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Ginger Snyder Admits She's Mentally Ill!   8/31/17 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Ginger Snyder Admits She's Mentally Ill! 8/31/17

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Ginger Snyder Admits She's Mentally Ill!   8/31/17 Empty Ginger Snyder Admits She's Mentally Ill! 8/31/17

Post by Ssmith on Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:00 am

Hello my beautiful Family

My heart bleeds for my city and the people I love the most, my Houston neighbors. I have witnessed the destruction of so many things that were monumental to this city. Not to mention the hardest thing I have ever personally gone through myself. Watching my family and close friends and neighbors, pull everything they own out of flooded houses. Seeing the pictures of even the carpeting and all furniture and belongings, even saw the kids toys ruined lying in rubble. The love and support of the community and the people is enormous, but I am still very sad. We are under a curfew as they have reported looting, but I have not seen anything like this. Just people joining together to help everyone that needs help. People you know or do not know. Watching the pictures and seeing the faces and commotion going on all around me is not only crippling, but very very emotional.

The streets are bare, and very few businesses are open as usual. Travel is very difficult as many of our street lights are still out, and food and water and gas are non existent. You can feel sorry for others but not for me, as I am completely fine, not mentally but everything else is wonderful. As I know once I exchange, I will take care of the people that need the help the most. The confusion and complete devastation of the people is the hard part, as many do not have working vehicles and are having to walk or use bicycles.

The grocery stores are almost completely sold out of Milk, bread, and all fresh fruits and vegetables, even bacon and lunch meat. Kroger has closed at 3:30 pm as they were completely out of food. Then on top of these terrible situations, there is no gas to leave even if you could find the roads to get out of town. Schools are mostly flooded, and kids are very bored, they have nothing to do and can not go outside much as the streets are all muddy, and when you walk you sink into the ground. We as a city are doing everything we can by cleaning out our closets and toiletries, but the destruction, and emotions of the people are very high.

Everyone has this look of dismay like they are very confused. The countless videos of the animals that are in neck deep water, and the ones that did not survive the rushing water and tides, will be numerous. Just a very sad time for our city in terms of the complete and total panic you can feel growing around the people. Trying to stay happy and uplifting when you feel your heart breaking into pieces is tough. Seeing the people join together is great and harmonious and will continue. We love each other, and you can tell the elites can not stand that we are joining together as one big family. Its a very sad trying time for me KNOWING.

Knowing my own government, or the people that really have control in this country would commit such a cruel and destructive act to lash out on completely innocent people. I have the pictures of the cloud seeding done as well as the document from the Group or Company known as the Texas Weather Modification Services, like who would ever brag about being a complete jerk. Not to mention some great tapes made by Natural News and Aplanetruth.info attached which shows at the 5:30 mark the machines that is a method of producing clouds attached.

Manmade Weather; Hurricane Harvey 8.26.17


Texas resilience overcomes hurricanes and left-wing hate

"Weather wars" theorists claim Hurricane Harvey was engineered, "steered" toward Houston as a "weather terrorism" weapon

Ginger Snyder Admits She's Mentally Ill!   8/31/17 21105481_1596029400418070_7860138340232065221_n

This link above is for the cloud seeding that was done in the South side of Houston near La Marque Texas by one of my friends. All I can tell you is that the mountain of proof that this storm was not only man made, it was intentional. Imagine knowing that your friends and family were all displaced, and there houses are destroyed and the evil and cabal have committed these acts. Its a very fine line, as no one wants to believe any of this stuff, even me. But proof is proof and must be exposed. I tried to deny this was happening even argued with people they were trying to cause fear, nope they showed me the pictures dates which was Thursday and Friday August 24 and 25 last week. Truly hard to take, tried to push this out of my mind. Then more incredibly horrible things began to happen, like the dams were subject to break, not they were breaking just they could break. So the Army Corps of Engineers, the same ones that blow up the levees in New Orleans, were going to open the reservoirs in Houston. Now it is one thing if the levees would have broken the dams, and the water was to pour into the houses, but once again a man made decision (a terrible one at that), was made to open the reservoirs, guess when, at 2 am when all were sleeping. This is when the entire area for the Energy Corridor, Memorial thru Highway 6 area, and into Katy were completely devastated. The houses that were destroyed with this man made act, someone needs to be held accountable for doing. They did this exact same scenario three nights in a row. With more and more houses being destroyed from Cypress Creek and into Spring Texas and other parts of North Houston. The areas South of town, were already flooded, but the extra open reservoir plan at least contributed to a million additional houses that could have been saved. Who is going to say they made this terrible decision?

