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"Response and Journey Into the Unknown" - Kim Possible Intel Update 2/11/18

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"Response and Journey Into the Unknown" - Kim Possible Intel Update 2/11/18

Post  Ssmith on Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:38 am

Over the last few weeks I have listened, responded and accepted your criticism. Again, I did not post here to become your "go to" or an "intel" source. I was hoping only to wake you up to the world that exists beyond your knowledge base. "New Systems" vs "Old Systems". Unless you know what the "Old Systems" really are you can not create a "New One". That was all I was trying to convey. If you are talking about a "system" as in a computer system, you must firstly understand the magnitude of what is the "old system"

One of my favorite quotes:

“In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him. I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves. And then, in that very moment when I love them.... I destroy them.”
Orson Scott Card, Ender's Game

How can you defeat an enemy you do not understand? The answer is you can not. Good Cop, Bad Cop. Bet on all 8 horses in an 8 horse race. East to West then West to East, it makes no difference. Taking down of "Public Figures". Canon Food? YES. NESARA/GESARA interesting. "Those who are running this show are not in the public eye" DJM. VERY TRUE! But what are their intentions??

I will refer you to a man who wrote a blog. A man I respect greatly who took a lot of heat for writing this. Although our views on what is to come vary, most of what he writes here is accurate. He has been there for sure, knows these "people" for sure and also hopes the best for humanity. Believe this or don't, but what you see as progress is merely a "pawn move" in someone else's chess game. Sorry but that is what it is. AI Systems, your quote "New Systems". Maybe you should read what the "System" (all be it changed greatly since this was written) really is.


Much Respect to that writer who met with a ton of criticism both inside and out.

"Your Enemy is Always Your Greatest Teacher", but who is that really? I mean do you REALLY know?

Take what you want from this, leave the rest. I am NOT your hero, NOT your savior. NO Benevolent race of ET is coming to save you! Trust me you don't want that anyway, that is what THEY want and how we got in this mess to begin with. I am only a person who got stuck in this mess with the rest of you who knows in order to get out it takes ALL OF US. For those of you who want to focus soley on the "New Financial System" and "Exchanging" great. Why is the "New Financial System" experiencing delays? What is the "New Financial System"? Is it a Computer? Is it a new way of life? Restoration of the Natural way of life?

Meditations are great for connecting with God, Creator, your TRUE self (some call this your higher self). Critical for survival of humanity. Those of you who are able to make this connection PLEASE help the rest who are struggling. The "information" given by the Creator still requires ACTION. Actionable Items, things that are within your capability in order to create change.

For those of you that want to understand read it. This world is not what it appears to you, systems of control go much deeper than you think. They already pledged all of the inground assets to their "Masters" (who are not here anymore) and the AI. How can the Dragons do it again? The answer is they can't... Dragons are the greedy little piglets trying to double dip. UN/IMF/World Bank? Just tools to justify legally stealing that which belongs to YOU. Why can they do this? The answer is simple, your ancestors pledged it already. Gave it them on a silver platter. That has been unwound now, your time is now. The AI is no longer in their control. For Gods Sake Please understand it, embrace it and take it! 153 dead, gone. You didn't have to go through that, but it is done. Now please prove them wrong.

So when I say Quantum System..Codes, Physical Assets in bars and otherwise, you have to understand WHAT HAPPENED before you can MOVE FORWARD.

If you want to understand "Quantum Systems" and AI read about it in the above blog.. It's pretty close, at least where it was before the revisions in early 2016. There are "many trusts" well if you can find them outside the AI, then please for goodness sake release it, dig the holes, pull out the gold/silver assets. Where are they? 173 bunkers empty.. In safe storage. The slaves become the masters of their own estate. PLEASE. Help me help you.

Please I am begging all of you to educate yourselves. This is necessary in order to make it to the next step. For the rest of you who do not want to? Thank you in advance for your criticism.

Thank You,

Kim "Possible"

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