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 RayRat Call Notes 8/28/17

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PostSubject: RayRat Call Notes 8/28/17   Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:02 pm

(Notes by Adept1)

TNT Call notes 28-August-2017

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


RayRat: Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family! Today is Marvelous Monday, August 28, 2017, with yours truly RayRen98 here. My, oh, my, where has the month gone to? It’s almost over, and we are still waiting for the public release of the RV. As I said on the text, there is no new hot intel, but we do have some announcements from Iraq saying legislation waiting for eight years is now being passed. They didn’t say what legislation. There are new money auctions coming up later in September, and that may relate to the cessation of US dollar auctions. The rates on the bank screens are showing rates at a 1:1,000 rather than 1:1, but that should be shown tomorrow, or so I hear. So we have to be careful when we are looking at rates on currency sites, and doing conversions. One of the currency sites has a rate schedule based on 10,000 units, and that threw people off looking at the Vietnamese dong. As a result, some people were thinking .044 to be .44, which gives a different result. So be careful when you’re converting from those sites and rates.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: I have read over the weekend about Dr. Abadi doing a bit of house cleaning. It seems as though quite a few political figures in Iraq have been arrested and/or their assets seized because of corruption. Is Abadi now in the final stages of cleaning up before the RV can occur because they want to make sure that those undervalued Dinar are not turned into billions of dollars and disappear across the borders instead of benefiting the Iraqi people? Is “M” next ?
A: I don’t know what the plan or strategy is for that. We did hear Abadi is going after the corrupt officials, but I don’t know the time-frame respecting the public release.

Q: Is there any evidence the “in country” economic reconciliation is underway??
A: I have not received any public acknowledgement towards that.

Q: Is it right that there is an in-country rate and a higher out of country rate? [RR: YES. That would be the case anyway, because if you use the currency internationally, there will always parity and market rates; that’s the way I see it.] If so, won’t that irritate Iraqi citizens in country when they find that out?
A: What they’re going to find out is that their purchasing power will be the same in-country, even though the rate has changed. The value will be the same, but there will be a different rate structure.

Q: I believe that Abadi stated that currency reform would start on 8/21. If my memory is correct, Tony, DC, or yourself stated that there would be a 10 day period after reforms were initiated that Iraq would enjoy these reforms before it went international. Is that what we are waiting on?
A: I don’t know; I don’t have official information stating that.

Q: A few weeks ago the CBI released its June and July, 2017 Statement of Compensation Report. Are you aware of that report? [Yes, I’m away that it exists.] If so, has any of your Intel sources commented about either of the following 3 line items in it, as being relevant to what we await? 1.That report was published in “thousands” rather than millions, as it has been in the past. 2. The next to the last line item shows an amount allocated for ” Revaluation for Current Year”. 3. One column shows an unusual amount for “Currency Issuance Expenses”.
A: They have made no mention of those three entries that you are interested in.

Q: It would be nice if we could get an idea of prices in the mall. [??] If there are ATM machines and are the people using them?
A: I haven’t received information about drastic price changes or use of ATMs for lower denominations.

Q: Have you stayed in touch with Okie over the last few years?
A: Duh. I have told you times when Okie has been sick, for example.

Q: So, no chance it will happen today is there? it is My Husband birthday and what a great day it would be for an RV.
A: Never say never, but I think it is unlikely.

Q: It has been a few days since the Qi cards got loaded. Is there any confirmation on the new rate that was loaded on the cards.?
A: Still not solid confirmation of rates on the cards, other than they are being utilized in and out of the country.

Q: A few years ago, I heard you say [didn’t catch it]. Are you still getting bank intel from your sources that you are not able to share?
A: Bank intel, yes. The banks are excited and ready to go. They don’t know the actual date. We have good sources who have missed the mark several times. Nothing has materialized yet, but they are going with the information they received from their superiors. They are saying “get ready for a rate change”, that’s all; I don’t think they will give a time until it is a reality.

