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Mountain Goat says - The majority of you are being scammed  10/23/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Mountain Goat says - The majority of you are being scammed 10/23/17

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Mountain Goat says - The majority of you are being scammed  10/23/17 Empty Mountain Goat says - The majority of you are being scammed 10/23/17

Post by Mountain Goatee on Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:09 am

October 23, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Everyone should remember that this newsletter is NOT all about you! I don’t care that you don’t want me to analyze and debunk rumors and phony intel. I will not stop. This is my newsletter so go somewhere else for your information if you are not happy,,,, and good luck with that! No one is forcing you to read my newsletter. Am I holding a gun to your head?

I really do not want to have to take my precious time away from my family and Gasthaus operations to expose these scams and clarify the phony and misunderstood intel. This news is published to over 10,000 people worldwide. The majority of you are being scammed.

So who will expose it, if not me?

Why do I do it?

You are very fortunate to have GeorgeH in the USA who volunteered to help put this FACEBOOK page together and keep posting the newsletter. IN the past, I asked for suggestions as to where to put the newsletter upon moving leaving dinar recaps. Everyone complained and missed the newsletter in the interim however I did not get even one suggestion (not one) from anyone, as to where to put the newsletter.

You almost lost this newsletter if it was not for GeorgeH and his suggestion to put it on FACEBOOK. Understand? This shows me just how much you really care about the newsletter. I had to ask myself it I was really wasting my time.

It seems many can bash me whenever I come out with the TRUTH but if they only took the time to get off their ass and read the articles themselves they too would come to the same conclusions. Can’t read? You have not passed the first grade? Dropped out of school? That’s not my fault you chose to be so ignorant in your life. Later we always get confirmation that once again mnt goat was right. So we always find out who was correct.

One typical example is the HCL and Article 140. I don’t know how many idiots told you that HCL was “all done”. You know who I am talking about. So today we get yet more confirmation that HCL and Article 140 is not completed and was actually the reason for the Kurdistan referendum in the first place. I hate to say it – but I told you so…..Iraq will not have peace and not have justice in distribution of their wealth until this issue is resolved and the proper legislation is passed in parliament.

Sometimes I feel it is like trying to break through a concrete egg shell to make many of you to understand the TRUTH. Folks, many of you are trusting idiots for your information on this investment. They have no experience in the financial world and certainly no education on economics. They do not really know about what is happening in Iraq and don’t care. They pretend to care and are simply out to take an opportunity to scam you out of as much money as possible in the process while we wait for the RV.

Okay more rumors. I quote from rumors I am hearing - “Celebrations are anticipated for Iraq on Saturday, platforms and bleachers have been constructed and strategically placed and an extremely large Iraqi flag has been mounted. The Prime Minister's speech is accordingly scheduled as preparations are being completed”.

I don’t care about these stupid celebrations. How many times must we hear about these celebrations? I am going to scream if someone brings this crap up one more time! Folks listen to me carefully– there are no celebrations taking place that are directly or indirectly related to the currency reform. Get it?

Iraqi is always celebrating and has numerous holidays for the past many martyrs who died in the Muslim religion. Then they find any other reason to celebrate.

Why not celebrate? More than 95% of the people are on the govt payroll and more than half of them never show up for work. I would be celebrating everyday too…lol…lol..

Secondly I am also so tired of the same old garbage info about some US “banks are anticipating exchanging everyone starting next week” or ”they are seeing a higher Dinar rate on the screen”.

When they tell you this they show you absolutely no evidence or proof of what they say.

So I have to tell everyone that twice a month the treasury department runs some software that regenerates rates across the board for all global currencies. They do this to monitor the rates and to ensure there is equity and proper valuations. The IMF is mostly responsible for monitoring the results and their analyst get the reports.

So how reliable are these rates on the bank screens?

For our sake and this RV the rates have steadied over the last couple years since the inception of the new valuation system in 2013. Yes – the Iraqi dinar rate has been seen as high as $4.25 over this period but that only tells us a projected rate base on certain factors, then in motion. So what we can expect will be driven by the market place once the initial launch of a re-instatement rate is applied.

What will be this initial rate?

