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Mountain Goat 1/29/18

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Mountain Goat 1/29/18

Post  Mountain Goatee on Tue Jan 30, 2018 8:42 am

January 29, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much wonderful news today! Please read carefully.

First I want to do some house cleaning for my FB Page.

Everyone should have gone out to the Mission Statement and have read it by now. Did you do it yet? If not please go do it now. This is what my Page is all about. No more confusion. This is not a chat room or dinar intel forum.

Secondly, please, please everyone let's NOT use my FB Pages as a dinar intel forum or chat room. If you need to broadcast intel, articles or talk to someone please go set up your own FB Page, internet site, or post on some other site. I do welcome new news however most of what many are telling is nothing new anyhow. Simply they did not read all the newsletter and only think their news is something new. If you have been a faithful reader of Mnt Goat you should realize it by now that you are preaching to the quire. This is getting a bit ridiculous. I am going to start banning more people from my Page who do not abide by my request.

- Do not conduct chats with others using my FB page messaging

- Do not post personal links to your FB page or other internet sites. I really don’t care about your hobby cars or the nice vacation home .. lol ..lol…

- Do not advertise on my FB page using the message feature

- Do not message your point of view. I really don’t care. I send out the news - take it or leave it. This is not a discussion forum or intel Q & A session. When I want to conduct a Q & A I will let you know. This is the purpose of my random surveys.

- I do appreciate all points of views and I am not perfect, nor do I expect my news to be perfect. I know there is temptation to want to correct me. But this is not the place for it, especially negative points counter to my newsletter news.

You know who you are. I will start naming names if you want me to.

Just so everyone knows, I will not feel the least bit offended if you read my newsletter pages and do nothing but absorb it all in your head. There is no need to comment about it or reason to unless you have something of real value to add. Just saying that you like me or the content is nice and I appreciate it but it is not necessary. Just so you know.

Don’t worry I am not going away until the RV happens. I feel some think they must make a comment or they will hurt my feelings. Believe me I have been beat up so much already trying to keep this RV saga straight that I am numbed up already. Yes, they keep kicking me even when I am down but you know what?.... Hello I am still here and so where are they now? This alone shows you who are the real charlatans.

More news….

So, in my last newsletter dated Jan 26th, I presented to you a link to a conference call explaining some issues with the shadow government in the transfer of global funds, etc, etc. My intent in presenting this conference call was not to support it or get bogged down in it. Instead I wanted everyone to realize that events are getting all mixed up with the Iraqi dinar RV event, whether real or not is insignificant. Instead let’s concentrate on our PRIZE – the Iraqi dinar revaluation.

I don’t care if you are a “new Republic” or “GCR” believer. When you come to my newsletter kindly leave this crap behind you.

Some can’t see the trees from the forest. We need to separate out the Iraqi dinar and concentrate on it. We need to focus. Don’t let these charlatans get to you and move you focus away. Remember that on the original intel conference calls and forums the purpose was all about providing info on the revaluation process of the Iraq dinar. Now 13 years later the focus for many seems to have shifted towards converting and redeeming the world from the shadow government thru this RV? How in hell did we get from one countries RV process to redeeming the world from tyranny and saving the world? Why are they combining these events?

These charlatans do this because they have a captive audience, an audience that is desperately searching for answers as to what is holding up the IQD RV. They are taking this opportunity to sucker into an entire other topic that does need attention. However do we need to combine them? They combine events to make you believe one event is dependent on the other. How many times have they told you the “GCR thru the announcement of a new republic”. How silly and stupid is this?

Yes, there are serious problems with the US government and corruption is ramped. But come’on, why tell everyone that the RV of the Iraqi dinar is dependent and going to be held up due to straightening all this political corruption mess? This cleanup will take decades, if ever accomplished. Does that mean we will wait for the RV this long? Of course not. I have proof of it today too.

So I want to refocus and concentrate on our PRIZE at the end of this very long journey.

More news….

Recently I conducted yet another survey on my FB page. Why did I do this?

Out of the 483 participants the outcome was split. Half of the people believe that the word is controlled by some entity outside of their own sovereign country and may believe their country still holds its complete autonomy and sovereignty. Well I have news for you today on this topic.

So let me explain something to everyone. Since the end of WWII there has been a massive political movement to create a “New World Order”, modeled off of where the Nazis left off. Really? Yes and many of these Nazis actually came to America under Operation Paperclip. They are now firmly integrated in America and are pushing their agenda and ideals. Just look around you since the 1960’s. For those of you who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s you can see the changes the most. Life has changed and is getting worst and worst as the government can no longer be trusted. This is not coincidental as they would like you to believe.