Q: Some time ago, I suggested September as the time for the RV, you thought it would go sooner. Now a friend, a retired currency dealer is saying November.
A: I have contacts, who give me information, most of which has come to pass. The fact that the RV timeframe has not arrived, doesn’t mean that they were wrong. What substance do we go on? Our sources have told us things that have almost always happened, not necessarily in the time they suggested. For example, they said the Budget was done, and we saw it in public a few weeks or months later. They don’t make these things happen; they are just reporting what they have been told or seen. Same with the banks: they are being told to get ready for the rate exchange, so that is what they told their employees. It didn’t happen, but that didn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. Maybe they changed the plan. Your friend is suggesting November; w hat reasons or substance does he have for that view? My sources aren’t saying November, and they have been providing intelligence for years, both ordinary citizens, or government/civil service contacts. Whatever they say today, I am in agreement with because they have a proven track record. They didn’t make promises to us, they just told us their projections. Sometimes things change in midstream, and we don’t control that. Is it possible we are three months away? Yes, but I can’t see that, that we are still without this project in three months. If you have more information, sent it by PM and I’ll take a look at it.

Q: I understand that the best of us are waiting for the optimal time to exchange. Is there are reason why we would not be going in for the contract rate?
A: No. Contract-rate chasers will want to go in very promptly. Once you can’t get that, for one reason or another, go for second-best, which is waiting for the rate to appreciate before making their move. You can leverage and flip, etc., along the way. Those of us who are squeezing out the maximum value, that’s what I identify as ‘the best of us’ because they are finding ways to handle any current financial emergency as we wait for the best time to exchange.

Live questions

470/865/404 caller: About the legislation that was in a backlog, did they pass all of it, or just a portion? What about those laws showing up in the Gazette.

RayRen: Just a portion; no other details were given. I would think the new laws wills how up in the Gazette on Wednesday but that’s just my thought, not intel.

Caller: I believe another major holiday will start on September 1st, for four days… what effect will that have on what we are waiting for? Might be a good time to celebrate.

RayRen: There has been no mention of that, nor any issue with it.

610 caller: If you are financially able, please donate by mail, sending your check or money order to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822.

832 caller: When this comes through, will you adopt a village or town? I wonder if all of this is being delayed because they want the money to be used for humanitarian aims.

RayRen: I would adopt whatever my money would allow me to adopt. I don’t think this release is based on the humanitarian efforts of citizens. I know there has been some information put out there regarding the humanitarian side of this process, but I really don’t think the timing is based on people’s desire to be humanitarian with these funds. If that were the biggest issue, those holding the money would be out doing it now, rather than giving us the money to do it. I think it might be more about learning responsibility and stewardship. “If you want to get something done, do it yourself.” If you subscribe to the Great Book of Instruction, it’s not about letting someone else be the shepherd or steward; it’s up to us to undertake that stewardship. We should be doing that anyway, and many have been doing so, to the best of their ability. If this RV were dependent on humanitarian projects, THEY would already being doing it. When we have the funds, sure, we will be doing a lot of things like adopting neighborhoods, towns, cities, states, and regions.

WV caller: We were supposed to hear something on 8-21-2017. Something did happen in China where their systems crashed; does that have anything to do with us?

RayRen: Not so far as I know.

NV caller: I have a question to do with the Zim. In light of probable exorbitant numbers, and NDA will be required, and 65% will be required for humanitarian projects, with 35% for personal uses. Those are the reports I have heard… what is your view?

RayRen: Since I don’t hear that from any of my sources, I don’t believe it to be reliable or probable. I’m not saying it’s not true; because I don’t hear it, I have no basis of belief or reliability to give that substance.

Caller: Are there any expectations or demands regarding the exchange of Zim?

RayRen: Some members have said their banks have told them they will accept anything they have, without conditions or hoops. Then we have some members being told they have to go to a specific location for Zim. That’s all I’ve heard lately.

Caller: Would that location be an HSBC bank?

RayRen: He was told that, but I’ve also seen documentation saying HSBC will not be exchanging any of these currencies. So I don’t know!

Caller: Will you be giving us any guidance regarding humanitarian projects?