Breaking : "Many Dams About To Break" In Houston Texas 2,000 People Rescued"

Now that you can see, this was a man made planned event, to make it even more terrifying, many of the vehicles that people owned, were completely flooded out. I believe they were trying to drown people by releasing these reservoirs in the middle of the night. People were coming out of their homes in their pajamas, trying to grab there pets, and belongings and get to safety as the water was rising up all around them. I was reading story after story of rescues being performed. Even some of my personal friends, were on the roof of their homes waiting to be picked up. You would think it is summer they were okay, but it was so windy and cold and they were all soaking wet. The picture needs to be painted accurately so you understand why I have been so upset the last few days. We have shelters set up all over Houston, the dry parts which are little patches all over town. The outskirts and downtown areas, were completely submerged. To make matters worse, some of the shelters were removing families to the Huntsville area, where the Walmart (Fema Camp) was converted into a shelter. I truly think they are going to try and make this a police state nation, as we have been under curfew since Sunday. The love is pouring out from the people, we are helping each other and cleaning out our closets and bringing toiletries, and working food banks. I am to deliver some medicine tomorrow to a family that is flooded out of their home. Its complete chaos. All you hear is police sirens, and when you do go outside, the grounds are all muddy and you sink into the ground. Everything looks smudged and like it needs a good power washing. There are broken down vehicles abandoned all over the city, just a very odd tragic event, that was all perpetrated on innocent people.

Breaking News LIVE . FEMA and DHS Press Conference Today 8/30/17 . ON ‪Hurricane Harvey Flooding‬‏

I have sat here for three days now, wondering where the good guys truly are. Where are the ones that would not have a hard time shutting down the Port of Houston and the other criminal companies, and the Military Industrial companies such as Halliburton and Raytheon that have continual contracts with the government. Its just time that I see the good guys come in and take care of this as people are trying to spread that looting is occurring as well as tapes to show racial division that is non extistent as our hands to help each other from every part of the city are seen reaching out. The thing they hate the worst the love and unity of the people. Which has been fantastic. Sharing supplies and items and even there own food supplies. The only hatred is from the companies that have committed the man made weaponry that was fired from Waco,Texas Friday August 24, 2017, right before the start of Hurricane Harvey. Not that far from Corpus Christi right near the Killeen, Texas where Fort Hood houses the Gold reserves.

Shelters have been set up but the situation is temporary, as I have been looking for apartments and hotels that could help families deal with the upset and emotional turmoil if they had a more private situation. The schools are mostly filled with water, but they are working non stop to get these cleaned up, and I heard today they think they will be cleaned out, I just pray there will not be mold damage, or the schools will once more be closed. We are living the exact same scenarios as New Orleans experienced. Why has no one arrested the criminals instead of flooding the innocents from their homes? Just as the sun rose on the horizon, now we have threats of the Power plants and the Nuclear plant could possible explode and more evacuations would be necessary. Its literally the fourth largest city in the nation, with almost 7 million people, whose plan was this? Answers must be given, as we are not going to let this go without punishment. If this whole exercise, was to expose the criminal companies, and the Port of Houston having dominance over the petroleum industry, and switching to the new pipelines called the Dakota pipelines, why not make the arrests? Did a group sit around and form these decisions? Who gets to decide what the plan is and why are arrests are not being made immediately. To add further torture, the President of the US, Donald Trump signed an Executive Order saying the government is no longer responsible for the flood victims, that I believe they caused. I know for sure, the decision made to open the reservoirs, and to do this for three consecutive nights, caused severe damage. Who will stand up and say they made this decision? Because there is extreme liability to be held with these decisions. Yes, I realize the President does know the fiat petro dollar is collapsing, so maybe the Executive Order was to ensure that the defunct bankrupt government of the USA, Inc. would not file bankruptcy to remove any responsibility, if your are broke you are just broke. This situation to ensure the rebuild and infrastructure was accomplished without this excuse being readily available, bet they hated this EO. To add insult to injury the charity being pushed is the Red Cross that only gives 5% of the proceeds to the actual victims, the other 95% is for administration expenses. This is just like the Haiti scenario of 2010 Earthquake relief.

So you can see the situation is a little more serious than just Hurricane relief, its only a matter of time before more and more evidence besides the things I have presented becomes available. Here is the letter showing the Texas Weather Modification Services that planned Hurricane Harvey, this group needs to be removed immediately. Why would you have a group set up to do a planned weather modification? No one gets to mess with Mother Nature!

Ginger Snyder Admits She's Mentally Ill!   8/31/17 Image001

I did a call Real Truth Call last night, we formed several teams, and are coordinating efforts with volunteer teams all over the country, even church groups are coming to the rescue. All donations will be accepted, but what will not happen is they will never kill the will of the people, nor the love and the unity of all people coming together to aid in this effort for all parts of the Gulf Coast and effected areas.

The evidence is too much for any one that wants nothing but great things for all people and man. They can mess with me and cut off my phones, do anything they want, but when they start trying to hurt innocent people that have no clue about what is going on, and even would argue if they saw the evidence. How would you feel? I am completely torn with so many questions the list is truly endless. Hard to let this drop but I do have one question for each of you, who will stand with methey can mess with me and cut off my phones, do anything they want, but when they start trying to hurt innocent people that have no clue about what is going on, and even would argue if they saw the evidence. How would you feel? I am completely torn with so many questions the list is truly endless. Hard to let this drop but I do have one question for each of you, who will stand with me, as the next city could be yours? Just wanted to add the countless charities that are raising money for my city makes my heart swell so I just want to say THANK YOU to all that are thinking of us at this difficult time, I love you all.


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