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Dr. Clarke 8/18/17

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Dr. Clarke   8/18/17 Empty Dr. Clarke 8/18/17

Post by Mountain Goatee on Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:06 pm

DR. CLARKE: AHOY, MATES. It’s FUN-DAY, Friday…..again! 

We’re still Breathing….and so are you, if you’re reading this. We’re calling this our Pre-SOLAR ECLIPSE REPORT. So, get a stiff Kool-Aid, and Join Us. This sucker is jammed with BS…..For Starters, let us Remind You: Our Prophesies, Speculations & Guesses for the Past 3 Posts, from our 7-27-17 post on - EVERYTHING has been 100% CORRECT. The Predictions & Probabilities of 7-27 post remain valid. EVERYTHING we’ve said, has come true - INCLUDING, the fact that the RV has NOT occurred yet - OFFICIALLY. 

We’ve been 100% CORRECT on that too….So, here’s a Few “Entertainment Truths” to take a peek at for Today, that spills into Next Week: 

FROM OUR 7-27-17 POST (LINK), here’s what we Printed and here’s what happened. 

WE PRINTED: (On a scale of 1-10 for an RV on these dates)
AUGUST 8-15th: 0.5 (Recovery & New Openings emerge. New Stuff. NEW.)

That was a 0.5 chance on a scale of 1-10. We were RIGHT. NO RV - VERY LOW odds. Not even Close. WHAT was all the NEW stuff? 

- Aug. 8th: Pres. Trump warns North Korea threats “Will be met with fire and fury, like the world has never seen.” (historic statement)
- 9th: Abadi declares “Iraq exited out of UN Chapter 7” (Video), Iraq Holiday & shutdown due to 122 degree heat on Thursday 10th-13th (Weather)
- 14th: Vietnam & Indonesia agree on Big Trade Deals
- 15th: N. Korea backed off attacking Guam (temporarily), VN Dong temporarily spiked to .0044, dropping 2 zero’s. 

We said “Something NEW” - this past week. How about Abadi announcing Iraq out of Chapter 7? That’s NEW, right?……kinda important. Kind of a BIG Deal, eh? We said “Watch Vietnam the 1st half of August in our 7-27 post and LOOK what happened with their Trade & Rate Spike on the 15th. We talked about the “Weather” on 7-27 post and LOOK what happened with the 122 degree heat, and Holiday Shutdowns being imposed. Nice Vacay! 

We said ALL these things AHEAD OF TIME, before they happened. How did we know? We told you before, we’re really good Guessers. Purely Random “whatever-ness”.


WE WANT TO POINT SOMETHING OUT next, because it’s important to the future events, as they unfold. Read up: 

MOSUL: FYI, back in our JULY 7th Post almost 2 months ago, we printed the following, which we by the way, we were 100% Correct. This is what we wrote: 

“READ our Printed Lips: It’s NOT going to matter the exact DATE of when MOSUL is announced Officially Liberated. (contrary to popular belief)” 

We also said this (about Mosul): “When will Abadi PUBLICLY & OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE IT?……..just a Guess: After Pres. Trump gets back home, safely & soundly…….just a guess.”
We were 100% CORRECT. He announced it 2 days later on July 9th, the day after Pres. Trump arrived back from the G20 Meetings - just like we said.

So, it’s been almost 2 MONTHS since Mosul was OFFICIALLY announced Liberated. Nothing QUICK about this, for sure. The Majority in Dinarland, including all the “Groups”, and geniuses, were so hyped and pinning their Hopes on an instant RV when Mosul was Liberated - EXCEPT US. We knew MONTHS ago, this was NOT totally about Mosul, and even printed it. Yes, it was important, but as we wrote months ago: “It was TOTALLY about Securing the “REGION”. Yes, the REGION. It’s STILL about securing the REGION. This includes: Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar & Iran. Have you heard anything Significant or even as much as a Peep about SYRIA, over the past 3 weeks? Virtually nothing. Why? Maybe because NOW, NOW, NOW, the Region is Secure Enough to move forward with adding LOTS of value to the currency? It was NOT secured enough almost 2 months ago, when Mosul was officially announced Liberated. Remember when we wrote, that after Mosul would be liberated, the “Dust needed to Settle” for awhile, before they possibly move the currency value significantly upward?…….It’s been almost 2 months now. 


PLEASE MAKE A NOTE ON YOUR REFRIGERATOR, ABOUT THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT: Remember what we always say about the meaning of Iraq’s words, when they say, “In the Coming Days”?….that it always means from 30 - 60 days later MINIMUM, from when they said it. Do the math……FROM July 9th (Mosul Liberation), just for kicks & grins……Roughly….what date are we roughly at, given what the “Coming Days” means? Roughly.