RayRen: Yes, there are many things that will be of particular interest after the RV; we are especially interested in educational projects that will help us deal with this money, so we can make our own decisions rather than others making them for us.

Caller: I have heard large Zim holders being called to become ‘career philanthropists’. What is your opinion?

RayRen: That’s the first time I’ve heard that phrase. To me it implies that those who have the larger amounts of money, they have a responsibility to give away more. I leave that up to each individual person, what they choose to give back. For myself, I’m more interested in making the money grow so that I can continue to give into perpetuity. However, that’s not about my having more money than others.

Caller: Have you heard anything about our tax position on these exchanges?

RayRen: I’ve heard all sorts of things, but nothing officially. I don’t know if there will be taxes or not. It’s a good expectation, worth planning for, and if it doesn’t happen, that’s even better. It’s better to have it set aside if needed.

Caller: I heard that you would be taxed at the same rate as you paid your last year’s income tax. Have you heard that?

RayRen: I’ve heard all of it, every possibility, but nothing officially. I choose to leave that alone because we just won’t know until this happens and the truth comes out. It’s better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it. You won’t have to pay taxes – if at all – until after 15. April 2018. By then you’ll know what the situation is and can deal with it according to the advice of your financial team.

Caller: Do you think Zim will be taxed differently than the other currencies?

RayRen: If you exchange something, that is exchange for equal values. To me, that’s a different process than a redemption, which is the word some are using for the Zim. Those are two different cases or realities. However, in the US, words can have multiple meanings depending on the application. One might clearly be taxable, and the other may not. I would argue that exchange for equal value is not taxable.

Caller: How excited are you?

RayRen: Very excited – this thing is definitely in motion. The first Iraqi who contacted us saying their family member had a card over here and was using it, that’s what got me excited, and that was two years ago. That’s when it became a reality for me, said yes, this is real, we just don’t know when. And now ordinary Iraqi citizens have cards and are using them here in the US. That speaks volumes to me. We just don’t know if that is based on the new rate. Also, 59 banks are taking dinar now. All I’m waiting for is the rate to change. Anything else is superficial chatter, without meaning. Back when we were looking for 800 numbers, that was the marker that the RV happened, and here is where you can go to exchange. We already have 59 places we can do, and I know the RV is happening. We’re just waiting on the rate. It doesn’t matter if I have an 800 number or not; the banks that exchange now have no issue with the activity, they will simply adjust the rate. There are probably more than 59 banks. I don’t have to wait on the 800 numbers, I already have places to exchange.

Let’s say there is just one 800 number being distributed; how many choices will you have when that happens? Maybe three or four of the biggest banks. Right now we can call 59 banks and compare rates. So I have more choices already. If an 800 number comes to me, I will gladly distributing that number. At the same time, they are not affecting me, dangling that as a carrot; I have 59 other vegetables to chew on. We have 59banks that will exchange, and we have banks coming our seminars to share what they can offer in services and perks. They want these exchanges. We are just waiting for that one day when it says, “This is the new rate of the Iraqi dinar.” The GCR is just extra icing on the cake. We are in position to act on the main change. Then you will learn what the best of us can do in this market, and the rest can learn from us for the next ground. That’s what being prepared is all about.

Caller: Are you as excited about the dong as you are about the dinar?

RayRen: Sort of. I’m satisfied with what I have heard solid intel from others on the IQD. I haven’t heard as much on the dong. Iraq is telling its citizens that they are going to change the value of the currency really soon, and we are starting to see little indicators of them doing just that. The other currencies, I haven’t received that type or level of information, so I can’t hold it in the light of a finished product soon to be at your doorstep. Many believe they will all go at the same time; I’m sort of hoping they do not.

Caller: Does the US government have any influence on the dinar or dong?

RayRen: I really don’t know; I’m just being ready for when its my time to move.

[I had to leave the call here. Check the Cliff Notes for Ray’s Closing Statement.]

Closing Statement

No new intel, things seem to be moving along.

RayRen played I Believe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA
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PostSubject: Re: RayRat Call Notes 8/28/17   Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:24 pm

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RayRat Call Notes 8/28/17
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