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Dr. Clarke  2/2/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Dr. Clarke 2/2/18

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Dr. Clarke  2/2/18 Empty Dr. Clarke 2/2/18

Post by Mountain Goatee on Sat Feb 03, 2018 8:51 am

DR. CLARKE (Friday, Feb. 2, 2018):

SUNDAY, March 24, 1991 - KUWAIT (Because of Iraq)

End of a Month?
End of a Quarter?
End of a Year?
On a Friday night?
On a Saturday Night?
On a Sunday Night?
On a Wednesday?
Everything Perfect & Logical?
Accurately Telegraphed Ahead, Hinted, Intel-led?

During the DAY?

Is Sunday in the Middle East, considered like Monday in the U.S.?

Least hidden DAY - DAYTIME - DATE during the Month?

SUNDAY in the U.S. & SUNDAY in the Middle East Both?


6 Weeks allotted, to exchange old Dinars for New Ones, till May 7, 1991.


Could FEBRUARY Produce Same Type Dynamics?


“SEE” the Micro.

IGNORE ALL the Obvious - written & spoken, NO MATTER WHO IT’S FROM - this side of the pond or that side of the pond, including ALL Intel Providers.

The Obvious, is NOT the way of it.


Be Smart.


Dr. Clarke
Mountain Goatee
Mountain Goatee
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Dr. Clarke  2/2/18 Empty Re: Dr. Clarke 2/2/18

Post by ReapAndSow73 on Sat Feb 03, 2018 9:34 am

Clarke showed up on the scene in Jan 2016.  More than two years later, and after numerous promises to disappear if the intel didn't come to fruition (none of it did...as in, zero...), Clarke shows up again, continuing the cryptic intel blather.  Seigel and DR need to get a better writer for their audience, this shill has run its course.

There are ZERO parallels between Kuwait and Iraq, with respect to monetary policy.  NONE!  Me and several others have destroyed that notion for several years.  You realize Kuwait was invaded by Iraq in August of 1990, right?  That's almost 30 YEARS AGO.  Has anything changed in the monetary system in 30 years?  OK, and you realize Iraq was invaded by US forces in March of 2003, right?  That was 15 YEARS ago.  Has the M1 of Iraq changed in 15 years?  Has the integrated petro-currency platform changed in 15 years?  There can be no overnight spike in currency value pegged against USD.  It's nonsense.  Combine that with the intel disseminated by scam artists, MLM conmen, convicted felons, new-age Luceferians, Bible-thumpers, and lying aggregators like Recaps...there will be no RV/GCR.  It ain't happening.  There are no mathematical or economic or global monetary models that could EVER support a 35000-45000% spike in a currency value by flipping some fictitious switch.  ZWD is a dead currency - but buy some, because it'll come back to life, and you'll be an overnight billionaire???

'Dr Clarke' has been wrong for 2 years.  Recaps claims they get some random email from an unknown source with BS intel...don't hesitate to post it, regardless of veracity...claim there are no kickbacks, claim there is no quid pro quo, claim they aren't in cahoots.  Recaps continues to publish Clarke, and continues to censor dissenting opinions, so they can make money.  Recaps perpetuates the fraud and lies about an IMPOSSIBLE global monetary event for money.  They are fake news.  They collude with liars and scammers to line their pockets.  The owners of Recaps come on here to try damage control, but never once dare accept the challenge to debate myself or others about their methods, or even about the RV itself.  They are phonies, fakes, frauds, cheats, and scam artists.  They have zero credibility.  NONE.  They shall reap what they have sown.

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Dr. Clarke  2/2/18 Empty Re: Dr. Clarke 2/2/18

Post by Majek on Sat Feb 03, 2018 9:49 am

Just absolute nonsense intentionally created by web site owners to keep web traffic up and clicks clicking. $$$ They want to keep the hundreds of thousands of followers hooked so the money keeps rolling in $$


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