I have given you many reports on this throughout the years in my newsletters and solid evidence of why I believe the rate will come out at just under or around 1:1 with the US dollar. I will not go through it all over again today. Please go back and reference my past newsletters.

So I believe with almost certainty now this will be very close to the initial rate. Remember years ago, I reviewed the entire process with everyone and how this is set to be rolled out. I want to review this again since we are getting very close to the event.

The CBI with the IMF permission will roll out the initial rate. Then they must wait and adjust for inflation. Basically, these first few weeks they are going to strictly monitor the economic and financial impacts. They are looking for certain trends during this time period. They could literally stop the process at any time during this period. This is like a new born baby and those first few weeks it is very tender and must be handled with “kid gloves” thus the saying….lol…lol… Again I will remind everyone we will probably not even see the rate on the global exchanges at this time. This DOES NOT mean an in-country only RV has happened. So I don’t want to hear this from anyone! What it does mean is the rate is not yet showing up on the exchanges. That is all. Some side trading will be occurring. We will not yet be able to exchange our currency and the rates will not yet be live. Now having said all this let me tell you why they are rolling it our this way.

Once this initial 2-3 week period is over, they will roll the rate out to the global exchanges world-wide and away it goes….lol…lol… and the market now drives the rate. Now they can’t stop the process.

The important part now is to remember since they did a reinstatement they can also now do a re-valuation. This re-valuation is based only on what they feel the market can absorb which is determined by what happens during this initial couple weeks. So they can now set the rate to $3.41 or $3.71 or $4.00+ or whatever.

So knowing all this how can anyone try to predict or know what the rate will be? The fact is they can’t and so don’t even try. These bank screens are therefore worthless right now and they tell us absolutely NOTHING. Do you see now whey they are meaningless and you are only chasing down a rabbit hole once again by all these so called intel “gurus” telling about the banks getting ready to exchange or high rates? This is why I keep telling you its all so silly and I just laugh over it all, because I know better. It is like looking into a fish bowl and watching all the little dumb fish swim around chasing each other going in circles.

So Both of these rumors statements are getting very old already and we know they mean absolutely NOTHING. The banks know as much about this investment and the rate as you and I do. Of all entities not to trust with information about this event, it is the banks. They will speculate and pass on any information they can to investors. Don’t you think the US Treasury knows this?

I fully believe that even the US Treasury is not always familiar with all events going on in Iraq. In fact, I will go out on a limb and even challenge the treasury department on most of what some clown in the department is leaking out and telling you. Remember most of the conversations in these meetings are on theoretical plans of how to handle the RV. The fact that they are having the conversations again is a very good sign and this is good since they cancelled these meetings for years and just recently started them again. But I would not believe anything they tell you either. Don’t get excited over any of it! Nothing and I mean NOTHING is definite until the moment comes to roll this out. Consider it all just rumors.

One more issue to mention is the notion of a GCR. Many still are adamant about this GCR and swear it is real. Really? All I can say is you have been scammed, brain washed and all of these gurus did a really good job at it. Time will tell just how foolish many of you have been and all the time and money you waisted on these other currencies. The sad part is many have sold their Iraqi dinar and waisted their hard earned money on these other worthless currencies, i.e. ZIM. I will tell you again the Iraqi dinar is the ONLY sure currency to have any real potential for a very soon SIGNIFICANT revaluation of any kind. The kind of value change that could make you a millionaire.

Again time will show who is correct. Will you then come and apologize to me? No – you will only adjust to some weird illogical thinking again using a phony excuse to prolong the agony and hype and then move it out to some future date as you will chase down that rabbit hole again and again. Nothing will change and you will simply not accept the FACT that the GCR is NOT REAL!

I truly hope this helps everyone!

More news….

"The Iraqi government is working to punish the people of Kurdistan, under the name of the imposition of the law," said the president of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, on Friday, saying that "this punishment imposed against our people violates all borders and laws and the Iraqi constitution."

"From here, I address the peoples of the world, public opinion, peace-loving people and intellectuals around the world with the support of the people of Kurdistan, the prevention of genocide and a new catastrophe against our people, and the pressure on their governments and decision-makers to keep silent about injustice against the people," Barzani said in the statement. Kurdistan ".

