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Bedtime Stories & Questionable Intel   10/21/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bedtime Stories & Questionable Intel 10/21/17

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Bedtime Stories & Questionable Intel   10/21/17 Empty Bedtime Stories & Questionable Intel 10/21/17

Post by Ssmith on Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:17 am

"Bedtime Stories" by Wayne R

Greetings Family,

The last thing I want to do, ever, is to submit a post like this on IDC, but enough is enough. I've been on this currency journey for a while now, and this never ending onslaught of bullshit Intel is getting really old. Why is it so hard to understand gurus, Intel providers, etc... that if you don't have any REAL solid info, then just keep it real, and say that. But this making shit up just to pacify the masses, is not only cruel, but immoral. And if you're getting ALL your info from your "sources", then you really need to vet said sources, because from this side of the fence, they are SERIOUSLY off their mark.

As Yosef put it, and I'm paraphrasing here, "I post the Sitreps because it keeps people hoping, and besides, they like my writing." Seriously Yo? Now, THAT'S the definition of "pump-fake." I mean, what are we supposed to think? There has NEVER been any proof, documented or otherwise, of ANYTHING we've been told was going to happen...nothing! Whether it's bad Intel sources or bad gurus, it doesn't really matter at this point. At the end of the day, it's all just bad information.

Now, I am the last person to want to post anything negative or bad, but I'm also the last person to want to sit around and suck up bullshit information everyday.

I certainly hope that y'all have a plan B, because it looks like plan A isn't looking too good for us right now, if history does in fact "repeat itself." I certainly hope I'm wrong, because I am in a very serious position if I'm not.

All I'm asking is..... if there's Intel out there that you're POSITIVE about, and you have proof, then by all means, fill us in. Honesty and facts...real simple. At this point, the last thing we need is "bedtime stories." Just keep the "IMHO" out of the equation. It tells us nothing, as we've seen time and time and time again.

I'm not giving up on the RV/GCR. I can't. But PLEASE.....as lieutenant Joe Friday from "Dragnet" used to say....."Just the facts mam, just the facts."

Love & Light to all my IDC family

Keep pushin....

Wayne R


"Questionable Intel, Does it Serve a Purpose?" by One Who Thinks

If everything we see is the opposite of reality, what does that say of what we see here in these daily "Intel Alerts"? . . . So all you have written up to now is untrue, the opposite of what you reported?

That explains a lot, but not the continuing focus on President Trump. While many of the personal attacks have stopped, we continue to get wildly conflicting reports of his part in all of this. Just in the last few weeks, we have gone from stories of his pressured removal from office before the RV can take root here, to learning that we are waiting only for the plan for Trump to resign and arrests of Cabal to be prepared, to alternatively, for him to go to Asia as president in November with no idea where the exchanges fit in all this.

Just a few days ago, we were told definitively that it was safe for the RV to begin, everyone and everything was ready. Now we are told just the opposite is true, unless it too is opposite from the truth!!!

If these daily posts are what we get as "Intel", we are far better served without it, and I again appeal that intel printed here be based on some reasonable source or sources other than picking dates from the main stream media and weaving them into your narrative. I.e, if news is from a bank source, at least note a "bank source" and if it is confirmed to have come from an Elder, express that. If the ultimate source is not direct to you, explain that. Anyone can say GrandFather said or did something, but without some reasonable path for that information to have gotten to you, it is hearsay, not intel. Please follow these guidelines to restore a little credibility to you posts; or just stop them until you actually know something.

Many thanks,

One Who Thinks


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