OH, we got lots more Egotistical crap for you Today. Look here:

STOCK MARKET DROP: We’ve been writing you about getting OUT of the U.S. Stock & Bond Markets for awhile, more than once, but especially since our 7-27-17 POST, when we said, “Get OUT with your Skin, while you still can”. 

On 8-7-17, the DOW reached an ALL-TIME HIGH EVER at: 22,118.42. Since then, just 11 Days Later as of Today 8-18-17, it closed at: 21,674 - A LOSS (Down) - 444 Points over just the past 11 Days.

(Highlights: Aug. 10th saw a -204 point drop. Aug. 17th saw a -274 point drop, Today Aug. 18th -74 points)……something’s going on Sherlock.

Remember the saying, “Where’s there’s Smoke, there’s FIRE!”…..remember the word, “Raging Wild FIRE”.

We wrote a hint, back on 7-27-17 (22 days ago)….the next few weeks and months ahead, will be “Interesting”. Are You READY?……..Hint: Read our Solar Eclipse BS down there…


DENNIS RODMAN: We reported last post that we found Dennis Rodman, and what happened? N. Korea backed down this week, from attacking Guam. They Love him! Thank you Dennis. Too bad, it won’t Last, unfortunately. It was just a bluff. Unfortunately. Dennis, don’t get lost again, please and take someone else with you, that can back you up this time…….for the Last Time. We’ve been telling you about N. Korea for over a year and a half. Again, What “REGION” are they in?


WEATHER: We wrote on 7-27-17 that the people needed “RELIEF”, from the Heat. Then we see they recess for 4 days, because of 122 degree heat, last week. Then, In our August 8th Post we wrote, “The “GROUND” is about to Shake, BIG TIME!…….find something SOLID to hold on to….”Literally”. In more ways than one, “Mother Earth”, is about to make a Statement, to remind everyone, that we all must “LIVE HERE”, to “BE HERE”
…….it’s coming SOON. Wait for it.

The “SKY” is very important, “In the Coming Days”.

SOLAR ECLIPSE: FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS, this isn’t just another ho-hum Solar Eclipse on the 21st. It’s an HISTORIC EVENT. ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME EVENT. Never to be witnessed by any humans now living, in this Lifetime so far, and never again in this Lifetime….the chaotic times of Change we see right now, are evidence of this Fact. But wait. It’s about to get Much Much Deeper, especially over the next 60 days, and by extension on into FEBRUARY 2018. MORE NEW HISTORIC EVENTS…….that you’ve NEVER SEEN this Lifetime - YET.



SWEETHEARTS, you’re ALL going to wake up from this Long Long Lull soon - the one that’s been leading everyone along, so nicely into a Trance & Coma for so long, through “Confusion - Inconsistency - Circles”, and WAKE UP to instantly SEE a New, substantially increased value of the Iraqi Dinar, just like you Suddenly saw a significantly increased rate of the Vietnam Dong, this past week…..albeit temporary.

VIETNAM suddenly dropped 2 zero’s with the click of a computer button ON PURPOSE. The rate jumped from .000044 to .0044, which means for 1 Million Dong, you’d exchange for $44 if at .000044, and the spike indicated at .0044 exchanged is $4,400. Nice little gain there on a $44 investment. The spike up, lasted less than an hour. “Rates” though, are against our Religion. The Rate gods get cranky, when we talk about rates. 
HEY! There is NO TESTING mumbo jumbo going on ANYWHERE. NADA. Doesn’t happen. This is BS, this “They’re TESTING this and that”……we hear this and we want to……Throw Up……because it’s so Hilarious, we actually pee our pants, every time. Pee Pee Pee Pee……..THERE IS NO TESTING, WHEN IT COMES TO PUBLIC DISPLAYED CURRENCY RATES WORLDWIDE……..it’s like Eminem……”Testing, Testing…….” NOT.

WHY? Why would VN’s rates jump like this? We’ll tell you WHY. It’s “Just a little nod from the gods”, as to what’s REALLY goin down “In the Coming Days”. ONLY This time, the RATES will be Officially Set……NO MORE GAMES……and then begin trading up & down on world currency markets, for Foreign Exchange…..INCLUDING the Dinar. SEE how Easy it is to move rates, at random, if you want to? CLICK CLICK. NO Justification. NO Explanation. NO Explaining anything. CLICK CLICK. Instant.