(I believe Barzani is only politicizing his stand and nothing more with his statements above. Based on the new Iraqi constitution I don’t believe how anyone could believe him and side with him. He is using rhetoric and sympathies form the past and attempting to capitalize on them now. This does not now apply.

The general regional government and other political parties does not totally support his views. He will be gone out of the politics of Kurdistan in the near future elections. He played a poker game and lost with his referendum, but it had to come to light at some point. The pot was boiling over. However not entirely, as he is going to get HCL finalized and into a law. So something was accomplished. I have been telling everyone this MUST occur. I also want to note the GOI will also make Kurdistan just another group of provinces like all the others, each with their own provincial councils. There will be no separate Kurdistan parliament. After all is not Kurdistan part of the Republic of Iraq and so what is this separate parliament anyhow? Why is the KRG allowed to exist? There will be no more talk of the “Kurdistan Region” but rather of provinces within the northern region, that happens to be dominated by Kurds. So what will happen to the Pershmerga in the long run? They will probably be merged in to the National Guard or security forces for the provinces of that area of Iraq.

When will this all occur?

If you are asking this question because you think all this must occur prior to the RV - you are wrong. I am only describing the long term process of incorporating the Kurdistan Region in the whole of the Republic of Iraq. Barzani has had it too good for too long. This change must occur. The new 2005 Iraqi constitution clearly defines only three (3) designated political presidents (Massum- national figure head, Joubori - house speaker and Abadi- prime minister. The constitution does give the KRG power to have their own separate president or parliament. So why do they still have it? Is this the reason for delays in getting the needed laws passed? Something to think about. This has been at the heart of many of the problems all along.

Again I keep telling everyone they need to go back to their new constitution and IMPLEMENT IT FULLY!)

More news….

The Kurdistan Regional Government, announced Thursday, welcomed the initiative of the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, calling for dialogue on outstanding issues between Baghdad and Erbil, according to the Constitution, under the principles of partnership and compatibility.

The Government’s statement said the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} today to Kurdistan Regional Government Council of Ministers today held a meeting chaired by President nigrvan Barzani, the territorial Government, to attend Vice kobad Talabani, in Erbil, where “address recent events and the current status of Kirkuk city.”

(So we see there are politicians and ministers who do not support Barzani’s views)

More news….

A statement quoted Jubouri speaker of the house as saying that "the time has come to open a new page reflected positively on the lives of citizens daily and go beyond the mistakes that occurred in the previous stage," stressing that "the people of the Baghdad belt should take their role in controlling security and stability in their areas because the security file is the responsibility rests with everybody".

More news….

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Reports of a military coup by Kurdish armed groups loyal to Barham Saleh and Pavel Talabani to topple Barzani were reported.

Witnesses said that the columns of the Peshmerga of Sulaymaniyah moved a few hours ago towards the headquarters of Barzani to arrest and overthrow his rule, stressing that the situation in Erbil chaos and clashes and the deaths of dead and wounded.

More news….

RIYADH: U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Sunday demanded that Iranian "militias" leave Iraq at a media conference in Riyadh, where the U.S. diplomat is holding talks with top Gulf officials.

"Certainly Iranian militias that are in Iraq, now that the fighting against [Daesh] is coming to a close, those militias need to go home," Tillerson said at a media conference in Riyadh.

"All foreign fighters need to go home."

(Hurray …USA! )

More news….

Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I also separated the articles with asterisks.

Articles Begin


The House of Representatives MP Niazi Miramar Oglu CALLED ON FRIDAY TO PASS THE LEGISLATION OF THE OIL AND GAS LAW and include the phrase “extracted oil”, pointing out that the draft law is still in the inclusion of the parliamentary energy and legal committees for more than ten years.

“The Iraqi Council of Representatives is required to proceed with the passage of the law of oil and gas by including the words oil extracted as contained in the Constitution and extracted in any part of the land of Iraq,” noting that “the northern region says that the Constitution was based on oil sites extracted for the year 2005 did not address the oil, which will be extracted such as oil extracted in the regions of the region.