At the end of the 1991 Gulf war, President G.H. Bush was even so bold to that we are now in a “New World Order”. Really? So this makes you think. Let’s go back to history when we were warned so Mnt Goat is not making all this up. It is documented in history of their plan for the “New America”. Take a few minutes and educate yourself. Here are some very good links. Please educate yourself. There are many great presidents who knew what was going on and warned us over and over again.







https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyGzVQGgdqw more warnings about the socialist program for America.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jK2_trRPRk more warnings about the socialist program for America.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNV2pDJJBUA you can now see who is pushing the socialized govt run healthcare agenda. But why? Do they really care about our health or it this just another piece to totally controlling us? Did we forget her effort as the first lady under Bill Clinton. Can you see now why the democrats opposed president’s Trump efforts to clean this out.

What was the gulf war really all about then? Was it really just to free Kuwait from Saddam Hussein or are their other more sinister reasons for it? Yes, Bush even came right out and said it. Look at the aftermath since -This was the beginning of the ramping up of these weird and disastrous trade policies, this concept of accepting “global outsourcing”, and later the “global warming” concept. All policies that are destroying economies and entire societies. Why?

Well they make it all out to be the way of the future and we just have to “deal with it” Really? Where is the leadership and the patriotism in the leaders we have chosen for out nations?

However in order to do their sinister plot on society, these very powerful people (who control almost everything now, our minds included) must tear apart the very fabric of any nation that is a threat their new order. Do you think the USA, with it huge armed services and robust economy, could be a threat to their long term objectives for molding the world to their liking? Certainly you can no longer have any one nation leading the world. Every nation must be homogenized and neutralized, then slowly the people converted to this “New World Order” thinking it will save them.

So for any nation, once put into a dire situation (intentionally) are then remolded to the satisfaction of the “New World Order” as part of the solution to their survival. They get desperate to any solution. We see this now playing out in the USA and this is why you are seeing so much disorderly change happening. Your mind can’t comprehend how these politicians can literally sell the USA people down the toilet. They are doing this actually thinking and believing in their own warped minds, that this is for the betterment of mankind and the entire planet. Really?

So they want to control all the resources, the people and plan out the entire planet to their specifications. So taking this concept you have to ask – To who’s specifications? Is it what we all want as citizens of our country or some grandiose plan being shoved down our throats because – they believe we are idiots and can’t govern ourselves? They will claim to us that they are the saviors of us as we have shown we can’t manage ourselves. They will tell you to look at the poverty, the terrorism and disunity of the nations of the world.

Really? Well…if you dare to go do some research you will find out that the very degradation and fear of society is being caused by them. They are the ones doing it in the first place. So go figure? So what they say is a total contradiction, a lie. I will give you somes example to ponder over and then end this topic for today.

Okay so you have the UN and its Agenda 21/30. They claim this is all about sustainability, the green movement, global warming, social justice, saving the planet and feeding the hungry.,,bla,,,bla,,,bla,, Really?

So now in looking at these objectives we see the people behind this movement, we study them, their backgrounds and their philosophy and ideolgy. They are the same very wealthy who continue to push the use of fossil fuels and obstruct cleaner energy sources. Folks these cleaner technologies have been around for 20 years already. So why not in this decade the push all of sudden to implement them? Why not before? Even now they still do not fully support all green technologies, yet the convince our local districts to impose these silly environment laws restricting land usage and stiff penalties. They even go so far to say now this is a “social justice” issue as they must combine this into the equation. They spray with chemtrails and can’t even disclose to us why and what they are doing.

Feeding the hungry?

These are the same people who claim they want to feed the hungry and abolish starvation all over the planet. Really? Yet they are the very same ones who block to bring electricity and the tools necessary for these people in these backward areas to farm and produce their own foods.

These are the same crooked people who support GMO based seeds and chemical farming (Monsanto and others). It is not you and I who are killing the planet but rather it is they by not supporting real growth in these areas. People don’t need a handout of food and to be dependent on the monthly planes to fly in with bags of powdered food and water. They want their FREEDOM and SELF DIGNITY. All they want is to be given simple technologies that can make a huge difference. This is all they need. They will then flourish and get off the feed bag. Oh – but these UN people are the restrictors they don’t want them to be free. They hide behind thus Agenda 21/30 and how good its going to be for humanity. It is all a bunch of lies and contradictions. Get it? They are slick at how they present it. But when you start learning the truth you know better. You see they have them exactly where they want them- poor, hungry and fearful. Look what they did to Iraq? How they literally tore the country apart with ISIS. Iraq needed to learn their lesson the hard way. Now will they behave and be good little boys and girls? This is Satanic and very Evil. In these starvation camps millions will die and so later they can take their land and the resources on it. Oh yes Iraq has the camps too. Get it?

