cash. As part of that exchange, an unmarked cargo plane delivered the money after American officials were certain that three Americans held in Iran were on their way home. even the LA times reported 1.7 billion.

kw: Agreed mike, I have been watching the recent protests in Iran and have good friends from there, and they are saying the same thing. Their is a move to bring the Shaw’s son back and get rid of the religious stronghold on the country.

Punisher: That is great to know Kw! Thanks. These bastards are gonna get what has been coming to them! Glad the citizens have had enough!

TrixieDinar: KW, the article I included stated the original amount for the arms sales was 400 million and with paid interest on that amount, the total came to 1.7 billion, so we are in the same ballpark. Thanks!

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Kaparoni -  "The Way to Get Things Started" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 2/20/18 Empty Re: Kaparoni - "The Way to Get Things Started" - Dinar Alert News Discussion 2/20/18

Post by Jayzze on Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:44 am

yep it started already the ry thru the republic via the gcr look for it during the next century
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