“The draft oil and gas bill continues to include the oil, energy and legal committees of parliament for more than ten years, unfortunately because of the incompatibility,” Oglu said. “It is regrettable that the consensus on the national wealth that belongs to all Iraqis continues.”

(Ok – so here it is. As Mnt Goat told everyone the referendum will soon cause the final draft of HCL to be brought before parliament for passage. Is this technically needed prior to the RV? NO- of course not, but we are not talking technically. Instead we are talking about political stability and this last round of nonsense over Kirkuk oil should convince everyone of this. Do we need this for the RV for STABILITY reasons? I am told a BIG Fat YES!)


Oglu calls on parliament TO PROCEED WITH THE LEGISLATION OF THE OIL AND GAS LAW and include the phrase “oil extracted”...............Alsumaria

News / Baghdad

called the House of Representatives decision MP Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu, Friday, parliament to proceed with the legislation of the oil and gas law and include the word “oil extracted”, adding that the draft of the bill is still in the inclusion of the committees of energy and legal Alniabaten for more than ten years.

In an interview with Alsumaria News, Oglu said that “the Iraqi Council of Representatives is required to proceed with the passage of the law of oil and gas by including the words extracted oil as contained in the Constitution, which is extracted in any part of the land of Iraq,” noting that “the northern region says that the Constitution on the oil sites Extracted for 2005 did not address the oil, which will be extracted, such as oil extracted in the regions of the region.

“The draft oil and gas bill continues to include the oil, energy and legal committees of parliament for more than ten years, unfortunately because of the incompatibility,” Oglu said. “It is regrettable that the consensus on the national wealth that belongs to all Iraqis continues.”

“The legislation of this law and the activation of this vital file will solve many of the crises that raging between the government of the Center and the region, as well as Mahramih provinces producing oil and gas.”

On January 18, 2017, the Ministry of Oil announced the completion of the draft oil and gas law and sent it to the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, noting that the aim is to seek and work on the optimal investment of the national wealth of oil and gas.


(I included this one too since it has a little more history about the law, even though its almost the same article as the one above. )



(Oh gee wiz…It looks like Mnt Goat was correct again! ..lol..lol..Yes – the latest Kurdstan referendum for succession was all about getting Article 140. This article proves it. Will they now get it? Lots of news heading in that direstion. Must have Article 140 or no RV! Get it?)

(Folks – this is one of those WOW! articles for us today)

(After reading this article now everyone should know 1) what article 140 is and 2) why Mnt Goat kept saying it needed to be implemented prior to the RV. I hope everyone is listening now? Let’s get to the TRUTH.)

As Iranian-backed Hashd al-Shaabi militia forces armed with US-supplied tanks, Humvees, and artillery streamed into Kirkuk and disputed territories, it left Erbil and Baghdad on the verge of a full-blown war.

Amid the current chaos, it is easy to forget a political solution to Kirkuk, and all such territories, is already enshrined in Iraqi legislature which Baghdad has failed to implement.

As Kurds agreed to a voluntary union in 2003 as part of the post-Saddam Hussein Iraq, a resolution to the status of Kirkuk was at the top of the discussions.

Article 58 of the Transitional Administrative Law outlined a resolution for Kirkuk before it was succeeded by Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution agreed in 2005.



The question is not only what is in the constitution but also how to ensure all sides are committed to its implementation even if it may come to the detriment of one side.

BAGHDAD CLEARLY DRAGGED ITS HEELS OVER ARTICLE 140, as it was highly likely that its implementation would have seen all such territories legally incorporated into Kurdistan. It DID NOT EVEN IMPLEMENT A NATIONAL CENSUS, as a Kurdish majority would give credibility to Kurdish claims over the city.

(I told everyone about the needed census too and why it was not done properly!)

Baghdad created a legislative and political crisis by not implementing the constitution and then decided to impose a solution to the ensuing fallout with a military response.

Iraqi and US officials have continuously pointed to the resolution of all Erbil-Baghdad issues in accordance with the constitution. This is a facade if Baghdad does not adhere to such constitutional articles.

After days of an indifferent US response to the Iranian-backed offensive that emboldened Iraqi forces as they reached the outskirts of Erbil, the US gave a more encouraging statement after the Hashd al-Shaabi-led assault on Pirde.