Go read Agenda 21/30 on the UN site. Sustainable population in their eyes is only 2 billion people on the planet. So why should the help society grow and prosper when in reality they want to abolish society, the laws and hope we all kill each other (or they will do it for us).

Devastation of the Rain Forest (global warming connection)

Okay so here is one more example and then I’ll stop. Lets travel down to South America and Amazon. So if they truly wanted to stop global warming (which I believe is all a hoax anyhow) they would stop the deforestation of the amazon jungles. What the hell are they doing? Do you think this may have an impact on all of humanity and upset the balance of all ecosystems? Everything on this earth is interconnected. Just because you may not see it, does not make it so. There very long term consequences for that they are doing. So they let it happen. Why? Again all about raping and pillaging the land for greed, the corporate benefit. So you see the real UN and its objectives here again. They say one thing and do another. Only you have to step out of this hypnosis they have most people in with the frenzy on going “green” and combating “global warming” and open you eyes to what is really, actually going on.

The UN is the “One World Government” and they are trying desperately to impose this “One World Order” upon. Slowly and gradually the sovereign nations of the world are giving more and more power to this UN organization, thinking that it will lead to more peace and prosperity. Is it? It seems it only gets worse. We have already seen the kind of peace and prosperity the UN brings and we don’t want this anymore. It is time for REAL change and it must begin by revamping this UN organization and its leadership. I will tell you the alternative is a Nazi like fascist world I am sorry to say. President Trump administration is the ONLY administration since president Kennedy in the early 60’s who has clearly stated they are going to clean up the corruption and throw these bastards in jail where they belong.

More news….

Just so you realize I have NEVER said there is no merit in the attempts to bring these countries (like Zimbabwe, Indonesia or Vietnam or?) to the forefront and gear them up as part of the UN sustainable development effort. Many of these countries are underdeveloped and the industrial western nations are always looking for the next “big score”. In doing so, the only practical and sensible this to do is to EVENTUALLY revalue their currency according to their future development. We know there is a UN plan to accomplish all this and more. We also know that much of the UN is crooked and supports Agenda 21/30 and this is a plan for world dominance under the same old Nazi fascist ideology, only packaged differently. So what really is their TRUE intent? I believe its all about wearing a costume the disguise of the “green” and “sustainability” movements. Again they always aim at the most venerable topics to get your attention and then to refocus you away from the other issues (that in reality need much more attention from all of us) like political corruption, national disunity and anti-democracy movements. It’s about setting up phony foundations meant to spread their ideology. Remember a country is only as sovereign as it is united in supporting its democracy. Don’t listen so much as to what they SAY but watch their ACTIONS. Words are useless unless backed by ACTION. This is a sign of truly great leadership.

So I don’t want to continue anymore on this topic but instead get to the news of the day.

More news….

Where are we right now in this RV process?

I will attempt to describe the process now underway using examples. I will also use a question and answer technique to help with anticipated questions. I hope I am clear enough.

So let’s begin:

I have been telling everyone for years about the RV process. What did I tell you?

Let me review this with you again today and then we will see where we are in this process. The process is moving so quickly. Sometimes I still think Iraq is trying to buy time, as we are seeing repeat articles once again on the paying of some salaries. These have fresh dates on them but we know they are old and this business is already taken care of. So this is one concern I have.

The other concern is the passing of the 2018 budget and the Article 140. We know that the ultimate goal to manage the Kurdistan “region” is to simply break it apart and administer it solely but the GOI government and eliminate the KRG. No more “Kurdistan region”. Instead these separated provinces will have their own local governments like the other provinces. The Sept 2017 referendum for liberation from the GOI was a wakeup call for the GOI and it is now time to move ahead to “decentralize” the KRG as it is today. The constitution clearly states this must be done.

The budget is yet another one I am trying to figure out. I think perhaps the stalling for time is related to this issue. If you notice it seems to track together with last phase we are witnessing in the process to delete the zeros.