​Our Apologies……We’ve been Drinking Heavily TODAY………………………………The Koolaid……Cherry Slurpee (Sugar Free) 44 ouncer…….feeling a bit “Light Headed”…..kinda Blissful……wait…….is that…………NIRVANA we hear playing in the background? YES….LOVE that sound. Can YOU hear it? Close your Eyes…..and SEE IT.

SEE, the thing is……..there MUST be a Major Worldwide “EVENT”, First - yeah, that’s what we’ll call it……..then…….the Balance Kicks in……FAST. Actually it will be more than ONE, in a string of MAJOR events……BUT, nobody wants to hear that, so we’ll just write about…….Rainbows, Cherry Slurpees and Dennis Rodman……..and maybe this Solar Eclipse on the 21st. But that’s another false alarm again, like the “Mosul” thing…….just so you know. The Eclipse is cool, and will rock the heavens, but you know what our 7-27-17 post showed you, about all those future DATES ahead……that’s where all the “Real Money” is at…..in our overly demented, and disgusting Opinion.

(We’re so over, the word “Opinion”)…….Let’s start using the word, “Viewpoint” or “Belief”.

RE-DENOMINATION: That’s so funny. Those that believe this is happening in Iraq, or has happened, are smoking some really bad weed. Aint no re-denomination of Iraq’s currency going on, and will not go on. Sounds good and LOGICAL from all the geniuses, who want to make excuses for this RV not happening because it’s been almost 2 months since Mosul was liberated……BUT, it’s time to get some new, effective drugs that work properly. The Rates have NOT CHANGED. When it’s Public & Official, it will be “Public & Official” for EVERYONE.

THERE ARE NO “TIERS”. NOT.…..the only TIERS there are is, “Tears for Fears”, and they’ve been gone since the 80’s (Love them there boys).

QUESTION: WHY have all these “Special Groups”, that have so-called inside deals on “RATES” & “TAXES”……WHY OH WHY, have they not been exchanged YET, after ALL THESE YEARS? Not days, not months, but MANY MANY YEARS? Just a little, unimportant question.

Oh, but we don’t want to go there, do we? Nope, so we won’t.
BALANCE DAY IS COMING SOON……enjoy it Now, while you can.

UN-SERIOUSLY though, we have almost 2 more Weeks left in August, and several things we wrote about, are about to Come to Fruition. Can’t Wait! Some Major things will FALL, and some Major things will RISE……..and NO we’re not talking about Rates, Hot Air balloons or Granny’s bread in the oven. These are BIG. Major Disclosure(s), of hidden poo poo, and Major Door Openings that haven’t been seen as of yet…….especially the 1st Week of September.

We’ll say it AGAIN: Our Prophesies, Speculations, Guesses & BS from our 7-27-17 post, still hold True. Everything we’ve printed, has come 100% TRUE. EVERYTHING - INCLUDING, the fact that the RV has NOT occurred yet - OFFICIALLY. We’ve been 100% CORRECT on that too……for all those keeping score…….(YES, we can be wrong. Probably. Might. Have been. Whatever…….BUT)

WHAT’S IN STORE for AUGUST 16-23rd? Well, we’re already 2 days in, so here’s what we printed from our 7-27-17 Post, on a Scale of 1-10 for an RV: 

We give it: 8.8 (New FACTUAL Light is shed from the shadows & smiles are everywhere. 
But there’s still a Fly in the ointment) - that’s what we already wrote 7-27-17.
MUCH MUCH CLOSER……than the past 3 weeks.

It’s gonna be a great week, campers.

We’re “The Most Accurate ILLOGICAL LOGIC on the Planet”

DID YOU KNOW?: “ALL FACTS regarding ANYTHING, are based 100% on the Perspective of the Beholder, ONLY.”………just watch ANY Media outlet worldwide today, if you don’t believe us…..and PROVE THE FACTS. Were you personally there to see & experience it, Consciously?

Even Then, it’s only YOUR FACT……(Directions: To enhance this Effect, drink more Kool-Aid. In fact, if you Shoot the Kool-aid, as long as it’s not a Slurpee, you won’t get “brain freeze”….but you might get a “Vision” about something important. Make sure it’s “Sugar Free”…..and do it on a FRIDAY. Maybe.)

We’re so FULL of BS, we can’t Believe…..even ourselves..…except on Friday’s.

Austah - La - Veeees - tah Baby!

P.S. FYI - “The deck is fully stacked for Iraq to substantially raise the value of their currency by…………….. 2050.” We’re completely sure of it.