US State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert stressed, “The reassertion of federal authority over disputed areas in no way changes their status.”

“They remain disputed until their status is resolved in accordance with the Iraqi Constitution,” Nauert added.

Importantly, Article 140 should be implemented as per legislature, with no special status for Kirkuk that many in Baghdad desire to dilute prospective Kurdish gains.

Pointing to the multi-ethnic setup of Kirkuk, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi previously stated, “Kirkuk is for all the people of Kirkuk with all its communities.”

“I think the issue should not be dealt with in the context of majority because that is the matter of coexistence and coexistence means living in one frame,” Abadi insisted.

Abadi’s statement is an example of obstacles created for the implementation of the article. As the Kurdistan leadership have highlighted, if Kurds are a majority, it does not mean the sidelining of Arabs or Turkmen or peaceful co-existence.

Moreover, the results of any referendum under Article 140 are no less different if the majority vote to join the Kurdistan Region.

Mosul, like many other Iraqi cities, is a multi-ethnic city. Would Baghdad also propose a special status for Mosul?

Any subsequent failure to implement Article 140 not only speaks volumes about the sincerity of Baghdad to the principles of partnership and federalism, but it also condones the decades of brutal Arabization policies under Hussein that Article 140 served to address.

Whether its hydrocarbon laws, Article 140 or other federal government obligations to Kurdistan, Baghdad must show it can implement the constitution in full, even if the outcome is not always to its liking.

Bashdar Pusho Ismaeel is a London-based freelance writer and analyst whose primary focus and expertise is on the Kurds, Iraq, and current Middle Eastern affairs



October 20, 2017

Baghdad / Sky Press – Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Iraq Affairs Joseph Benenton, on Wednesday, President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, that Washington is waiting to resign after the recent events, stressing that his government is waiting for this action during the next two days and otherwise will intervene directly.

This came after the reluctance of US officials to respond to contacts Barzani, according to Reuters news agency.

Benenton expressed his country’s disappointment with the developments that have reached it. Washington considered itself the first and fundamental ally of Massoud Barzani, and when we asked the president of the region to postpone the referendum, he gave up and insisted on doing what we opposed.

Benenton stressed that “his country is waiting for the president of the region to submit his resignation urgently, since his stay in power is a mistake,” noting that “the political parties in the region all insist on the need to isolate Barzani of the pyramid of regional authority.”

He also stressed that “his country will intervene directly if he does not submit his resignation within the next two days.”

This and demanded the President of the Parliament of the Kurdistan region, Yousef Mohammed, this morning, 18/10/2017 President of the region to submit his resignation, in order to preserve the water face, as he put it.

The US Secretary of State, Telrisson, told the Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, his country’s support for security measures in Kirkuk and disputed areas, stressing the need to preserve the territorial integrity of Iraq.


(This following article really gets my goat if true. Appears they are both corrupt bastards! Maybe that is why they were always fighting….

WOW! The TRUTH always eventually comes out! )


Revealed a leader in the Kurdish National Union Party about a deal was the former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki had held with the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani, while planning for a second term in 2010

The Kurdish leader said that a secret agreement signed between Maliki and Barzani stipulates that Maliki get a percentage of Kurdish oil smuggled, and be a partner with the Barzani family in the proceeds of oil smuggling, either from Kirkuk or the region in exchange for allowing the expansion of the Peshmerga in the disputed areas, and that gave a pledge Barzani has joined Kirkuk in Kurdistan and turned a blind eye to the impoverishment of the main neighborhoods of the oil-rich city.

The source pointed to the leaks of a private dialogue between Barzani and Maliki in 2010, in which the latter said that the western region of Iraq does not mean much, and is sure that Anbar, Nineveh, Diyala and Kirkuk will not be under the control of Baghdad, and is ready to give up those areas, To choose any area to be included in Kurdistan in exchange for the Kurds support Maliki in keeping him at the head of the executive authority in Iraq,

A leader in the National Alliance said that Maliki is in a state of hysteria because of political gains achieved by Abadi, and that he was disappointed with any victory in the upcoming elections due to the broad popularity of Abadi as a result of his skill in dealing with the referendum crisis and his success in restoring the disputed areas, Without armed clashes with the Peshmerga.