In the past I told you that when the re-instatement occurs it will happen first in Iraq. Iraq will go to 1:1 and Iraqi citizens will not get rich. A 25,000 dinar note worth under the program rate is $25 USD. Under the new 1:1 rate the new $25 note categories will be worth $25. This is simple conversion for within Iraq. Did I say within Iraq? Yes, I said ONLY within Iraq. They are not lopping the zeros off for currency outside of Iraq. If you are inside Iraq and have a 25,000 note it would then be worth $25,000. I know this is very difficult for many to grasp the concept but relax. You are not living in Iraq and will not have to deal with it. Remember this – “a dinar is still a dinar”. Iraq is not going to exchange to dinar for dollars on every purchase. We are living outside Iraq and will exchange our dinar for a global currency exchange rate such as on FOREX. They are living in Iraq and will NOT be exchanging but “adjusting” to the new category notes. The operative word here is “adjust” and I will use this a lot in my review next of what is going on.

I will explain this in much more detail below as I go thru my examples.

The CBI told us the “rollout” will be “gradual and slow”. They told us they will use the ATMs to launch the new lower category notes. Remember no bank is going to give out FREE money so they will have their salaries in newly set up bank accounts with deposited salaries in the account to pay for the new category notes coming out of the ATM. Thus the rate also on their electronic deposit amount must also reflect the new re-instatement rate or they will get rich pulling notes out of the ATM. Get it? Everything had to first be synced up. This is why I was so excited when I began to see these parts to the process emerge slow over the last year. Get my excitement now? I have known of the process so it was easy for me to see it all playing out right in front of our noses.

So in late December they requested the re-instatement and it was approved and began moving forward. However, this was conditional upon fulfilling mandates agreed to as part of the SDA (stand by agreement) which has ties to the periodic SDR loans. ( I will not get into detail on all this as you should all be VERY familiar with what took place with the last SDA and the loans tied to it).

Part of the mandates was to pay all outstanding debts. This was completed last week for worker’s salaries but not for retirees and pensions. This is now the last piece to the puzzle. I suspect one of the major banks will be paying these out this week.

So now we see the CBI is slowly adjusting to a new rate as they slowly complete the payrolls to the citizens. Note I did not say Iraq is rolling out a new rate. So don’t put words in my mouth. I know this is tricky to understand how they are doing this process and many will want to compare this to the re-instatement of the Kuwaiti dinar. You can’t compare apples and oranges and so don’t even try. Two completely different situations. If you go back and read or re-read my Dec 8th Special Edition on the history of the dinar you will see why I am saying this. It is all explained in that post. I will not repeat myself for those who are too lazy to read it.

Question: A new rate how can this be? We have not yet seen it on FOREX?

Answer: Relax folks. I told you in the past many times the re-instatement is a process and could take as long as weeks. This are just adjustment rates being used in the process. Eventually it will equate to a rate on FOREX. Did I not say this could take 3-4 weeks for the process to run its course?

Question: So Iraq had an in-country RV then?

Answer: NO! STOP this thinking and listen to me. There has been no in-country RV. Instead Iraq is going through the process of re-instating their currency. The CBI must slowly change the rate at the currency auctions to adjust slowly to avoid massive inflation in the process. In order to do this, they also have to slowly raise the rate on the payrolls and pensions files to coincide. Then the merchants because they can buy more imports for less they can lower their prices. Everything has to be synced up properly. They also have to let it all play out for a period of time to properly adjust it. Ramped inflation is their worst enemy and so this is the main reason why the process takes so long and they are being cautious.

Please STOP any hype or hysteria and just relax and listen to me. I am going to guide you thru the entire process if you just would listen to me.

Remember 95% of the citizens are still on some kind of government payroll either salary or retirement. So, it not a silver bullet approach like pulling a trigger to this conversion process. This is not a quick re-instatement like with Kuwait. Instead it is a slow, methodical process taking each ministry then by each providence, first worker salaries then pensions and retirements.

Question: What do you mean by “taking each ministry then by each providence”?

Answer: I mean to say they are paying out govt salaries and pensions gradually throughout Iraq. The CBI is not doing all on one shot but a taking their time gradually paying out to the country and allowing the merchants (the economy) to slowly adjust to it.

Back to the story:

As they progress, the rate is slowly rising as the demand is rising inside Iraq for the currency. Markets are slowly adjusting as people only now have a smaller and smaller amounts in their accounts as the value rises. The markets must adjust to allow them to buy the same amount of food, goods and services as before, but now at first for the same amount of money and then slowly for less and less.

Example – a typical Iraqi is on the payroll and got paid $1,500 USD per month before the process began. This was equivalent to 1,500,000 million dinars (assuming program rate of 1182ish). So far so good?

So now when they are paying them on the new electronic payroll files they are paying first 1:1 then gradually increasing the rate as they continue to payout. So in my example someone will now get only 1,500 dinars in their electronic paycheck instead of 1,500,000. This was the first giant leap. They deleted the 3 zeros. Get it? Again this is ONLY for within Iraq, for the process of “deletion of the zeroes” only so don’t worry.

