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 "Jared Rand Notes" by Kat 1/21/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Jared Rand Notes" by Kat 1/21/18

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 "Jared Rand Notes" by Kat 1/21/18 Empty "Jared Rand Notes" by Kat 1/21/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Jan 21, 2018 8:31 pm

 "Jared Rand Notes" by Kat 1/21/18 Gold%2Bcoin%2BFAIRY

Happy Sunday Dinarlandians,

I'm so grated to "Devoted Angel" for her link to Jared Rand's call and her suggested listening times on the video.

"Multiple RV's - Info from Jared Rand Video" by Devoted Angel - 1.19.18

I've made a few notes for those who may not have the patience to listen to everything, although it's all fascinating, like Med Beds that will heal EVERYTHING!! To name just one marvel. But for our purposes on this website, some of what Mr. Rand says is very important seeing as many of us have experienced years and years of disinformation, confusion and hundreds of stop-starts, re the RV / GCR.

Mr. Rand explains that there are a number of factions participating in all this, deliberately creating confusion and deliberately floating disinformation. INTEL gurus are not to be blamed for trying to figure out what's true and what isn't. 

Mr. Rand's call notes:

14:30 minutes In the Global Currency Reset that’s underway and the Revaluation of different countries that have had their currencies destroyed by the dark agenda…some into poverty for generations like Africa… this is the best way to put it:

1. There is one Republic that is developed by the Rothschild’s and French for the USA. That’s one. It’s not a good one.

2. Another group of Bankers that left the USA and set up shop in China. They call themselves The Elders. They have a game, they want to start up the same old thing: repackage so that the human race will fall for it: play the greed factor and suck ‘em back into slavery.

3. There's the defunct Washington D.C. garbage government, which is a corporation that’s failed, playing the game for the masses making the masses think they have authority, which they never have. They want to continue to rape and pillage the American people. They’re not going to be around but that’s still an existing entity.

4. The Republic For the United States, housed in Philadelphia and Nevada. That’s the Republic behind the scenes, truly as the true government of our country. In the background. Don’t hear about ‘em. People question if they exist… There’s a lot of work to be done in our country…

17:21 minutes 5. Then you have the Families: Eastern European Families; Chinese Families that have code names, like the Golden Dragon, the Red Dragons, the Green Dragons, the Butterflies, etc. lot of different code names. Overseers and the keepers. The Grandfather, who looks like he’s 35 but he’s a lot older than that. His group is hydrating the human race and the planet. Taking the Planet Earth and the Human Race into a wellness and more of a meritocracy structure to help heal the planet and the human race and make everybody well through the release of this money.

A lot of accumulated wealth amounts that have accumulated over tens and hundreds of thousands of years. Not all of it’s still here; some taken off-planet and used elsewhere but most of it’s here…

1:25 minutes There’s a handful of groups orchestrating this RV. It’s so confusing. Some info comes from the Rothschild group. Some comes from the French Republic group, some comes from the American Republic, the Fiat group that wants to repackage with the crypto currency. People get so darned confused… how long is this stuff going to take?!

Vibrationally speaking—the Divinely guided process is the Gold Standard. THAT’s the winning factor. But you have to know all these players and the stop and go situations for various ridiculous reasons… oh it’s Christmas and then it doesn’t happen. The planets are alighned and then it doesn’t happen… there are INTEL gurus trying to get the correct info and then there are shills who purposely lie to everyone.

We have a Gold Standard but other factors want to take bites out of that… it’s the only thing we can count on… Is it the best thing? No money system is the best thing, not having any money is the best thing, but for now it’s fine.

1:32 minutes Federal Reserve money, the fiat money, is done. Remember, a note is debt. You could issue new currency and it could be garbage currency. Just another piece of fiat currency making people think it’s great... But Gold Back currency represents Gold — 1/28th of an ounce.

1:33:28 minutes Our new currency will be Gold-Backed and will replace the Federal Reserve fiat currency. Nowhere on the new currency will you see “Federal Reserve…” It will not be on the new currency. What will happen is that…  the Federal Reserve Currency will be replaced with the new currency and the American people will benefit… when that transition happens here, very shortly… what will happen is we won’t have an economic upturn thing’s’ll drop in price. Real Estate will deflate, because it’s all inflated. It’s been hyper-inflated. A loaf of bread will go from $4 bucks to .89 cents, Big Screen TV go down to $100 bucks, until the market balances… a lot of things will deflate. The economy has to adjust to this. China went through deflation when their currency went Gold-backed…

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