(I told you this guy Maliki is dangerous and until he is gone for good!)

The source said Maliki asked Kassim Soleimani if Iran would continue to support Abadi and provide a basket of gains to the Iraqi prime minister to ensure his political future? How is Iran’s support for Abadi balanced with Turkish and American support? Sulaimani replied: “Ebadi managed the crisis with the mentality of the state man and achieved a rare state of balance between all parties, and he deserves all of their support.”



Baghdad / Sky Press – A number of members of the Barzani family arrived Wednesday in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi AMID EXPECTATIONS OF A REQUEST FOR POLITICAL ASYLUM THERE.

A private plane carrying members of the family of Kurdish President Massoud Barzani to Abu Dhabi has been released in secret, BARZANI WILL LEAVE FOR THE UAE ON THE PRETEXT OF RECEIVING TREATMENT IN A HOSPITAL, ACCORDING TO INFORMED SOURCES.

The leaks pointed out that Barzani accepted an invitation from the rulers of the United Arab Emirates to grant him political asylum after his resignation from the presidency of the region following the major setback suffered by his separatist project.

Barzani is reported to have suffered from cancer and his urgent need for travel and treatment, which has caused his lack of media coverage after the recent events in Kirkuk.



Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

A source in the Prime Minister, on Saturday, that the Council is considering the mechanism for the salaries of employees of Sulaymaniyah and Kirkuk starting next month.

(Folks- this is electronic banking and the first payment to these provinces. No more cash payments! Remember I told you parts of the Kurdistan region was holding up the completion of the rolling out this project. Now we see yet two more provinces. Remember these were under ISIS control and so we see now they are implementing it)

The source told "Al-Gharab Press" that "the Council is considering the formation of a committee of membership of the councils of the provinces of Sulaymaniyah and Kirkuk, to draw a mechanism for the payment of salaries of permanent staff in the two provinces, starting next month."

He added that "the contacts conducted by the Prime Minister with the Kurdish officials in Sulaymaniyah led to an agreement on the study of the process of paying salaries of employees to contribute to the restoration of stability in the city of Kirkuk, and give the employees of Sulaymaniyah receivables suspended for months."

He added that "the process of disbursement of salaries need to study the possibility of fiscal budget, which suffers from the deficit, but the salaries of employees in the Kurdistan region is within the share of the region (17%), and is supposed to be located in its own specialty.

He pointed out that "the restoration of control over oil wells will increase the budget of Iraq at least 650 million dollars a month, which is sufficient to grant salaries of Kurdish employees in Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk and Halabja."



Called Rafidain Bank, on Saturday, citizens to review the branches to update their data in preparation for the application of electronic banking system instead of paper.

"In preparation for the implementation of electronic banking system instead of the paper system, citizens and all its customers must review its branches in Baghdad and the provinces for the purpose of updating their data and completing the necessary documents related to them," the bank's information office said.

The statement added that 'this step has reached advanced stages for the acquisition of electronic banking system and leave the paper deal and the introduction of electronic processes in the completion of transactions citizens'.

The bank said in its statement that 'this system allows the customer to benefit from the facilities provided by the bank by automating processes and simplifying procedures'.

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

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Mountain Goat says - The majority of you are being scammed  10/23/17 Empty Re: Mountain Goat says - The majority of you are being scammed 10/23/17

Post by RoyBoy on Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:42 pm

Mountain Goat says - The majority of you are being scammed  10/23/17 2834342768             Mountain Goat says - The majority of you are being scammed  10/23/17 2834342768           Mountain Goat says - The majority of you are being scammed  10/23/17 2834342768  I think I'm going to be sick
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Mountain Goat says - The majority of you are being scammed  10/23/17 Empty Re: Mountain Goat says - The majority of you are being scammed 10/23/17

Post by Harold4187 on Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:57 pm

I appreciate all of Mt Goat post. You want garbage dont read mt goat. I wont read nothing else.

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Mountain Goat says - The majority of you are being scammed  10/23/17 Empty Re: Mountain Goat says - The majority of you are being scammed 10/23/17

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