Then other provinces are paid out as they increased the rate slowly to 3.71 then the same citizen would still gets 1,500 dinars but the purchasing power increased almost 3 times. So with the same 1,500 dinars they are able to buy much more of food, goods and services. WOW! It’s like a massive deflation in prices because now the merchants can buy the goods for much less too from their importers.

Question: Oh – but wait! Right now the dinar is not international so how can the merchants buy goods much cheaper on foreign markets. As far as the international community is concerned they are still at the 1182 program rate? Right?

Answer: Correct but here is the tricky part to understand so read carefully! This is why the currency auctions can NOT go away until they complete the process. Foreign importers don’t give a damned about the dinar rate since they are still selling to Iraq and getting paid in dollars. Right? The currency auctions are still underway. Only the merchants now have more dollars since the rate went up. Get it? They can not buy more with more dollars. This is a “very slow” rollout. They are still converting the dinar to dollars using the currency auctions.

So the merchants still go to the CBI currency window to convert dinars to dollars to pay for imports only the currency auction is not running off a rate that is slowly rising. This is why they can not yet shut down the auctions until this process is completed. I do not want to call it a “float” as the CBI said they are not going to float the dinar within Iraq at the program rate. They aren’t either since this is not a float but a rate adjustment for the re-instatement process. Get it?

So in my example the CBI currency auction rate started at around 1 dinar to 1 US dollars. Just as I told you way back when I gave you the time line and the CBI’s next move. Go look back at the diagram I prepared for you. It is in my pictures section. Do you remember my timeline? It’s all there. It is all working out exactly as I told you. I have included the timeline again with today’s newsletter.

Question: But when do we see the RV at the banks?

Answer: Be patient I am going to tell you later in this newsletter.

So back to my example - They paid out the first sets of salaries. So the merchants were able to buy more for less dinars, as they got more dollars for each dinar they went out and bought goods for less thus are selling them for less. But we are not done yet.

Question: So the emphasis is more on the merchants in converting to USD and not the citizens? How do they prevent the merchants from taking advantage of the system and getting filthy rich?

Answer: Yes you are correct there is the possibility this could happen. However, if you remember that merchants must produce documentation and receipts to importers in order to get the dollar at the auctions. So they too are limited on the amount of dollars they can get. There is a legal limit of dollars set by law. The CBI has this covered from all the angles … lol .. lol .. This is why it has taken so long to put this process in place and they needed the right time and conditions to execute it. They wanted to do this in EARLY 2017 remember?

So back to my example – again the CBI currency auction rate “adjusted” (not floated) to around 1 dinar = 2.50 US dollars. They paid out the second set of salaries. So the merchants were able to buy even more for less dinars, as they got even more dollars for each dinar they went out and bought cheaper goods for less thus are selling them for even less. But we are not done yet.

So back to my example – again the CBI currency auction rate adjusted (not floated) to around 1 dinar = 3.71 US dollars. They paid out the third set of salaries. So the merchants were able to buy even more for less dinars, as they got even more dollars for each dinar they went out and bought cheaper goods for less thus are selling them for even less. But we are not done yet.

So back to my example – again the CBI currency auction rate adjusted (not floated) to around 1 dinar = 4.10 US dollars. They paid out the fourth set of salaries. So the merchants were able to buy even more for less dinars, as they got even more dollars for each dinar they went out and bought cheaper goods for less thus are selling them for even less. But we are not done yet.

So back to my example – again the CBI currency auction rate adjusted (not floated) to around 1 dinar = 4.78 US dollars. They paid out the fifth set of salaries. So the merchants were able to buy even more for less dinars, as they got even more dollars for each dinar they went out and bought cheaper goods for less thus are selling them for even less. But we are not done yet since they still have to go through the payouts on pensions and retirements. This is coming very soon.

Question: Did you use real rates in your examples?

Answer: Yes, these rates are real rates that we have seen within the auctions. The citizens couldn’t care less what the conversion is to dollars as long as they can buy more. It’s the merchants that care.

Question: Doesn’t this open up the currency auctions to yet tremendous liability for corruption at these higher rates while this process takes place?

Answer; Yes, and this is why we read so much about not going on a float and all the currency auction corruption just prior to them beginning this process. This is also why they had to take down a lot of the corruption prior to doing this RV process. This is why this RV process will not last long and I told you this process within the country would only take a few weeks maybe even 3-4 weeks depending of factors. We are already in week 4.