WE AGREE - We Totally Agree with Dinar Recaps decision to NOT print Bloggers who NEGATIVELY Criticize, Bash and try to Destroy others - JUST to Exalt themselves, by Judging others…..Especially at this stage of the Game - THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR IT. There is one Rule that should NEVER be broken, and this is the Rule to “DO NO HARM TO ANOTHER”, for whatever reason. Whether it’s Physical, Verbal or Written……this also applies to COMMENTERS - those who “sneaketh around”, trying to inject Negative Poison into the systems of “whatever”. 

Each & Every human being, lives within their own PERCEPTION of Reality, even if they believe that Purple Pigs Fly like hummingbirds, carrying an RV in their mouth, straight from Aliens, who are commissioned by God to “Make it So”, on the Sabbath……AND the elders gave the approval, then changed their mind a hundred times, because they were upset over the Test Results that pinged too many times in the Red, because Nesara or Guessara or Whereverara, didn’t get implemented, with a Tranche of tons of titillating money or prosperity packages right on time, and be printed in the Wall Street Journal, as proof for the Republic to secretly engage a General Daffy Duck, to run the World behind the scenes, so that the Poor & Downtrodden could finally prosper, in a way that brings glory to the hell, that is perceived to be taking place, amongst the true Heaven that exists eternally, within your own Mind. It don’t Matter. 

AMEN. Glory Be to Whatever floats your Boat. 

There are a Billion Ways to LIVE……but HARM, whether Physical, Verbal or Written, is NOT one of them. AMEN again……y’all.


- In this “Time”, there is “BETRAYAL” around EVERY corner. 
- Even in our so-called “Families”.
- ESPECIALLY, if they appear to be Wearing a “GOD” Suit.
- EVEN if you’re the Most Powerful Human on Earth - You’re Not Exempt - it’s Worse.
- No Matter How many “FANS” you think you have, You have as many or MORE, that AREN’T.
- Don’t Be Fooled.


We’re going to once again, REMIND you about this Powerful 3-Letter Word: “OIL”
Who moved my “OIL”?… or rather.….“Cheese”.

T-Rex? Abadi? Barzani? Putin? Maduro? Spicer?………..Nope. “The BOSS”, Santa Claus, is in charge Now, and it couldn’t be Better.

Now, Let’s Get EVERYONE Exchanged!……and at thousands of percentage points MORE than you invested……..over & over again. ASAP.

We Rest our Case.

In our Un-Presidential, Over the Top, Below the Belt, Cross-Eyed, Water Gun slinging, Cherry Slurpee’d Viewpoint, Guesses, Beliefs and OPINIONS……..for you guessed it:

That’ a rap, Jack.

TONIGHT: KISS somebody. Anybody. “Just DO IT”………..make Nike proud.

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Dr. Clarke   8/18/17 Empty Re: Dr. Clarke 8/18/17

Post by Mboswell on Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:54 pm

This is hysterical.........Steve snuck this in on recaps comment section for Dr Clarke. Scroll to bottom.........Way to go Steve........who ever you are.
8/18/2017 09:55:48 pm

Well said Dr. Clark, you have been 100% correct so far that's why I always look for your post. Let's pray this all works in our favor. God Bless you and yours.

Dr. Clark you idiot, you've been calling The RV forever and been wrong everytime you scam artist. You know nothing and we know you're the owner of recaps you lying POS! Get the F*** out of here


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Dr. Clarke   8/18/17 Empty Re: Dr. Clarke 8/18/17

Post by kenmor on Sat Aug 19, 2017 12:50 pm

What a bunch of nonsense again....lol.  This is becoming more and more entertaining every time he posts his nonsense "predictions".  Just to name one,  Iraq's temperatures are always the hottest around July to September with hardly no rainfall!  Temperatures can go up to 120°F and up.  Last year the temp. went up to 129°F around this time......so NOTHING new here. Closing down because of high temperatures happens during this time of year......!!!!!   Sorry DC  ...nothing you predicted here is out of the norm!!!! And I can not see anything you claimed to be true and called it......it was all on the net BEFORE you posted this!   You just copy and paste!!!!!
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Dr. Clarke   8/18/17 Empty Re: Dr. Clarke 8/18/17

Post by Allenj on Sat Aug 19, 2017 6:56 pm

crap lmao raspberry lol!

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Dr. Clarke   8/18/17 Empty Re: Dr. Clarke 8/18/17

Post by nickgiammarino on Sun Aug 20, 2017 12:36 am

Is Ken Siegel still posting this crap

Nick Giammarino - Global Currency Reset

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