Do you now connect the dots and see how it is all tied together? How could I have explained this all to you years ago. You had to see this all play out to understand the process.

Question: Oh – but wait a second the lower category notes are not yet out so how can these new rates be used?

Answer: This is only the adjustment process. It is a short period of time designed to put pressure on the economy to get the people requesting/demanding the newer notes and the necessity for them.

Also remember they are using their debit cards at the marketplace with POS systems so the demand for cash is much, much less. But there will be a “breaking point” and all of a sudden, they will move the new rate out to FOREX and all hell will break lose. The dam will bust wide open. The ATMs will then disperse the new category notes and the crossover or conversion will be completed. Then away to the banks we go….bada boom..bada boom!

Question: Some have told me that they have seen the new category notes out already in Iraq. Is this true?

Answer: Officially the lower notes have not yet been launched. Of course some banks may have already sold some of them in the cash shortages in Iraq but they are worthless and they are telling the citizens now in the education process to hold on to them, they will be worth something soon. I liked that statement!

Question: You said they had to adjust for inflation first and this is why they had to go through this long “adjustment” process. Is this still true?

Answer: Yes! This entire process is to avoid extreme inflation and very susceptible to it if the process is not controlled properly. The CBI and the IMF has told us this over and over again.

Question: So how much higher will the rate go? We see it is already at $4.78.

Answer: I do not know. I do know they still have to pay out the pensions and retirements and so there is potential to go even higher. Personally, I do not see going much higher and will probably settle downwards before they release it. The CBI can control it NOW easily since it is not on the international “one markets” yet. Some say they already saw a $5.00 rate and I can believe it. What will it come out at?

Question: So when will we see the rate on FOREX?

Answer: Good question. This is not now possible since thru this “adjustment” process they are determining the rate the economy can initially withstand. Once this is determined AND they completed all other mandatory tasks they will move the rate to FOREX. By they I mean the US Treasury who has control over this system.

Question: We were told they already determined the rate and a date.

Answer: Yes they do have a target date in mind to complete the process but the rate is yet not finalized. Yes, they do have a general ball park figure but until it comes out and they finish with this process, I don’t even think they know. So I don’t know who told you this or why they would say this to you. I guess just more of the guru talk.

We have to wait and see. The important part is this process is VERY, VERY near completion and we are very close to the conversion completion and the lower category notes being launched. Once they do this there is no turning back.

What to expect next?

We know that the CBI told us that when they are getting ready to pull the final trigger to move international (FOREX and other exchanges) they would educate the citizens thru the news media. They are now beginning to do this as the CBI is now presenting short lessons on the new category notes. It is all over Iraqi TV and on bill boards.

I will try to present photos of the new category notes in one of my next newsletters.

NOTE: Have you noticed that there is currently literally NO published written news in the Iraqi news media about this process? This is intentional for now but I assure you the flood gates will open very soon and we will have tons of articles to read about this process. But this will happen only AFTER THE FACT or right about at the end.

I know many of you may be thinking of doubts in what I am telling you. I fully understand your opinions as there has been so much confusion put into the mix with all this crap about Nesara, Gesara, GCR (or whatever they are calling it today, as the hold up. It is NOT.

I can assure you the ACTUAL re-instatement process is NOW underway and is moving forward. It has been underway now for almost 3 weeks now on our 4th week. It is now only a couple days remaining in January. I was told we would see this in January and I am still sticking to this until they tell me otherwise.

We have to be mentally prepared for this possibly to extend out a few more days or even a week if Iraq does not rollout everything on time, as the process dictates. You know Iraq they hardly every complete anything on time….lol…lol…

We also know the Finance Ministry wants this by the end of January in order to start the new fiscal year with the new rate and then move into the new accounting procedures that allow for periodic market adjustments. Yes- they have a brand new automated electronic computer based system for this purpose. It is all tied into tracking the budget expenditures – budgeted to actuals.

As of yesterday, I was told they are still on target.

So I want to refocus and concentrate on our PRIZE at the end of this very long journey. The PRIZE is the revalued IQD not some global “New World Order”.

More news….

From https://cbi.iq/videos/section/78

Recently a video section went under construction on the CBI web site which I have been told will be an educational site for the newer category notes. It will be everything needed for information in the handling of these newer category notes such as security features, denominations, ATMs, etc.


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.


Articles Begin


Corruption IS THE MOST DANGEROUS OBSTACLE AGAINST IRAQ’S DEVELOPMENT. As the country enjoys many natural resources like minerals and oil, the international community is concerned with Iraq’s high level of corruption. Corruption in Iraq has caused severe poverty in Iraq, which led to civil and sectarian strife that caused the extreme damages to the country’s infrastructure.

Shia parties lead corruption

After the US invasion to Iraq in 2003, Shia parties seized all the important posts in the government and led a widespread corruption campaign, which analysts assert that IRAQ’S LOSSES HAVE REACHED OVER 1,000 BILLION DOLLARS DURING THE LAST TEN YEARS.

(Mnt Goat – and they continue to have a deficit of over 25 billion? Why? There is plenty of money but it is being stolen by the politicians)

The most prominent entity that led this campaign was the ruling Dawa party, led by the former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki, who was described by experts as the “Godfather of Corruption” as he is implicit in numerous corruption, graft and embezzlement cases.

Recently, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi launched a campaign against corruption in Iraq, but analysts told The Baghdad Post THAT UNTIL NOW ABADI DIDN’T DARE TO PRESS ANY CHARGES AGAINST MALIKI.

They added that as Abadi’s popularity increased after the victory against ISIS, the prime minister seeks to increase his popularity ahead of the elections by pretending to fight corruption, describing this campaign as an “electoral propaganda”.

Politicians are also skeptical from Abadi’s actions, after Abadi extradited the former trade minister Abdul Falah al-Sudany from Lebanon after cooperating with the Interpol, and the son of the Luai al-Yasiri the governor of Najaf in a drug trafficking case.

They fear that these actions are just a show ahead of the elections and the Iraq’s reconstruction conference that will be held in Kuwait in February. His actions just aim at ensuring investors that their donations and investments won’t be embezzled by corrupt officials and politicians.

The Iraqi people wish to see the anti-corruption slogans practiced on the ground, away from the occasion of elections or the upcoming Kuwait conference, and away from personal and electoral gains TO INCLUDE ALL CORRUPT POLITICIANS NO MATTER HOW STRONG OR INFLUENTIAL THEY ARE.

(Mnt Goat – can we apply this same procedure on corruption the US Govt too. Its time to drain the swamp. )


They added that If Abadi is serious in his war against corruption then he must begin with Maliki and his henchmen.



Al-Rafidain Bank announced on Saturday 1/26 that it used a modern technology to adopt the retiree’s fingerprint in granting the advance instead of the guarantor.

The bank said in a press statement that “the deduction of the amount of pension advance of three million dinars is through the RECEIPT OF THE RETIREE MONTHLY SALARY BY ELECTRONIC PAYMENT TOOLS.”

He pointed out that “the use of this modern technology to adopt the fingerprint of the retiree in granting the advance instead of the sponsor,” noting that “the implementation of this electronic mechanism and not manually, has led to a breakthrough quality and modern development and reduced the risk in the work of the bank.”

(Mnt Goat – this article came out on Saturday and they a follow-up article [see article second to last] came out on Monday that these retirement salaries are going to be paid out, however some are to be paid in cash. This they do not like to do at this point in time as they told us “not manually”. I suspect this may change later, lets watch for this in the news.)



The Euphrates -

The Central Bank of Iraq announced on Sunday that it is obliged to mediate between the two companies to buy and sell the dollar.

The bank said in a statement that on the basis of the decision of the board of directors of this bank decided to choose the companies to mediate in providing letters of guarantee to the bank not to abuse the use of the privilege granted to them, according to two things must be adhered to.

He added that:

1) the first is to provide the bank with a letter of guarantee of 50% of the capital of the company issued by one of the banks approved by the Central Bank, and

2) the second is to deposit the amount of 100 million dinars in the deposit account with this bank by depositing in a bank authorized by this the bank.

(Mnt Goat – announced on Sunday? This is very old news, at least 3 weeks old already. Why are they bringing this news out again? )



Baghdad / SNG - Al-Rafidain Bank announced the activation of the service of transferring funds to citizens electronically between the branches of the State Bank on the one hand and private banks on the other in Baghdad and the provinces.

The bank's information office said in a statement received by the SNG agency, a copy of it that "it was decided to apply the system of remittances electronically and a citizen who has funds in the banks of civil governorates can transfer his assets to Rafidain Bank in any province quickly.

"This step also includes a citizen who does not have an account at the bank who can also transfer his money wherever he is," the statement said.



KUWAIT (Reuters) - Iraq's foreign minister, Khalid al-Jarallah, said on Saturday that Iraq has been paying the rest of the month for the restitution of the so-called "financial compensation" for the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein's regime in 1991.

According to the Middle East Monitor , which reported the news, he stressed that Iraq has once again to pay compensation to Kuwait in financial terms, instead of the prior agreement that allowed Iraq to pay Kuwait gas instead of currency, stressing that the payments will continue from Iraq until 2021.

The newspaper also quoted Jarallah as saying that the Kuwaiti government is conducting ongoing discussions with its Iraqi counterpart on the funds and properties confiscated by the former regime belonging to Kuwaiti citizens during the 1990s in order to transfer their ownership to them or replace them with funds paid by the Iraqi government.

(Mnt Goat – to me this is WoW news and going right in line with what we should be seeing at this time since we know that, under the SDA, Iraq has agreed to catch up and pay all it re-occurring, outstanding debts prior to the re-instatement as a condition of it. This is why too getting out of Chapter VII proved to us this was taken care of. But remember this “gas deal” does not kick in until 2018 and do they had to complete the last quarter payments of 2017 to Kuwait as part of the deal. This is what we are seeing in this article. That is all it is. But the timing if perfect….

So now we see that they have caught up to the last of the cash payments to Kuwait. We now know that they came to an agreement with Kuwait that they would complete the repayment of these war reparations in a gas deal. They are now even constructing a gas pipeline to Kuwait for this purpose. Iraq is rich in natural gas and propane gas. They are not also making deals with Russia for the same. )



Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs announced on Monday that February 1 will set the date for the payment of the salaries of the insured workers and their successor to the categories of hand and smart card holders for the months of January and February 2018 in Baghdad and the governorates.

The director of the Department of Retirement and Social Security for workers, Ali Jaafar al-Hilu, said that "the Department has set the first of next February as a date for the payment of salaries of workers secured for categories (MANUAL EXCHANGE and smart card holders) after completing all the necessary procedures for the distribution of salaries in coordination with the General Administration of Rafidain Bank, Who are entitled to exclusive agents to "the need to review the departments of the department for the purpose of issuing life certificates to them in Baghdad and the provinces."

(Mnt Goat – What does “manual exchange” mean? This means to pay in cash. Are the going to wait a bit on this to pay out in the new category notes of lower denominations? We wait to hear the news. This could also be the source of seeing some these newer notes now on the streets.)

(Mnt Goat – this falls in line with what I am being told. They wanted to first pay out all debt to salaries and pensions of workers throughout Iraq for the month of January and catch up on any other previous months. Rafidain bank has the exclusive from the CBI in doing this effort. So now we see pensions being paid out. We should expect any RV until after this is completed along with the budget. Then what pops out in the news too – see next article- WOW is all I can say….This is going to be a busy week…)



Baghdad / SNG - The House voted on Monday to include the budget law on the agenda of today's session.

"The House of Representatives voted to include the budget law on the agenda of today's session," the source told SNG.

The House of Representatives held on Monday its eighth regular session of the last legislative term under the chairmanship of its president Salim al-Jubouri.

(Mnt Goat – Ok, so here we go folks. Remember we are watching for this 2018 budget law going before parliament just before the re-instatement process in Iraq moves to the next level.

I hate to say but “I told you so”. Here it is in the news, their words not mine. We are sitting on Jan 29th and we are told the RV will happen still in the month of Jan as a feasible target tmeframe. Can they pass the budget this week?

Like I said before be ready to maybe wait another week worst case. Coincidental they are bringing the budget up for a vote today? I don’t believe in coincidences, do you?)


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now also keep praying. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation occurs.


“For the prime minister and all his cabinet members, and parliament that they may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free Republic of Iraq to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption”. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and the world to follow. In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

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Re: Mountain Goat 1/29/18

Post  Kevind53 on Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:39 pm

She needs to apologize to the Mountain Goats of the world for the insult.

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Mountain Goat post

Post  Barbul00 on Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:03 pm

KEVIN53 If your so intelligent why don't you post something intelligent instead of your critisim on every Mountain Goat post. I think everyone already knows how stupid you are so there is no need to constantly prove it. Go back under your rock cabbagehead.


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Re: Mountain Goat 1/29/18

Post  Kevind53 on Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:24 pm

I have many times, some of us work instead of spending our time defrauding others. Mountain goat called this a number of times before going away only to reinvent herself, if indeed the person at the other end is a she, as a voice of reason. After a few months she began to pump once again while still pretending to be a voice of reason. You seem like a reasonably intelligent person, so I challenge you to go and take a look at the conditions in Iraq, look at their economic conditions and challenges, their political issues, etc. and then tell me how it could even be remotely possible for their currency to make any sort of significant upward move in the near future, let alone a massive move these clowns have been predicting for over 10 years. I'll even give you a start, here is a recent picture of Mosul Iraq.

Nice huh?

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:14–18

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